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How the Export Data India Can Make Difference in Business Growth

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 08-Dec-2017
  • Export Data

Finding export data India is the biggest challenge among the traders in the country. It is noted that trading with the foreign country is never an easy task. It requires proper planning, strategies, activities, marketing and contact that lead to success.

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HS Code Finder – The Best Way to Understand Classification of Particular Commodity

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 01-Dec-2017
  • HS Classification

This makes use of the HS Code finder to find the right code for your product that you trade. There are firms that provide a detailed list of HS code to the users and help them to know the basics of this classification.

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Find Out The Position Of Bolivia In Global Import Market With The Help Of Bolivia Import Data

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 14-Nov-2017
  • Bolivia import data

The top imports of Bolivia are accounted for 66.8% of the total shipments of their products from different countries visible on the world’s map. Bolivia’s import business is increasing day by day and around 91.9% of increase has been seen in the growth of its imports since 2009.

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Import Data - The Best Way to Collect Global Import Business Related Information in Detail

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 17-Oct-2017
  • Import Data

Import data is set of information related to the entire import trade take place throughout the year. This type of information is very relevant for every person who is in the business of global import or who wants to start up a new one. It helps in knowing each and every fluctuation in global import business.

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Which are the Top Major Organic Chemicals Exporting Countries? Take a Deep Check with Chemical Export Data

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 05-Oct-2017
  • Chemical Export Data

According to the recent report, the United States is the largest exporting country of organic chemicals and covers 16 percent of total organic chemical exports. The second largest exporter is Germany which covers (10 percent) share of total chemical exports.

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Find Out the Largest Exporters of Plastics in the World with the Help of Plastic Export Data

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 03-Oct-2017
  • Plastic Export Data

The world’s largest exporter or seller of Plastics is China. From the prospective of last year’s Plastic export data, China exported plastics worth of US $17.5 Billion Dollars to different parts of the globe which accounted for 25.8% of total Chinese exports.

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What is the Need of Import Export Data in Exploring the Entire International Trade Market in Depth?

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 28-Sep-2017
  • Import Export Data

Almost every country located in the globe is indulging itself in import-export trade business in order to improve their economic condition and maintaining their relationship with the entire world. There are millions of commodities that are being traded on every day basis like petroleum, mobile phones, cars, coffee etc.

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Find out Which Countries Export the Largest Number of Mobile Phones to the World with Mobile Export Data

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 21-Sep-2017
  • Mobile Export Data

According to a recent survey, China ranks first in the list of largest producer and exporter of mobile phone in the world which accounted for 47.9% of total Chinese exports. Top brands of mobile that China exports are Apple, Lenovo, Lyf, Letv, Micromax, Gionee, Oneplus, HTC, Lava, Huawei, Intex, Motorola, Coolpad, Panasonic and many more.

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Why Import Data in India is considered the Golden key of Success for Every Active Importer in India?

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 05-Sep-2017
  • Colombia Import Shipment Data

There are lots of relevant information contains in import data of India which is very essential for every successful trading business in India. It plays a major role for every Indian trader who wants to earn profits and take their business at the very next level of success.

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How to Calculate the Custom Duty in India after GST?

  • Seair Exim
  • Last Updated 29-Aug-2017
  • Indian Custom Duty

GST (Goods and Service Tax) has changed the entire system of taxation of import-export trading in India by gripping all other indirect taxes including services tax, surcharges, state-level tax, central excise duty and introduced a single tax known as IGST (Integrated Goods and Service Tax).

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