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Major Exporting Partners and Top Exported Products of Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s 16th largest economy. This country’s various products are the essential resources of its economy. Last year, Indonesia has exported $180.2 billion worth of products all around the world that is up by 2.4% since 2014 and 6.8% from 2017-18. Total export value has contributed positivity to country’s gross economic outputs and makes Indonesia world’s 24th largest export economy.

In this blog, we will explore about the Indonesia’s top exported products and major exporting partners.

Top 5 Exported Products of Indonesia

Here are listed top five products/commodities exported from Indonesia in 2018 to other countries. Types of commodities and their dollar value are given below:

1. Mineral Fuels including Oil

Indonesia has exported mineral fuels at the amount of $42 billion. The value of this product contributes 23.3% to Indonesia’s total exports. There is a huge demand for this product in several countries including India, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. These countries import mineral fuels from Indonesia.

2. Animal/Vegetable Fats, Waxes, and Oils

Oils, waxes, and fats of Animal/Vegetable have been exported from Indonesia at the amount of $20.3 billion. This value contributes 11.3% to Indonesia’s overall export trade. Indonesia exports these products to Malaysia, China, India, the United States of America, the Philippines, and many more.

3. Electrical Machinery

Electrical machinery is at 3rd position in the list of Indonesia’s top exported products. In 2018, Indonesia has exported this item at the amount of $8.9 billion. The total value of this product gives 4.9% contribution to Indonesia’s overall export trade. Japan, USA, Taiwan, and Vietnam are the main importers of this product.

4. Vehicles

Indonesia has exported vehicles at the amount of $7.6 billion in the year 2018 and this amount contributes 4.2% to Indonesia’s entire export business. Indonesia exports vehicles to Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

5. Rubber and Rubber Articles

At the amount of $6.4 billion, Indonesia has exported rubber and rubber articles in 2018. Total export value of this product contributes 3.5% to the entire export of Indonesia. China, Japan, the USA, India, South Korea, and Taiwan are major importers of this product.

Top 5 Exporting Partners of Indonesia

Indonesia’s top exporting partners with export value are given below. Along with this, you’ll also see each country’s percentage share to Indonesia’s exports.

1. China

In the list of Indonesia’s major exporting partners, China is on the top. Indonesia has exported $27.1 billion worth of products to China in the year 2018. Total import amount of China contributes 15.1% to Indonesia’s entire exports. Indonesia exports different products to China including mineral fuels, organic chemicals, paper, wood, wood pulp, iron, steel, etc.

2. Japan

Last year, Japan has imported $19.5 billion worth of products from Indonesia that makes it 2nd exporting partner of Indonesia. Total export amount contributes 10.8% to Indonesia’s overall exports. Japan imports several products from Indonesia such as gems, precious metals, machinery, electrical equipment, fish, vehicles, rubber, etc.

3. The United States of America

World’s 2nd largest exporter is Indonesia’s 3rd exporting partner. In the financial year 2018, Indonesia has exported $18.5 billion worth of products to the United States of America and the total dollar amount shows 10.8% contribution to Indonesia’s overall exports. Major exports of Indonesia to the USA are footwear, clothing, fish, machinery, knit or crochet clothing, rubber, etc.

4. India

There are countless products which Indonesia export to India and the total amount of products was $13.7 billion last year. This amount represents a 7.6% contribution to Indonesia’s exports. Mineral fuels, animal/vegetable fats and oils, iron, steel, rubber, and ash are major products which Indonesia exports to India.

5. Singapore

At the amount of $6.8 billion, Indonesia has exported products to Singapore in 2018. The entire amount of exported goods contributes 7.2% in Indonesia’s overall exports. Indonesia exports tin, perfumes, vehicles, cosmetics, precious metals, gems, and mineral oils to Singapore.

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