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Import Export Data of More Than 80 Global Countries

International trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries. There are two types of international trade import and export. Export is the selling of goods or services to other countries. Import is the flowing of goods or services into the country.  

Import export data plays an important role in business success. Precise import-export data allows importers and exporters to view information about the products being sold or bought and make a sound business plan.

Import-export data contains details of the commodity such as product description, HS Code, unit quantity, total quantity, the applicable tariff, the destination and port of origin and details of the importer and exporter. This data is collected from custom ports from around the world. This database can be further be classified to show international traders information regarding:- 

Import Export Data Country-wise 

Import Export data can be classified based on countries. The database includes major countries such as India, USA, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, China, and Kenya.  

Importers and exporters can use the database to get detailed import-export data about any county. The database can let them know the top exports or imports of any country. The country's top trading partners. International traders can get in-depth information about the commodity they deal with, HS Code, custom duty, etc.  

China import-export data reveals that the country imported 2.069 trillion dollars worth of goods from around the world. 55.4% of the imports were from Asian countries. The top 10 imports accounted for 77.3% of the total imports. Imported ores, slag, and ash imports showed the fastest growth at 20.4%. 

Top imported products in China are:-

  • Electrical machinery equipment (24% of total imports)
  • Mineral fuels including oil (16.6% of total imports)
  • Machinery including computers (9.2% of total imports)


The rapid export growth has helped accelerate China’s growth. China exported 2.499 trillion dollars worth of goods around the globe. The data revealed that the EU and the US were the country’s biggest export destination accounted for 17% of China’s exports. The data also revealed that the toys and games sector was the fastest-growing sector at 10.7% in the top ten categories. While non-crocheted clothing dropped by 6.5%.  


Top exported products from China are-

  • Electrical machinery equipment (26.9% of total exports)
  • Machinery including computers (16.7% of total exports)
  • Furniture, bedding, and lighting (4% of total exports)

 The data revealed China's top trade partners are:-

  • The United States total bilateral trade between the two countries is 731.1 billion dollars. Imports from the US were valued at 179.3 billion and exports to the US were valued at 557.9 billion dollars.
  • Japan's bilateral trade between the two countries was 330 billion dollars. Imports from Japan were valued at 149.7 billion and exports to Japan 180.7 billion dollars.
  • Hong Kong's bi-lateral trade was valued at 570.5 billion dollars. Imports from Hong Kong 291.7 billion and exports were 278.8 billion dollars.

Mexico import-export data revealed it is the 9th largest export economy in the world valued at 450 billion dollars.

The top export products in Mexico are:-

  • Vehicles (26% of total exports)
  • Electrical, electronic equipment (18% of total exports)
  • Machinery, nuclear reactors, and boilers (17% of total exports)


The top trading partners in terms of exports are:-

  • USA (334.9 billion dollars)
  • Canada (14.1 billion dollars)
  • China (7.2 million dollars)


Mexico was the 13th largest importer in the world valued at 464 billion dollars. Mexico's main imports are manufactured products accounting for 53% of the imports.

Top imports products in Mexico are:-

  • Electrical, electronic equipment (20% of total imports)
  • Machinery, nuclear reactors, and boilers (17% of total imports)
  • Mineral fuels oils, distillation products (10% of total imports)


The data revealed Mexico's top imports partners are:-

  • United States of America (216.27 billion dollars)
  • China (83.51 billion dollars)
  • Japan (18.19 billion dollars)


Kenya import-export data revealed that the country Kenya imported 15.8 billion dollars.

The top imports are:-

  • Machinery (10.9% of the total imports)
  • Electrical machinery, equipment (8.5% of the total imports)
  • Vehicles (8% of the total imports)


Kenya’s top import partners are:-

  • Uganda (611 million dollars)
  • Pakistan (586 million dollars)
  • United States (467 million dollars)


Kenya exports 5.1 billion dollars. The top exports are:-

  • Coffee, tea, spices (27.4% of the total exports)
  • Live trees, plants, cut flowers (16% of the total exports)
  • Vegetables (5.3% of the total exports)

Kenya’s top export partners are:-

  • United States of America (537 million dollars)
  • Pakistan (522 million dollars)
  • Uganda (506 million dollars)


Import Export Data Year-wise 

The import-export database can be sorted out year wise. This lets importers and exporters examine trends and formulate business plans. The data allows international traders to make a forecast on the market. The data is also used by governments in trade negations with countries, customs duties, and make other policy decisions.


Indonesia's February 2020 export data showed the total export was valued at 13.94 billion dollars. The data showed an 11% jump from the export figure in February 2019. The exports fell by 5.67% in November 2019. The data revealed that exports reached its peak in 2012 have been falling since due to falling in commodity prices and declining global demand. 


Russia has had a positive trade balance for the last five years. Imports to Russia increased by 3.7% in January 2020. Total imports in 2018 were 240.225 million in 2018 which reduced marginally from 259.96 million in 2017. Exports in Russia fell by 4.3% from the previous year to 295.0 million dollars. 451.494 million dollars were exported 2018 and 379.206 million dollars of commodities were exported in 2017.


Import Export Data Port-wise 

Importers and exporters can use the database to plan their logistics for their import and export business. Ports are vital links to global trade. Commodities enter countries through roadways, seaports, railway or airways. Seaway remains the most cost-effective way to transport commodities in bulk.


Vietnam has a 3058 km long coastline. The country has 114 seaports with 14 large ports. The 3 largest ports in Vietnam are:-

  • Hai Phong port is the most modern port in North Vietnam. The port has 5 branches. Hai Phong port handles about 10 million tons of cargo every year. The Hoang Dieu Port Branch handles 60% of the loading and unloading cargo in Hai Phong port.
  • Da Nang port handles the traffic of Central Vietnam. It is the third-largest port in the country. Da Nang port handles cargo from Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. 
  • Saigon port is in southern Vietnam. It is the 26th largest container port in the world. Saigon port has 5 ports. 


Pakistan has a 1200 km long coastline. The country has around 8 major and minor ports. The important ports in Pakistan are:- 

  • Karachi port is the country’s busiest port. It handles 60% of Pakistan cargo (25 million tons annually). 
  • Muhammad Bin Qasim port is the oldest port in the country it a dedicated port for the Pakistan steel mill. The port is primarily used to import coal. 
  • Gwadar Deep Sea Port is strategically located near Iran. The port is being developed by China and is part of the prestigious CPEC project. The port has a floating liquefied natural gas facility.


Mexico has 102 ports and 15 out-of-port terminals. The top 3 ports in ports in Mexico are:-

  • Port of Manzanillo is the largest port in the country is located on the Pacific coast. Imports headed for central Mexico come through this port. Asian countries use this port for import and export. 
  • Port of Lazaro Cárdenas is on the Mexico Pacific basin. This deepwater seaport can handle post-Panamax vessels, containers, dry bulk, and liquid cargo. The port can handle 1.2 million containers a month. 
  • Port of Veracruz is the third-largest port of Mexico it has direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. It was the first port in Mexico that could handle automobile shipment. The port handles cargo of central and southern Mexico. 

Import Export Data Product-wise

Importers and exporters can sort out the database to get further details about the commodity they deal with.  Importers and exporters can get detailed information about the product they trade in.


Cars, refined oil, and integrated circuits are the three most traded commodities in the world.


Finished automobiles are the top goods traded worldwide.1.35 trillion dollars each year. Auto parts were in the fourth spot with 685 billion dollars of imports and exports.


The largest importers of cars worldwide are:-

  • United States (178.5 billion dollars)
  • Germany (61.5 billion dollars)
  • China (49.6 billion dollars)


The largest exporters of cars worldwide are:-

  • Germany (154.7 billion dollars)
  • Japan (99.1 billion dollars)
  • United States (51.4 billion dollars)


Petroleum is the second most traded commodity in the world. 825 billion dollars were traded. 

The largest importers of petroleum worldwide are:-

  • China (239 billion dollars)
  • United States (163.1 billion dollars)
  • India (114.5 billion dollars)


The largest exporters of petroleum worldwide are:-

  • Saudi Arabia (182.5 billion dollars)
  • Russia (129 billion dollars)
  • Iraq (91.7 billion dollars)


The integrated circuit was the third most imported commodity was valued at 804 billion dollars.  

The largest importers of integrated circuits worldwide are:-

  • China 313 billion dollars
  • Hong Kong 156 billion dollars
  • Singapore 63 billion dollars


The largest exporters of integrated circuits worldwide are:-

  • Hong Kong 132 billion dollars
  • Korea 109 billion dollars
  • Other Asian countries 95 billion dollars


Import Export Data HS Code-wise

HS Code stands for harmonized code. The code was developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). This is a common standardized code to describe the type of commodity. The HS Code is a 6-10 digit number that is required for all international shipping. The code is used by customs authorities around the world to identify the product being shipped across the border.  HS code is organized into 99 chapters and 21 sections. Custom authorities use the HS Code to apply the customs and duties applicable on the merchandise and to prevent illegal items from crossing their borders.


International traders must be very careful about applying the correct import-export code to prevent delays in clearing customs and pay the correct customs duty amount. HS codes have 6 common digits across 200 nations for a particular item. Some countries have 8 digit code or 10 digit codes for further classifications. 


India has an eight-digit HS Code and is called the ITC (HS) Code or the Indian Tariff Code (ITC) and is based on the Harmonized System (HS) Coding. India has adopted an eight-digit HS Code. The ITC has two parts – The first is based on the H.S. Code system and the second part is the tariff code. 


E.g. 0901.11.11is is the ITC code Grade A coffee. 


USA uses a 10 digit number called Schedule B. The first 6 digits are the prescribed HS code the last 4 digits for further classification. Exporters must use Schedule B when they file electronic export information in the Automated Export System (AES). E.g. 0901.11.0000 is Schedule B for non-decaffeinated coffee. 


Sri Lanka uses an 8 digit HS code. The first 6 digits are in line with the international standards while the last two are for further classification. For example 0901.11.90 is the Sri Lanka code for coffee. 


Import Export Data Importer-wise


The importer-wise database can give you details of all of importers operating within the country. You can get details information about the importers including contact information and the product imported by them.


Some importers in Sri Lanka are:-

  • RS importers deal with agricultural equipment
  • Golden Lanka Importers imports rice, wheat products, and salt
  • Sun choice Imports & Export Company imports fresh fruits and vegetables


Some importers in Russia are:-

  • PRESNAKOV IGOR' ANATOL'EVICH is an importer textile
  • Everest 2005 is an importer of vegetable and vegetable products
  • SILIVONCHIK EVGENIY VLADIMIROVICH is an importer of machinery


Import Export Data Exporter-wise 

The import-export database can be sorted to show viewers details of exporters in a country. You can use the data to get detailed information about the exporters including contact information and the product exported by them.


Some exporters in China are:-

  • COFCO SHANGHAI IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY exporting oil cakes and oil residue
  • Beijing Richfit Information & Technology Co. Ltd. exporting optical fibers, fiber bundles, and extension


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