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India’s Top 10 Imports and Who Buys Them?

In the past few years, India has witnessed a steady growth in India's imports with the accurate and relevant Import Data. The number of commodities imported to India has significantly enhanced, and the trade market is now increased with the number of imports. India's top import products contain Mineral fuels including oil, Gems, precious metals, Electrical machinery, equipment, Machinery including computers and organic chemicals.

Several foreign trade markets are majority dependent on India for importing specific goods from several growing countries. Also, you can find the accurate Import Export Data from the best data import export provider. In this blog, we will discuss India's top imported products.

India's import business is extensive and more profitable than the export business. There are various commodities or products that are imported in India. Also, it plays an important factor in developing the nation's economy. Last year India imported USD 52.01 billion, an increase of 23.74% over USD 42.03 billion in January 2021. India's merchandise import in 2021-22 was USD 495.83 billion. For the precise Import Data India, there are numerous Data Import Export providers in the market but Seair Exim Solutions is the topmost import export data provider globally.

What is Import Business?

The word ‘import’ is derived from the conceptual purpose of obtaining ship goods and services from specific countries. The buyer of such goods and services is directed as an “importer” who is based in the country of import whereas the overseas-based seller is known as an “exporter”.

In simple words, an import business represents a good or service that is produced outside the country and then sold to and consumed in another country. In Global Trade, “import” refers to purchasing goods and services produced from outside the country. Also, get Data Import Export.

Top Global Countries to which Indian products are imported

 According to India Import Data, below are the leading global countries to which Indian exports are Imported-

  • China
  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq
  • Switzerland
  • Hong Kong
  • South Korea
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore

After reviewing an overview of India's importing business, now discuss the major importing products in detail.

Top 10 High Demand Products for Imports in India

In the crisis of Covid-19, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the new initiative called Atma Nirbhar Bharat, the main objective of this initiative to be self-dependent. But there are some products or commodities that the economy has to rely on. According to Import Data India, Here are the 10 entities most imported in India


Over the last ten years, the use of electronic gadgets has become more widespread over the world, and Indians have followed this trend as well. Also every year, India imports electronics worth billions of dollars. According to export import data, the majority of these goods originate in China. India does produce and export a small number of its own electronic goods, but they still have a long way to go before they import as much as they export.


Given that we just discussed how many minerals and diamonds their region has to offer, it might surprise you to learn that priceless jewels are among the most popular imports into India. However, Indians import nearly as much precious metal as they do.

Heavy Machinery:

Heavy machinery equipment is yet another significant import for India. Construction and industrialization use these huge instruments. The majority of heavy equipment is being imported from China and Japan. According to data import export, currently, the value of this import sector is at $20 billion.


Even if the prime minister of India is trying to decrease the usage of plastic, it is still one of the most popular imports at the moment. Also various household items and packaging for goods are also made of plastic.

Transport equipment:

For economic development, efficient means of transport are quite significant. Motor vehicles, ships, aero planes etc. are imported from abroad. These are imported from the USA, Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan etc.

Petrol and Petroleum products:

As we know, India is largely dependent on petrol and petroleum products. According to India Import Data, India imports 35% of its petroleum products from foreign. Also, Petroleum comes from Iran, Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Chemical fertilizers:

To increase the productivity of land fertilizers, chemical fertilizers are very useful. Also, India imports large quantities of chemical fertilizers from various countries. According to India Import data, India imports large quantity of chemical fertilizers from U.S.A., Russia and E.U

Edible oils:

India’s also top import products are edible oils. According to the import data India, India imports edible and oil seeds in large quantities. Also edible Oils are mainly imported from the USA and Canada.

Food grains:

India’s top import products are food grains. It also plays a significant role in growing the economy. Last few years back, India faced acute shortage of food grains. According to the import export data, food grains were imported from America, Australia, Canada, Burma and Argentina.

Iron and Steel:

As we know, India is still dependent on the production of iron and steel. Also it imports steel every year. According to the import data, it is imported from the USA, UK, Italy and France to fulfil the economic requirements.

Risks involved in Import Business

If you are in the business of imports, then you must know about the – most common risks concerned in importing and the measures to minimize them. Starting and operating a business is a rollercoaster ride, so you should be aware of the risks involved and how to deal with any potential dangers to your company. To minimize any risk or threat, you can get the best import business advice from the best Import Export Data provider. You can visit the Seair Exim solutions to see the available Custom data.

Some of the Key highlights of Seair Exim Solutions are:

  • Easily Obtain Global Import Export Data.
  • Accurate Analysis of Global Trade Data Reports.
  • It Covers 80+ Countries
  •  Best Customizable Dashboard
  • Simple to obtain Offline Data.
  • Validated Data Import Export in Excel Format.

How to find Import Export Data?

Data Import Export is compiled from shipping companies and customs offices in ports all around the world. This data contains details about the product, such as its description, quantity, price, and HS, or Harmonized Code. The importer's name and contact information. Using this information, businesses can also learn about profitable items from their competitors, the international prices of raw commodities they buy from other nations, and the state of their inventories.

Seair Exim Solutions is an import export data provider company that offers reliable, latest and genuine global trade data of 80+ countries. We provide India Import Data, Indian Export Data, and Indonesia custom Data etc. So, consider checking out the Seair Exim Solutions platform to obtain global data customized to your requirement.

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