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Import Export Data Bank: Get a statistical report of the world’s leading traded products

What do you understand with trading? The simple meaning of trading is to exchange one product for another. Those people who’re not familiar with financial marketplaces may think that trading is all about selling and purchasing a share of firms, gaining revenues or losing money depending on the fluctuations of amounts. But in reality, trading can include the sale or purchase of various different types of financial items. Product trading is one of these forms of the trade i.e. less well-known.


Import-export of goods is necessary and the most important factor to fulfill consumer’s needs, strong the profession bond with other countries, and increase economical rate.


The Import Export Data Bank is what that you need to know about the products which are frequently traded at an international level. Here are listed 10 products which are most traded-


Crude Oil

There is no surprise in it. International demand makes it the most traded commodities in the world. Due to the rapid advancement in the industrializing economies, there will continually be a persistent demand for sources of fuel and energy.



Approximately 2.25 billion cups consumed globally on a regular basis, which makes it world’s 2nd most traded product.


Natural Gas

As this product is a source of fuel and energy utilized for almost everything. Undoubtedly, it is the highly traded item in the world.



It has always been a valuable and demanding commodity throughout the entire history, particularly between investors with its gradually enhancing value over current years.


Brent Oil

This one is available on standard prices worldwide. It is highly used throughout Africa and Europe.



In terms of investment portfolios, it has traditionally been both a source of constancy and a safe asset. Apart from its artistic worth, this one is also utilized in industrial processes and medical equipment.



Take out from sugarcane; it is traded in the world’s every nation. According to the source, annual consumption of this product will be exceeding 257 million tons by 2030.



It is considered the most multipurpose agricultural crop. The arrival of biofuels has also enhanced the demand of this product. Because of its versatile uses, the United States of America has dedicated over eighty million acre area to its production.



Wheat is involved in the production of several food items which contain flour, bread, and cereal. It is an important source of food all across the world.



One of the oldest well-known fibers on this planet and has been traded for thousands of years. Most of the clothes are made with cotton that justifies its position in the world’s highly traded item.


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