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Canada's Top Imports: A Deep Dive of Key Products

Canada import data

Canada, the world's second-largest country in terms of land area, boasts a diverse and dynamic economy. It thrives in the service sector and is heavily reliant on natural resources. According to the World Bank's sources, Canadian imports of goods and services (% of GDP) were a significant 33.71% in 2022, showcasing the complexity and richness of Canada's trade.

Also, Canada's reliance on manufactured items for imports is a significant aspect of its economic landscape. Automobiles and components, along with industrial machinery, are the most sought-after imports. These items play a crucial role in keeping the country's economy running smoothly. So, what exactly are Canada's top imports? This blog will delve into the Canada import products list and the importance of these products in maintaining the robustness of Canada's economy.

How much does Canada import?

Let's take a closer look at the scale of the Canada importers database.

As per Canada import data, the total value of merchandise imports in 2023 was a staggering $558 billion. This represents a 1.96% decrease compared to the previous year, with merchandise imports declining by $11.1 billion. (In 2022, the value of merchandise imports was $569 billion.)

Total Trade Canada Trade Data 2023
Total Trade 10,137,905.33
Canada Import Data 491,400,949.55
Canada Export Data 501,538,854.87

Source: trend economy

In 2023, Canada's merchandise exports reached $566 billion. Overall, Canada's commodity exports fell 5.01% from 2022. As per Canada import export data, merchandise exports declined by $29 billion (the value of merchandise exports from Canada was $596 billion in 2022).

In terms of Canada import data, Canada's total imports (including goods and services) reached a record high of approximately 940.39 billion Canadian dollars in 2022. However, if you need updated market insights like the Canada import products list or Canada import data, connect with Seair Exim Solutions anytime.

Canada Top 10 Imports: Global Partners

Do you know? Canada relies on a robust worldwide network to meet its import requirements. Here is a breakdown of the top 10 Canada import and export partners: 

In January 2024, Canada exported most of the products: 

  • United States (C$43.9 billion)
  • China (C$1.97 billion)
  • United Kingdom (C$1.44 billion)
  • Japan (C$1.22 billion)
  • South Korea

Canada's imports in 2023 by country

While importing the most from the United States (C$27.5 billion), China (C$6.39 billion), Mexico (C$3.36 billion), Germany (C$1.8 billion), and Japan (C$1.64 billion). Also, if you need updated market insights, such as Canada import products list, Canada export products, and Canada importers database, connect with our platform today.

Now, look at Canada's Top Imports in 2023 or Canada import products list!

Canada Top 10 Imports products

Let’s explore the table for Canada import products list!

S. No Canada import products list Import Values
1 Machinery 15.10%
2 Motor vehicles; parts and accessories 16.50%
3 Mineral fuels including oil 6.90%
4 Gems, precious metals 3.50%
5 Furniture, bedding, lighting, and prefabricated buildings 1.70%
6 Articles of iron or steel 2.30%
7 Pharmaceuticals 3.40%
8 Plastics, plastic articles 3.50%
9 Electronic Machinery  9.50%
10 Optical, technical, medical apparatus 2.70%

According to Canada import data, these are the top Canada import products or Canada import products list:

  1. Machinery: Canada imports a wide range of machinery, from industrial tools for industry to tractors for farming. This provides access to cutting-edge technology and cost-effective alternatives. (Partners: United States, Germany, and China.)
  2. Vehicles and components: Canada imports many finished cars and trucks and replacement components for existing vehicles. This gives consumers more options while keeping repair costs comparable. (Partners: United States, Mexico, and Japan.)
  3. Mineral Fuels and oils: It is considered as the top canada import products list with one of the world's most significant oil reserves, crude oil imports into the country have grown significantly in recent years. Canada imports crude oil to complement domestic production and diversify refinery supply. (Partners: US, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria)
  4. Gems and metals: Canada imports diamonds, gold, and other valuables to meet demand for jewellery, electronics, and industrial applications, augmenting its mining industry. (Partners: Various)
  5. Furniture and Prefab Buildings: Canada imports furniture, mattresses, lamps, and even prefabricated buildings for cost savings, more variety, and specialized alternatives. (Partners: China, Vietnam, United States.)
  6. Iron and steel products: Canada imports steel pipes, tools, building materials, and machinery components to gain access to specified types, quantities, and potentially reduced prices. (Partners: United States, China, and South Korea.)
  7. Pharmaceuticals: Canada imports drugs to ensure access to cutting-edge therapies, control drug costs, and boost its pharmaceutical sector. (Partners: USA, Switzerland, Germany)
  8. Plastics: To save money and provide more options, Canada imports a wide range of plastic products, from packaging to automotive parts. (Partners: United States, China, Saudi Arabia)
  9. Electronic Machinery: Canada imports specialized electronic equipment used in manufacturing and other industrial applications to gain access to cutting-edge technology. (Partners: Similar to Machinery, South Korea, Taiwan)
  10. Technical Instruments: Canada imports microscopes, medical imaging machines, and other specialized instruments to access advanced technology and potentially lower costs. (Partners: US, Germany, Japan, Mexico)

So, these are the top Canada import products list. However, imports of electronic and electrical equipment and parts rose 9.7% to a record $7.6 billion in February, boosted by higher imports of high-value data processing units (servers). Other significant contributors to growth were consumer goods, which climbed by 3.3% in February due to widespread gains, and energy products, which increased by 10.2% due to increasing crude oil imports. To stay updated with Canada import data, connect with our Canada importers database.

Now Look at exports from India to canada!

Top Exports from India to Canada

India, the world's fastest expanding economy and one of the largest markets, provides enormous opportunities for Canada investors. 

Let's have a look at India-Canada Trade!

India-Canada Trade Data(2022):

Imports/Exports US$ (in Billions) Percentage
Canada Imports 6.4 1.13%
Canada Exports 4.1 0.69%

Now, let’s have a look at top exports from India to Canada!

  • Cotton yarn
  • Organic chemicals
  • Iron ore
  • Mineral fuels
  • Plastic items
  • Fish
  • Salts
  • Electrical machinery
  • Iron and steel
  • Gems and jewelry

While particular import statistics are difficult to obtain, we can examine the products themselves to gain insight into India-China economic relations. China, a key industrial hub, is likely to source raw materials and semi-finished items from India, such as cotton yarn and iron ore. Electrical machinery, iron, and steel may all be sourced for further manufacture in China.

So, these are the canada import products list. If you are looking for its updated Canada importers database, connect now and expand your trade business instantly.

How to find Canada Importers

If you need the updated Canada major imports list, top commodities imported in the Canada, you first need to comprehend the complexity of Canada importers database.

Canada, as a large market, could be a potential destination for various products. To successfully import products in Canada, businesses must adhere to trade laws, grasp market trends and HS codes, and know the exact Canada top import products.

To gain accurate Canada Importers data, firms must seek accurate and current import data from the top import export data source, such as Seair Exim Solutions, and obtain global trade data without any delay.

Wind Up

As we near the end of this blog, we'd like to emphasize that Canada's import pattern is an important representation of its economic structure, regional differences, and inclusion into the global market. Thus, Canada's top imports provide an exhaustive overview of the country's economic situation and global trade dynamics.

Whether it is Machinery, Motor vehicles parts, Precious metals,Canada deliberately invests in foreign commerce to meet its diverse needs. We hope you appreciate our informative blog about Canada's top import products and the top 10 import partners in 2023.

Please contact Seair Exim Solutions if you have any questions about HS codes, export/import data, or Canada importers database. Our experts will guide you to the best of their knowledge and experience. To schedule a free live demo, click here.



Q1. What are Canada's 5 biggest exports?

As per Canada import export data, the biggest china exports are: Crude petroleum, Cars, Refined petroleum, Aircraft, helicopters and spacecraft, Coal and Potassic fertilizer

Q2. What is Canada's main import?

Based on Canada importers database, the top import products of Canada are: Machinery, Motor vehicles; parts and accessories, Mineral fuels including oil and Gems, precious metals

Q3. What does Canada buy from India?

As per canada import data, the  top exports from India to Canada are: Cotton yarn, Organic chemicals, Iron ore, Mineral fuels and Plastic items

Q4. Who are Canada's largest importers?

Based on Canada importers data, the largest importers are: United States, China, Mexico, Germany and Japan.

Q5. What are Canada's top 5 importing partners?

The top 5 Canada importing partners are: United States, China, Mexico, Germany and Japan.

Q6. What does India import most from Canada?

The major canada export products are: Bulk Minerals And Ores ($101M), Coal,Coke And Briquittes Etc ($88.5M), Iron And Steel ($58M), Pulses ($44.2M), and Pulp And Waste Paper ($30.5M)


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  • 23-Apr-2024

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