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Global Trade Data keeps Importer names, Exporter names, Good’s description, HS code, Quantity, Date of Shipment etc. It can assist you to track who is exporting or importing, at what amount and at what price in international countries. This data will help you track shipments of your opponents. This data is also known as international trade data or world trade data that cover shipments all across the world.

Global trading data is present for mentioned below countries, please have a look!

Transaction reports you can rely on

All our transaction reports are 100% authentic. The trade details we provide are painstakingly collected so you can rely on them whole-heartedly for your business.

Comprehensive global data on all trading ports

Get a complete list of ports of each country along with necessary trade information on the items imported and exported.

The reliable global trade database

Our company Seair Exim Solutions maintains the true global trade data. We have a skilled team of researchers that finds accurate data on imports and exports. Further, the global trade data of our company includes all the details of exports and imports. It includes details such as the name of exporters, importers, the number of goods, date of shipment, HS code, and description of products.

In addition to that, our data will help you to track your shipment. Apart from that, you can also know about your competitors and their shipment details. Our team will give you information about the shipments that take place in the world.

Authentic reports

We at Seair Exim Solutions extract the genuine data of imports and exports. Our team prepares the reports by collecting the right figures and facts. Furthermore, our reports and data will help in making your business successful.

Data of trading ports

Our team of data researchers will also provide a list of all the trading ports in every country. This will further make your shipment smoother and better. Apart from that, we will also give some tips to help grow your export and import business.

Global Trade Data

A country cannot produce all the items and products for its citizens. Similarly, it cannot use all the products manufactured each day. This is where the role of import and export steps in the country.

The process of exporting and importing from and to the country is called the global trading business. Our global trade data will help you to find genuine importers and exporters. Apart from that, you can also get the best prices for your products in the local and international markets.

Further, market research is an important tool in the export and import business. We do effective market research and present the right data on our website. The global market is the source of every item in your daily life. You can get different products such as jewelry, spare parts, clothes, and other items in the international market. Apart from that, you can also market services such as consulting, transportation, and tourism.

Our company Seair Exim Solutions is one of the leading data providers of global data business. We offer global trade data of above 80 countries of the world. Apart from that, we also help the government and many associations to use our trade data for the successful global trade business.

We at Seair Exim Solutions provide reliable and accurate transaction reports for many companies.

In addition to that, we provide all the details of shipment like description, amount, and net weight, details of importers and exporters, and HS code. Furthermore, we provide other details such as the value of the shipment, the destination country, and so on.

Customers all over the world

Our team prepares transaction reports for many countries. We at Seair Exim Solutions provide global data to many clients and companies to help them take their business at a higher level.

Seair is proud to have a loyal customer base from big brands.

We have successfully served many reputable clients for Import-Export Data Information Services. Here are some of our clients:

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