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Major Importers in India

The import and export of goods is an essential part of any economy. India’s economy improved dramatically after the country opened up its economy. Importing and exporting goods can affects the country’s GDP. India import data should 480 billion USD. Imports help to reduce domestic shortages. India can import the latest technology from developed countries. This has helped to improve the country’s economy. 


It is cheaper to import some items than producing the items in India. Imports can generate direct and indirect employment. Imports encourage competition; local industries are encouraged to produce high-quality goods at the best rates. Imports facilitate the economic development of India; it lets the country generate an income from all sectors. Imports have helped improve India’s standard of living. Indians have a choice of getting the best qualities of goods and services. Major importers in India are:-

  • Reliance Industries
  • Tata motors
  • Indian Oil
  • Coal India
  • ITC


Gold importers in India

According to India’s gold import data, India imported 831 tons of gold valued at 831 tons. The data shows that imports dipped by 12% to a three year low. India meets all its demand for gold through imports. 


The lowering of imports helped bring down the trade deficit. The price of gold increased due to tensions in the Middle East. The major gold importers of India are:-

  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • HDFC Bank Ltd
  • Taj International Jewelry
  • Aditya Corpex Private Limited
  • Indusind Bank Limited


Organic chemicals importers in India

The organic chemical is one of the main imports of India. Organic chemical import data showed India imported 20.5 billion dollars of organic chemicals in India. It was 4.3% of the total imports of the country. The imported chemical is used in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors. 

Some of the most imported data show the most imported chemicals are:- methyl diphenyl diisocyanate, Cyclic hydrocarbons, caustic soda, and liquid chlorine. The major organic chemicals are:-

  • Dishman Pharmaceutical chemicals
  • Schutz Dishman Biotech Pvt Ltd
  • Black Rose Export Pvt. Ltd
  • Gajoli
  • Shasun Chemical Drugs Limited


Oil importers in India

Oil is the main import of India. India is the third-largest importer of oil in the world. According to oil import data, India imported 102 billion USD in 2019-20. The data showed India imported 2.68 million barrels a day. Though the volume of oil imports remained the same, the prices crashed at the end of the year. The dependence on imports rose from 83.8% to 85%. The major oil importers in India are:-

  • Oil Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
  • Reliance Industries Ltd


Fertilizers importers in India

According to fertilizer import data, India imported 7.3 billion USD in 2019. In 2018, fertilizer imported 3.4598 billion USD. Urea was the highest imported fertilizer, the fertilizer import data, 2019 showed that India imported:- 52.2 lakh tons of diammonium potassium (NSPK). This was followed by urea where 42.03 lakh tons were imported and 27.53 lakh tons of muriate of potash (mop). The top fertilizer importers in India are:-

  • Agrigold Organics Pvt. Ltd (AOPL)
  • Chambal Fertilizer and Chemicals Ltd (CFCL)
  • Coromandel International Ltd (CIL)
  • Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochem Ltd(DFPL)
  • Fertilizer and Chemical Travancore Limited (FACT)


Electrical machinery and equipment importers in India

Electrical machinery and equipment was the third largest import of the company. The electrical machinery and equipment data indicate 50.4 billion USD was imported in 2019. The imports were 10.5% of the total of the imports. China is the biggest importer of electrical equipment. The machinery imported is primarily used in the power sector. The major Indian importers of electrical machinery and equipment are:-

  • Controlwell
  • Controlwell India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Arraycom India Ltd
  • Nalinkumar Bros


Plastics and plastics articles importers in India

According to import data for plastic and plastic articles, India imported 14.6 billion USD in 2019. The imports were 3.1% of total imports. China, Korea, and Singapore were the main import partners. The major plastics and plastic articles importers in India are:-

  • Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd
  • Genetix Biotech Asia Pvtltd
  • J Tronix
  • Omni International
  • Dhawal Impex


Optical, technical and medical apparatus importers in India

The optical, technical, and medical apparatus import data shows that India imported 9.5 billion USD in 2019. The imports were 2% of the total imports of India. The main medical apparatus imported in India are diagnostic equipment and ICU equipment. The top trading partner of India for any of the above equipment are China and the USA. The major optical, technical and medical apparatus importers in India are:-

  • Spectrum Eye ware Pvt. Ltd
  • Savvy Design
  • Vikas Medical Devices
  • Ashwini Sakhari Rugnalya Amp Research
  • Lokmanya Medical Foundation


Gems and precious metals importers in India

The Gems and precious metals imports are the second-largest imported items. The gems and precious metals import data showed that India imported 60 billion USD in 2019. The imports in 2018 were 33.3 billion USD. The share of precious stones and pearls was 48% of total gems and precious metal imports. The top trading cities are Jaipur, Surat, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Nellore, and Coimbatore. The top gems and precious metal importers in India are:-

  • Shubham Diamond
  • Jaipur Jewellery House
  • Ami Export Overseas
  • Maneklal Vadilal & Company
  • Harshita Impex


Machinery including computers importers in India

According to machinery including computers import data, India imports 44.1 billion USD in 2019. The import is the fourth largest import. Machinery and equipment include general purposes machines and special purposes machines. China, the USA, Japan, and Germany are our biggest importing partners. China is the main importing partner for computers. India imports computers and computer hardware. Top machinery including computers importers in India are:-

  • Dell Computers India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Standard Machine Tools Tradex Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cosco India Ltd
  • HCL Infosystems Ltd


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