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Major Importing Partners and Top Imported Products of USA

The United States of America holds the 1st rank as the largest importer in the world. Last year, it has imported $2.614 trillion worth of products/commodities from all across the world. This dollar value reveals an 8.4% gain since 2014 and 8.6% gain from 2017-18.


From a continental viewpoint, this country’s 45.4% imports purchased from the exporters/suppliers in Asia. North American trading partners supplied 25.8% of import to the country while 21.9% originated from Europe. With each passing year, the import business of US has been increasing that creating many growth opportunities for import-export business with the USA. Either you are a local importer/exporter or global importer/exporter from any industry; you can try your luck in USA’s import business. You can get US import data and importers data with that will help you to do import export with USA and USA market research.


To better understand the USA import business, have a look at the major importing partners and top imported products of the USA.


Top 5 Imported Products/Goods of the United States of America

Trading report of USA import 2017 reveals value (in MT) and quantity (in Millions) of imported products along with HS code. Let’s check out top five products below:-

  1. Beer Made from Malt (220300): The United States of America has imported this product in 53, 41,464.00 MT and at the value of $5,326.26 million. It has imported from several global countries including Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Belgium, etc.
  2. Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Biscuits, and other baker’s wares (190590): USA has imported all these confectionery items in 9, 25,717.00 MT and at the value of $3,200.83 million. These bakery products were exported from Mexico, Italy, Japan, India, Thailand, France, etc.
  3. Avocados Fresh/Dried (080400): Both types of Avocados were imported by the USA in 9, 27,959.00 MT and at the value of $2,727.91 million. This product was imported in high quantity from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, Thailand, etc.
  4. Bananas Fresh/Dried (080390): Both fresh and dried bananas were imported in quantity 33, 56,884.00 MT and at the value of $2,529.06 million. A lot of countries export this item to the US like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, etc.
  5. Waters including Mineral Waters & Aerated Waters (220210): 14, 13,822.00 MT, water is imported by the United States of America. And the value of this product is 2,467.08 million. This product was imported from Austria, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, the UK, Canada, and many other countries by the USA.

Top 5 Importing Partners of the United States of America

  1. China: The USA majorly imports electrical equipment like optical & medical equipment and computers from China. Several products of China are intentionally made for USA companies on demand. China is also a big exporter of low-cost textiles, apparel, and fabric.
  2. Germany: The United States of America’s largest import from Germany is high-end cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche. Germany also exports many other goods like pharmaceuticals, equipment, and machinery to the USA.
  3. Mexico: This country is a member of NAFTA and exports around 78% of its products to the United States of America. The No. 1 export of Mexico is manufactured goods/ commodities. Mexico could become second China if it was not indulged in drug cartels.
  4. Canada: Around 75% of products of Canada exported to the United States of America and this is all because of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Since the year 1994, trade among member countries of NAFTA has been increased. Canada has immense supplies of uranium, oil, and gas.
  5. Japan: Reliable cars like Hondas and Toyotas are major exports of Japan to the United States of America. This country also supplies aircraft, machinery, and medical instruments including different types of machinery parts to the USA.

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