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A Comprehensive Export Data Guide for Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts

Spare Parts Export Data

An automobile spare part is a component that allows someone to replace a malfunctioning machine element with a functional one. It is typically retained as inventory that can be utilized to repair multiple units of autos that require upgrading or replacement. However, exporting spare parts for commercial vehicles is essential to the survival of the automobile sector. Know-how, market conditions, trends, and opportunities are critical for firms looking to expand their reach and cater to varied markets. This blog post will explore the spare parts export industry, explaining its relevance and providing insights into the heavy vehicle spare parts export data.

Is selling spare parts a good business?

Selling automobile components is one of the most profitable businesses. Every car will eventually require the replacement of various spare parts! As long as machines and equipment exist, replacement components will be needed as they wear out or break. Spare parts can be marked up significantly, allowing for high-profit margins. 

This can be especially true for specialized or difficult-to-find parts. The market for spare parts can be highly competitive, particularly for common or generic items. You'll need to identify strategies to differentiate yourself, such as offering reasonable pricing, excellent customer service, or specialized parts. Also, in a global trading business, you must obtain relevant spare parts export data from the best sources, like Seair Exim Solutions. Now, we will discuss commercial vehicle spare parts export data briefly. 

Heavy Vehicle Spare Parts Export Data for 2023-24

Did you know that? Seair's export-import data represent India's dominance in the global vehicle spare parts sector. According to Spare Parts Export Data, India is the world's top exporter of automobile replacement parts, with 2,651 Indian players shipping 1.9 million units to a vast network of 11,575 purchasers. 

However, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates are the leading importers of India's automotive goods, demonstrating the quality and competitiveness of Indian-made parts. India's position at the top of the global scoreboard, trailing countries such as Japan and Thailand, emphasizes its dominance even more.

But the statistics don't end there. Our platform reveals the top three product categories powering India's export engine: HSN Codes 87089900, 40169990, and 87084000. These HS codes for heavy vehicle spare parts encompass a wide range of essential components, from shock absorbers and gears to tires and driving belts, showcasing the diverse depth of India's manufacturing capabilities.

Understanding heavy auto parts export data allows us to better appreciate the vitality and potential of India's truck parts export business. If you require updated HS codes for heavy car parts or commercial vehicle spare parts, contact Seair Exim Solutions.

Top Exporters of Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts

Based on heavy vehicle spare parts export data, the 10 exporters with the highest dollar value of automobile parts exported in 2022 are listed below.

  • Germany: $60.7 billion
  • China: $49.7 billion 
  • United States: $40.7 billion
  • Mexico: $37.9 billion
  • Japan: $29.1 billion
  • South Korea: $19.9 billion
  • Italy: $15 billion
  • Czech Republic: $14.4 billion
  • France: $13.1 billion
  • Taiwan: $15.78 billion

The global commercial vehicle spare parts industry is dominated by a diversified mix of European and Asian countries, with Germany leading the way with an outstanding $60.7 billion in exports in 2022. Following closely behind are China ($49.7 billion) and the United States ($40.7 billion), demonstrating the enormous contributions of these large economies. 

heavy vehicle spare parts export data

Beyond the top three, several other countries play important roles, with Mexico exporting $37.9 billion in parts, Japan $29.1 billion, and South Korea $19.9 billion. European powerhouses such as Italy and the Czech Republic hold their own, exporting $15 billion and $14.4 billion, respectively, while France contributes $13.1 billion. Notably, Taiwan is a primary challenger in the industry, exporting a significant $15.78 billion in commercial vehicles.

Who is the top importer of auto parts?

Based on auto parts export data,  India is the world's largest importer of car auto parts, with 1.5 million shipments in 2022. However, zooming in on select locations causes the image to shift. Mexico dominates US imports, accounting for over $60 billion in parts, or 38% of total imports. 

Germany leads the pack in Europe, while Indonesia and Thailand are the Southeast Asian champs. Remember that this panorama is constantly changing; economic upheavals, trade accords, and even currency swings can all rearrange the rankings. If you are looking for updated heavy auto parts export data, connect with Seair Exim Solutions and expand your reach in the international market.  

The Future of Spare Parts: Predictions, Trends, and Opportunities

As we know, spare parts play a significant function in manufacturing as they allow production processes to run smoothly and efficiently. The spare parts industry is a large and rising market. According to Global Trade Data, the worldwide spare parts market will reach $1.5 trillion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 4.5% throughout the forecast period. Population expansion, urbanization, and increased industrialization all increase the demand for spare parts.

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The rise of e-commerce and digitalization will significantly impact the spare parts sector. Online platforms are projected to make it easier for manufacturers and customers to obtain spare parts, regardless of location. Furthermore, digitalization will enable real-time monitoring of equipment and inventory management, optimizing the supply chain and lowering the risk of stockouts.

However, the high production costs associated with spare parts pose a significant problem for merchants. Traders confront difficulties in exporting spare parts because they employ insufficient market knowledge. It is recommended to receive spare parts export data from reliable trade platforms that match their quality criteria while providing the most up-to-date information. Seair Exim Solutions, one of the top market research platforms, provides the harmonized code of spare components. 

How to obtain heavy auto parts export data?

To discover accurate and updated spare parts export data or heavy truck parts export data, you can visit the Seair Exim Solutions site to access the real-time spare parts goods database. We also provide India export data import and export data, including HS codes. 

In conclusion, the spare parts business will likely undergo considerable expansion in the following years, driven by various factors such as the growing need for spare parts and technological advancements. Whether focusing on heavy vehicle spare parts export data, heavy truck parts export data, or Heavy Auto Parts Export Data, the goal is to use the insights gained to make informed decisions. 

Seair Exim Solutions, as a leading market research company, can leverage this invaluable information to identify new opportunities, new buyers & suppliers and capitalize on India's booming automotive export market. So, let's connect with our dedicated experts and book a free live demo today!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who is the largest exporter of auto parts?

As per auto parts export data, North America, Europe, and Asia accounted for the vast majority of exports, with North America witnessing an astounding 8% increase. 

Q2. Where does the US export auto parts to?

Based on auto parts exporter data, Mexico, Canada, and China are the top three markets for automotive parts exported from the United States, but for quite different reasons. Also, total auto parts exports from the United States to the rest of the globe climbed by 6% in 2021, reaching $70.9 billion.

Q3. Who is the largest auto parts supplier in the world?

Robert Bosch GmbH, also known as Bosch, presently holds the title of "largest auto parts supplier in the world.". This German multinational engineering and electronics corporation consistently ranks first in sales.

Q4. Which country exports the most vehicle parts?

As per vehicle spare parts export data, the top 5 exporters with the highest dollar value of automobile parts exported in 2022 are listed below.

  • Germany:$60.7 billion
  • China:$49.7 billion 
  • United States:$40.7 billion
  • Mexico: $37.9 billion
  • Japan:$29.1 billion
  • Seair Exim
  • 23-Jan-2024

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