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What is Foreign Trade Data and How is it Important for Importers and Exporters?

Foreign trade refers to all the international exports and imports that take place in the world. Economies of all the nations of the world have become globalized with the liberalization that has taken place. The world has come together to form a market place where all the goods and commodities are sold and purchased making the trade easier and viable. Not all goods are available in every country and s they purchase these thongs from other countries and sell their surplus goods as well. This has facilitated trade relation between all the nations across the globe and had made the world one big market place. Foreign trade data provides information about all the international trade that takes place in a particular year.

Foreign Trade Data

Importers and exporters all across the world need access to foreign trade data to facilitate their business and plan and manage their activities. This data provide statistics and trade reports for a specific year for all the products that are traded in the global market. This data comprises of all the imports and exports of all the goods from all the countries that are taking place in the world along with the details of quantity in which these good are bought and sold by all the nations, the international taxes and tariffs that are imposed on the different goods, the country of origin of products, ports of importation and exportation, shipment data for importers and exporters and names of countries from where the goods are imported and to where they are exported. All this details together make up the foreign trade data which is of great help for all the people involved in international trade.

This data is very important for the importers and exporters because it provides them with all the relevant and necessary information about the all the global trade that is taking place in the world, the channels through which the trade is done and knowledge of all the competitors and the most fertile markets for trade. The foreign trade data provides all the statistical information for the analysis of market trends and future speculation of the market and customer preferences. All this data is collected and categorically complied by the HS codes of the products on a yearly basis and is open for access. All the people involved in importation and exportation can take help of this data to plan and manage their business. It can also be a very helpful and efficient tool for risk minimization, cost reduction and profit maximization by providing a comparative analysis of trade between all the nations and getting the best deals at the most competitive prices. Access to this data can be gained through a number of websites providing export import information.

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