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International trade data – Global countries

Global Trade is the exchange of goods, capital, and services across the international territories and borders, which involve the activities of individual and government. Trading globally provides countries and consumers with the opportunity to explore new markets and products. Precisely, a data that represents the confidential and pragmatic details regarding the global trade. Seair offers classified business information based on Global trade to its esteemed clients.

Major Participants

The major trading participants include China, Switzerland, United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, The United Arab Emirates, and Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and more.

Our valuable transaction report

We offer compiled statistically report of transaction made in all the Global Seaports and airports. This whole world shipment report makes it extremely beneficial tool to study the international market. It helps you to explore the buyers across the globe along with the respective address. Global Trade Data of Seair reports include:

  • Global Export Import Trade Data from customs of countries across the globe.
  • Compiled from Bill of landing invoices, bills of entry, invoices, shipping bills.
  • Shipping Ports and manifests

It comprises a suite of services wrapped around a core of transportation information and customs brokerage. Derived from the Global custom, it contains several important details that include:

  • Global Importer name
  • Importer address
  • Product description
  • Quantity
  • Date of import shipment
  • HS Code Classification
  • Product Price

Our Clients

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the most variety of products from the best leading brands in the industry:

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