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The Definitive Guide to Fish Exports from India in 2024

fish exports from India

Key Highlights:

  • India's seafood exports reached an all-time high in FY 2022-23, up 26.73% in quantity and 4.31% in value from FY 2021-22.
  • As per fish export data, India exported 118.4K of fish, with 356 Indian exporters shipping to 1,722 purchasers.
  • The United States is the major importer of Indian seafood, followed by China, the EU, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Middle East.
  • Key export destinations for fish exports from India are Southeast Asia, USA, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Frozen prawns are the top export seafood item and shrimp considered as the top fish exports from India.
  • The major fish exporting companies in India are: Abad Fisheries Pvt Ltd, Ananda Group, Angelplus Syndicate, etc.

Do you know? India has the globe's fourth-biggest fish export market. India, with a long coastline and abundant aquatic resources, is a prominent player in the worldwide fish market. As per statistics on fish exports from India, marine product exports reached $6.34 billion between April 2023 and January 2024, This is 7.5 percent lower than shipments during the same period last year.

As we approach 2024, let's explore the world of Indian fish exports, covering the most recent advances, crucial Indian market insights, and valuable resources for aspiring exporters in this blog. Our primary objective is to help you set sail on a successful fish export endeavour. So let us have a look at our fishing lines and explore the oceans of export potential.

The Booming Indian Fish Industry

Over 50 million people globally rely on fishing for a living, with another 150 million employed in fishing-related industries. According to India Trade Data, India is a major fish exporter, with the business estimated to produce more than 476 billion INR by 2020.

According to fish export data from India, the fish export industry in India generated more than 579 billion Indian rupees in 2022. This places India as one of the five largest fish exporters globally.

India, with its large coasts and flourishing aquaculture industry, is a significant player in the world seafood market. Now, let's get into the specifics of fish exports from India.

top 10 fish exporting countries

Top Indian Fish Exports

  • Shrimp: India dominates shrimp exports, with types such as vannamei and black tiger prawns in high demand.
  • Basmati Patta (Hilsa): This treasured Ganges fish is also considered a top fish export from India and demands high prices in international markets.
  • Freshwater Fish: Popular freshwater alternatives shipped from India include Pangasius, Rohu, and Catla.
  • Ornamental Fish: The lively aquarium fish sector contributes significantly to Indian fish exports.

Fish Export from India: 2023-24

  • Based on fish export data, India exported 118.4K of fresh fish, with 356 Indian exporters shipping to 1,722 purchasers.
  • According to fish exporters data, India exports the majority of its fresh fish to the UAE, the UK, and Saudi Arabia. It is the world's largest exporter of fresh fish.
  • Furthermore, India is the largest exporter of fresh, dried fish, with 118,355 shipments, followed by the Netherlands with 37,682, and France in third place with 23,632 shipments. 

Global Outlook

  • India's fish exports are constantly expanding. According to fish exporters data, the country set new records in 2022-23 by exporting more than 17 million metric tonnes of seafood worth an amazing $8.09 billion.
  • Fish exports from India are predicted to reach 31.7 million metric tonnes by 2028, reflecting a significant rise in domestic production. This may lead to an increase in exportable excess.

Do you know? Fish exports from India are estimated to reach $14 billion by 2025. The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has already proposed a path to meet this goal, which includes initiatives to increase production and promote seafood.

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Fish Exports from India: Key Destinations

  • Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia are major importers of Indian seafood, namely prawns.
  • USA: The United States is a major and demanding market for Indian prawns, basmati patta, and other products.
  • Europe: Despite stringent quality criteria, India's seafood exporters who meet them continue to find success in Europe.
  • Middle East: Rising demand for Indian seafood, particularly basmati patta and processed fish products.

Frozen shrimp continued to be the most important export item in terms of both number and value, while the United States and China emerged as the primary buyers of Indian seafood.

Frozen prawns, which earned Rs 43,135.58 crore (US$ 5481.63 million), remained the most important item in the basket of fish exports from India, accounting for 40.98% in quantity and 67.72% in total US dollar revenues. During this time, prawn exports climbed by 1.01% in rupee value.

As per fish exporters data, the total amount of frozen prawns exported in 2022-23 was estimated to be 7,11,099 metric tonnes. The United States was the largest importer of frozen prawns (2,75,662 MT), followed by 

  • China (1,45,743 MT)
  • the European Union (95,377 MT)
  • South East Asia (65,466 MT)
  • Japan (40,975 MT)
  • Middle East (31,647 MT)

Let’s explore the table for importers of Indian seafoods:

S.No Top Importers of Indian Sea Foods Fish Export Data from India: Export Values
1  United States of America 32.52%
2  China 23.37% 
3  European Union 5.12%
4  South East Asia 15.16%
5  Japan 6.29%


In terms of outside markets, the United States remained the largest importer of Indian seafood in value terms, with an import of $2,632.08 million, accounting for 32.52% of the total.

  • China ranked as India's second largest seafood export destination in terms of quantity and US dollar value, with an import of 4,05,547 MT worth US$ 1,508.43 million, accounting for 23.37% in quantity and 18.64% in US dollar terms. 
  • The European Union remained the third largest destination, with an import of 2,07,976 MT worth $1,263.71 million. In this market, frozen prawns are the most important export item, increasing in value by 15.12% and 7.20% in rupees and US dollars, respectively. 
  • South East Asia is the fourth largest market, with imports totaling 4,31,774 MT worth US$ 1191.25 million. Frozen prawns are the most important export item, accounting for 15.16% of total volume and 35.17% of total value in US dollars, with a 46.08% growth rate. 
  • Japan remained the fifth largest importer, accounting for 6.29% in quantity and 5.99% in US dollar value, with a 9.99% increase. 

How do I Find Fish Importers?

Seair’s data-driven dashboard displays global fish exports, fish importers data, fish exporters data, and fish export by country. Over 100 countries rely on us for accurate, up-to-date information on global trade. We also provide a database of over 100 global countries, including Vietnam, the United States, Turkey, and Bangladesh.

Furthermore, our data professional team is highly skilled and authentic, with substantial fish exporters data processing experience. We specialize in providing the most accurate and methodical trade statistics for maritime commodities.

Wind up

In conclusion, fish exports from India have significant development potential. Accepting innovation, value addition, and sustainable fishing practices is crucial to long-term profitability. However, starting a fish export business is a potential business opportunity in India. You may need export documentation, an export license, fish export data, a certificate of origin, an FSSAI Food license, a CRES certificate, etc.

Also, the government intends to boost India's market share in the global seafood market from 4.1% to 6.7% by 2030. Fish exports from India to the global market have lucrative potential for businesses in the expanding seafood industry. 

If you're seeking reliable fish exporters data or fish export by country, Seair Exim Solutions is a great solution. Contact us to obtain structured, approved, and well-organized data. Book your free live demo today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What fish are shipped from India?

As per fish exporters data, the largest fish exports from India are frozen fish, cuttlefish, and squid, which account for 6.08%, 3.61%, and 4.94% of total marine product export value, respectively.

Q2. What country buys fish from India?

India's major export destinations for fish and seafood goods are the United States, China, the European Union, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Middle East.

Q3. Which is the largest fish company in India?

The following are the top fish exporting companies in India: 

  • Abad Fisheries Pvt Ltd
  • Ananda Group
  • Angelplus Syndicate
  • Anmol Feeds Private Limited.
  • Aqua Exchange
  • Aquaconnect
  • Aquamarine International

To know the list of top 10 fish exporting countries, connect with Seair Exim Solutions. 

Q4. How to start fish export from India to USA?

To start a fish export from India to USA, you need to obtain a trade license, mandatory documents, market insights such as fish export data, a list of fish exports from India, and much more.

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  • 18-Apr-2024

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