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What is the Need of Import Export Data in Exploring the Entire International Trade Market in Depth?

Almost every country located in the globe is indulging itself in import-export trade business in order to improve their economic condition and maintaining their relationship with the entire world. There are millions of commodities that are being traded on every day basis like petroleum, mobile phones, cars, coffee, natural gas, gold, wheat, copper, oil, cotton, meat, beef, computers, electronic items, sugar, silver and more.

Statistical report of the world’s top three largest traded commodities in the world- Crude petroleum, Cars and Refined petroleum

1) Crude Petroleum

Recent trade of Crude Petroleum worth of US $740 Billion Dollars making is the major traded item in the world. With the perspective of import export data, the chief exporter/seller of Crude petroleum is South Arabia which is accounted for 14 percent of total Crude petroleum exports. Russia holds the second place in the list of top sellers of Crude petroleum (12.2 percent), followed by Canada (6.87percentIraq (6.42percentNigeria (5.02percentUAE- United Arab Emirates (6.34 percent), Kuwait (4.57percentNorway (3.41 percent etc. The largest importers of Crude Petroleum are China, South Korea, Japan, United States, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, PHL, Poland, Greece, Australia, Brazil, Sweden and South Africa etc.

2) Cars

The main international sellers of classy cars are Germany (Sold cars worth of US$154B), Japan (US$93.6B), United States (US$56.3B), Canada (US$42.9B), South Korea (US$48.1B), United Kingdom (US$40.82B), Mexico (US$33.5Billion dollars), Spain (US$31.6B), France (US$21.2B), Belgium- Luxembourg (US$20.4B) and many more. United States purchases the biggest number of Cars from different parts of the globe from Canada, Mexico, Japan & Germany. The second largest buyer of Cars is United Kingdom, followed by Germany, China, Italy, China, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, Mexico, Austria and many more.

3) Refined Petroleum

According to the global export import data, Refined Petroleum is the third largest traded products in the world and majorly exported by the United States (12 percent), Russia (10 percent), Netherlands (6.9 percent), Singapore (6.7percent), South Korea (5.3percent), India (5.2percent),  United Arab Emirates (3.4 percent), Belgium (3.4 percent), Saudi Arabia (3.3 percent), United Kingdom (2.4 percent), China (2.4percent), Malaysia (2.3 percent), Germany (2.2 percent) and many more. The major importers of Refined Petroleum are Singapore, Japan, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Germany, Indonesia etc.

What does contain in world’s trade data?

The world’s import export data comprises short description of imported or exported items, Import & export shipment derails (Time, Day, Date, Month and Year), harmonized system code of imported or exported items, load vessel name, buyer’s and supplier’s name, address and official phone number, number or items imported or exported, net weight, unit, total amount, currency, transportation method and port &country of destination and shipment origin.

What is the need of data of import-export?

Import export data is required by everyone who is in the business of import and export. With the help of this data traders can easily understand the current scenario of trade market, high-demanded products, and low-demanded products, competitors in the same business, consumer’s taste and preferences. It becomes easy for traders to understand the product’s demand in the market.

What is the role of data providing websites?

In this high tech world, internet is accessible by everyone. Traders can collect this information from internet but there are chances that the information you are getting is 100% true and accurate. Finding information on internet is time-consuming and sometimes confusing too. There are lots of trade data providing websites available in the market which provides very accurate and updated information about recent trade at a very affordable price. They have direct contacts in the custom offices. The information that contains in data is very confidential and not easily available.

  • Seair Exim
  • 28-Sep-2017

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