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The Future of Maize Export: Trends and Insights for India

maize exports from India

Key Highlights:

  • With record growth, India's maize export market reached USD 816.31 million in the first 10 months of the 2021–2022 fiscal year.
  • As per maize exporters data, the major importers of Indian maize include Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Nepal; in fact, Bangladesh imports USD 345.5 million worth of maize alone.
  • With 35.91 million metric tonnes produced in 2022–2023, India is ranked fourth in the world for total cultivated area and seventh in the world for maize output.
  • Based on maize export data, the top 10 nations exporting maize made up 93.5% of global exports, with Brazil at the top of the list in 2022.
  • The top maize HS codes are: 1005, 10051000 and 10059000

Corn, often referred to as maize, is a significant crop for India because it is used in both industry and food security. Also, one of the most important and adaptable crops on the world food market is maize. Its applications span from being a vital dietary staple to supporting commercial goals like the production of biofuel and being an essential part of the food processing and animal feed sectors.

Additionally, it contributes around 10% of the nation's total food grain production. In this blog,  we will talk about India's export of maize, along with a few significant market insights such as maize export data, a list of maize exports from India, maize HS codes, and an updated list of maize exporters from India. 

Let's explore the patterns and outlooks influencing this industry


Is maize exporting profitable in India?

Maize exports from India have been expanding, hitting all-time highs in recent years. This implies that exporters may benefit. Additionally, the Indian government is actively pushing the export of agricultural products, such as maize, which may offer some assistance.

However recent price hikes in India have reduced the crop's competitiveness on global markets, which might reduce exporters' profit margins. You must keep up with changes in maize prices both domestically and globally, as well as any government regulations that may have an effect on exports, in order to make this a profitable option.

How much maize is exported from India?

Did you know? In the first ten months of the fiscal year 2021–22, India exported a record amount of maize, amounting to USD 816.31 million. This exceeded all of the previous year's exports of maize. India's biggest export destinations for maize are Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

Seair Exim Solutions is among the top export-import data suppliers in the world when it comes to the best platform for conducting market research. But India's maize exports are a profitable industry that provides traders with a number of business options. 


Maize Trade Industry 

India is ranked seventh globally and fourth in terms of total cultivated area for maize. The export of maize, or maize, from India has changed recently. The breakdown of India's exports of maize is as follows:

Maize Production in India:

India comes in fourth place globally in terms of cultivated maize area and seventh overall. Additionally, India has a history of exporting maize to its neighbours, including Bangladesh, Nepal, and Vietnam.

However, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh are among the principal wheat-growing states in India. It is anticipated that in 2022–2023, 35.91 million metric tonnes of maize will be produced.  


Maize Exports from India: 2023-24

According to maize export data, maize exports from India totalled USD 816.31 million in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year 2021-22 (April-January), above the USD 634.85 million obtained last year.

Indian Maize Export Destinations Maize Exports
(Million USD)
1 Bangladesh 345.5
2 Nepal 132.16
3 Vietnam 244.24
4 Others 94.41


Bangladesh and Nepal, two nearby countries, are significant importers of Indian maize. During the April–January fiscal year, Bangladesh imported maize valued at USD 345.5 million, whereas Nepal imported maize valued at USD 132.16 million.

Vietnam has also made a name for itself as a significant maize export market. Vietnam received USD 244.24 million in maize exports from India during the first ten months of the current fiscal year (April-January 2021-22). Major importers that are not to be overlooked are Oman, Bhutan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. But, get in touch with Seair Exim Solutions right now if you require an up-to-date list of Indian exporters of maize or Indian exporters of maize!

Now, look at the major maize exporting countries!

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Top Maize Exporting Countries

Below are the top 10 countries that exported maize during 2022. 

Top Maize Exporting Countries     Maize Export Data       
( Export Values in % )
1 United States 30.50%
2 Brazil 19.60%
3 Argentina 13.80%
4 Ukraine 9.60%
5 France 3.80%
6 Romania 3.20%
7 Poland 2.10%
8 South Africa 1.90%
9 India 1.80%
10 Paraguay 1.70%

In 2022, the top 10 countries accounted for 93.5% of the world's total maize exports in terms of value. Among the major exporters, Paraguay (an increase of 1,343%), Brazil (up 192.8%), Poland (105.1%), and South Africa (up 49.8%) had the fastest-growing maize supply between 2021 and 2022.

But at the moment, Brazil leads the world in corn exports. In the harvest year that ends in August 2023, they overtook the United States, the previous leader. Also, if you need updated market insights, such as a list of maize exports from India, maize exporters from India, and updated maize export data, you can connect with our platform and obtain global trade data without any hustle and bustle. 


Opportunities and outlook for the maize Industry

According to predictions, India produced 34.6 million metric tons (mt) of maize in 2023–2024. To close the supply-demand gap as quickly as possible while maintaining a sustainable and affordable supply chain, the country may be able to treble its maize output. Maize is planted on 207 million hectares worldwide, yielding around 1,218 million metric tonnes in 2022–2023.

Nonetheless, the Indian maize market is predicted to increase at a noteworthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.74% by 2030, despite its current size, which was estimated to be worth USD 1.29 billion in 2024.

The government projected that 22.5 million metric tonnes of summer corn would be produced in 2023–2024; however, traders believe that the drought has significantly reduced production. 

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How to find maize exporters or importers?

To find out the updated maize exporters from India, you must consult with industry specialists and export import data provider companies such as Seair Exim Solutions to obtain helpful maize exporters from India, maize importers, and up-to-date market information for maize exports from India.

In addition to providing comprehensive export data and supplier insights, we also offer maize HS codes and the most precise list of Indian yellow maize exporters.   

Final Words

In conclusion, government measures, growing production potential, and rising global demand are all contributing to India's export of maize, which is expected to grow significantly. India can maintain its standing as a major global exporter of maize by tackling issues with storage and processing and by leveraging growing markets. There is no denying that India's maize export industry has a bright future with the correct strategy.

Moreover, if you need any updated market insights related to India maize export data, a list of maize exports from India, a major maize exporters list, and maize exporters from India, explore Seair Exim Solutions and gain updated market insights. To schedule a free live demo, connect today!


Q1. Who is the main exporter of maize?

As per maize export data, the major exporting countries of maize are: the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine and France

Q2. What is the future of maize in India?

According to estimates, India produced 34.6 million tonnes (mt) of maize in 2023–2024. To close the supply-demand gap as quickly as possible while maintaining a sustainable and affordable supply chain, the country may be able to treble its maize output.

Q3. Who are the top maize importing countries from India?

As per maize exporters data, the major importers of maize from India are Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam.

Q4. What is the market trend in maize?

Predictions state that 34.6 million metric tonnes (mt) of maize were produced in India in 2023–2024. The nation might be able to triple its maize output in order to quickly close the supply-demand gap while keeping a cheap and sustainable supply chain.

Q5. What are the top maize importing countries? 

As per maize importers data, the top maize importing countries are Mexico, Netherlands, Germany and Malaysia.


Maize Trade Countries:

Top Maize exporting countries

Top Maize importing countries


Top Maize Exporters:

Maize exports from India

Maize exports from USA

Maize exports from KENYA


Top Maize HS codes:

Maize HS codes: 1005

Maize HS codes: 10051000

Maize HS codes: 10059000


  • Seair Exim
  • 06-May-2024

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