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Find Out the Largest Exporters of Plastics in the World with the Help of Plastic Export Data

The world’s largest exporter or seller of Plastics is China. From the prospective of last year’s Plastic export data, China exported plastics worth of US $17.5 Billion Dollars to different parts of the globe which accounted for 25.8% of total Chinese exports. The top destination countries of China’s plastics are United States (24% of total Chinese Plastics exports), followed by Japan (9.0%), Hong Kong (5.0%), Germany (4.5%), United Kingdom (3.8%), France (3.4%), Mexico (3.3%), Thailand (2.8%), Canada (2.5%), Vietnam (1.9%), India (1.9%) and many more.

Recently Germany exported plastics worth of US $8.2 Billion Dollars, making it the second largest exporter of Plastics in the world. Germany majorly exports plastics to France, Austria, China, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, United States, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Norway, Ukraine, Belgium- Luxembourg, Finland, Greece and Bulgaria etc.

The third largest exporter of Plastic is the United States. The major destinations of United States’ plastics are Mexico which accounted for 25% of total exports of the US. The second largest destination is Canada (13%), followed by China (9.2%), Germany (6.1%), Hong Kong (4.1%), Singapore (3.0%), Australia (2.6%), Brazil (1.9%), Malaysia (1.9%), South Korea (1.8%), Poland (1.7%), France (1.6%) and many more.

Plastic export data plays a very important role in finding these world’s plastics trade statistics in detail. This export data of plastics contains very detailed information like name & address and phone number of world’s top plastic exporters, price and quantity of plastics exported, port & country of products’ destination, harmonized system code, applicable GST rate, custom duty applied on their exported item, net weight & unit, current and method of transportation.

  • Seair Exim
  • 03-Oct-2017

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