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Global Trade Data keeps Importer names, Exporter names, Good’s description, HS code, Quantity, Date of Shipment etc. It can assist you to track who is exporting or importing, at what amount and at what price in international countries. This data will help you track shipments of your opponents. This data is also known as international trade data or world trade data that cover shipments all across the world.

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Global trading data is present for mentioned below countries, please have a look!

North America

Explore our exclusive database to learn more about the North American market. Get quick access to import and export data for North American nations like Canada, the United States, Mexico, and many more. Analyze the important fields, such as import data, export data, buyers and supplier data, product pricing, etc. In our North America Import Export Database, you can find the major trends, top nations, and list of active importers and exporters.


Our Global Trade platform offers a one-stop solution for all your Asian trade data needs. We provide comprehensive import-export data for Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Find out top Asian imports and export markets, shipment data, top countries, Asian buyers and suppliers, HS codes, product data, bill of lading data, and ports of shipment through our dedicated data-driven platform.

South America

Discover the South American market through our Global Trade Database. Get instant access to South American countries' import-export data, including Brazil, Chile, Peru, etc. Find information on all key fields, including HS codes, product descriptions, quantities, prices, and ports of shipment. Explore the key trends, top countries, product demand, and updated importers and exporters list.

Central America

Gain insights into the Central American market by analyzing our global import-export data dashboard. Access Exim data for countries like Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and others. Find data fields such as export import data, bill of lading data, product data, and shipment data from our Central America Import and Export Database.


Discover the import-export data of European countries using our exclusive platform. Get quick access to import and export data for European nations like Canada, Germany, Italy, France, etc. Through our European Import and Export Database, explore market trends, top nations, European buyers and suppliers, bill of lading data, port data, and shipment records.


Leverage our Global trade platform to discover extensive import-export data for African nations. Find competitive insights into top African imports and export markets, including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc. With our database, you can identify the top African imports and export markets for your products or services, supplier data, port data, HS codes, etc.

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Get a complete list of ports of each country along with necessary trade information on the items imported and exported.

Global Trade Data

A country could not be the producer of all the products consumed by its citizens and just like that, a country cannot be used all its manufactured/created products more than its requirement. This is the main reason all countries in the world do international trading to balance the production and consumption of the products.

Export and import of products from and to a country at the world level are known as the global trading business. Statistical report of global products exported and imported by a country known as global trade data for that country. Global Trade data of a country helps the international exporters and importers to do analysis and market research to find local exporters/suppliers and importers/buyers in that particular country. Exporters and manufacturers can get targeted importers and best price for their products worldwide. Similarly, importers and buyers can find the suppliers/exporters to import the required products at the best prices.

Market research has become an unavoidable means of economic life. An emphasis on a marketing-led, rather than production-driven approach is must at both enterprises as well as macro-economic levels.

Almost every type of item can be easily found in the global market like spare parts, stocks, currencies, food, jewellery, water, clothes, and many more at reasonable prices. Services are traded as well including transportation, tourism, consulting, and banking, etc.

SEAIR Exim Solutions is recognized as a global trade data provider and marketing research organization in India. It offers foreign trade data of more than 80 countries in the world. Corporations, governments, and other associations in more than 80 nations use our trade data systems to develop, understand and improve global trade business information. With SEAIR Exim you can create accurate, timely, customized reports in seconds for any commercially traded product in the world.

We provide latest, well-managed, verified, validated and 100% genuine global trade data with shipping details of traded products including HS code, description, net weight, amount, destination country, local importer/exporter details, global importer/exporter details, the port of transportation, date of shipment, value, etc.

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Get a free Import-Export data demonstrative report on desired products.

We don’t offer any assistance over buying or selling any products.

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