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Indian Custom Import Duty Online

Customs duty is a tax imposed on goods when they move across international borders. The amount of customs duty in India is determined by factors such as value, weight, dimensions of the item. Customs duty is a variant of Indirect tax and it applies to all imported goods and some export goods. 

Indian Custom import duty aims to safeguard India’s economy, jobs, environment, residents, by regulating the movement of goods, especially prohibited goods in and out of any country. The import duty also raises revenue for India. 

Indian custom import duty is charged on every item imported into India. These are divided into

  • Basic Customs Duty (BCD) applies to imported items that fall under the Customs Act 1962. These levied rates may be standard or preferential depending on the country of import.
  • Additional Customs Duty (Countervailing Duty (CVD)) is levied on imported items under the Customs Act 1975. It is equal to the central excise duty charged on similar goods within the country.
  • Additional Custom Duty or special CVD
  • Protective Duty is imposed to protect the domestic industry.
  • Anti-dumping duty is imposed if the goods are imported below market price.
  • Educational cess on customs duty is levied at 2% and higher educational cess of 1% of aggregate custom duty

Custom Duty Calculator India is used to calculate customs duty on the value of the goods. The value is written in the Customs Valuation Rule 2007. It is calculated on the value of the imported product at transaction value which is then adjusted under the provision of Rule 10.

In the event of no quantifiable or objective data regarding valuation or the valuation, conditions are unsatisfactory or there are doubts regarding the accuracy of declared value as per rule 12 using the following methods:-

  • Comparative Rule method which compares the transaction value of similar items (Rule4)
  • Comparative Rule method which compares the transaction value of similar items (Rule5)
  • Deductive Rule method which uses sale price of the item of the importing country (Rule 7)
  • Comparative Rule method which uses the cost of fabrication, materials, and profits of the manufacturing country (Rule 8)
  • The fallback method based on the rule of higher flexibility (Rule 9)

India witnessed major reforms via digitalization. The e-SACHIT was launched to enable people to file their custom related documents online. Only ICEGATE registered users can use E-SACHIT link. 

Paying custom duty in India has been simplified and can be completed in a few simple steps

  • Login into the e-payment portal of IGATE
  • Enter the import/export code and login credentials provided by IGATE.
  • Click on e-payment
  • View all the unpaid challans under your ID.
  • Select the challan and payment method.
  • Make the payment
  • Once payment is made you are directed back to the IGATE page
  • You can save or print a copy of the challan.

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