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Import Export Ports in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has the largest economy in the region. The country has just been classified as an industrial nation. Indonesia has a mixed economy having a mix of both private and government organizations. Indonesia has emerged as the central trading hub in the region. In 2016 Indonesia exported 140 billion dollars’ worth of goods and imported 132 billion dollars. Indonesia Sea transport is a vital part of Indonesia’s trading infrastructure carrying out 90% of globally traded goods in the country. Indonesia has over 1700 ports out of these there are 111 commercial ports out of which 25 are used for international transportation.

Trading ports in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago and is largely dependent on sea transport for its domestic and international trading. The country has around 17 special purposes ports across the country handling commodities such as coal, oil, cement, fisheries, and timber. It is estimated that trading ports in Indonesia handle over 968 million tons of cargo in 2009. International cargo movement was responsible for 56% and 44% of domestic cargo. Indonesian lacks large scale port infrastructure much of the cargo to the country is routed via Malaysia and Singapore. The main trading port in Indonesia is Tanjung Priok handles 2/3 of the country’s international trade. The transport ministry plans to add 8 more trading ports in Indonesia for international trade.

Import ports in Indonesia

Indonesia lacks large ports capable of receiving trans-oceanic vessels. Liquid bulk cargo of which 75% were petroleum products was the largest imported commodity into the country. The scale and characteristics of Indonesia ports vary greatly the major import ports in Indonesia handle millions of tons annually while the smaller ports handle a few thousand. Custom procedures in Indonesia can be challenging and most importers use companies specialized in freight forwarding to Indonesia. The main import ports in Indonesia are-

  • Tanjung Priok
  • Tanjung Perak
  • Belawan

Export port in Indonesia

Indonesia has shipped 180 billion dollars’ worth of goods last year. 72% of the total exports were to fellow Asian countries. Two third of the international exports were dry bulk (mainly coal) and accounted for 63% of international maritime exports. Indonesia is now using floating transport station or FTS to facilitate smooth and continuous loading of vessel to reduce coal and freight prices. The main export ports in Indonesia are -

  • Tanjung Emas
  • Panjang
  • Belawan

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