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Philippines Top 10 Imports : A Closer look at the major Products

Philippines import data

The Philippines, a Southeast Asian archipelago nation, is a major player in the world commercial scene. The Philippines' economy is an emerging market, classified as a newly industrialized country in the Asia-Pacific area. In 2022, the Philippines' GDP increased by 7.6 percent. However, the country is not a member of the Group of 20 nations; rather, it is classified as a second-tier emerging market or newly industrialized country.

Meanwhile, the Philippines ranks 33rd in overall imports. Philippines imports for the year 2022 were around USD 10.26 billion. Also, the most commonly imported goods are integrated circuits, petroleum oils, coal, pharmaceutical products, and motor vehicles. China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Singapore are its primary import partners.

So, what precisely does the Philippines top imports? Here in this blog, we will look at the Philippines top import products that keep the country performing.

How much does the Philippines import?

Let’s explore the graph for Philippines import data 2023!

Philippines import data

As per Philippines import data, the country's import performance decreased by 9.57% from January to October 2023, from US$116,083.29 million to US$104,974.10 million, compared to the same period the previous year.

Philippines Trade Statistics Philippines Import Data 2023 Philippines Import Data 2022 %
 Total Trade 165,881.73 182,161.40 -8.94
 Imports 104,974.10 116,083.29 -9.57
 Exports 60,907.63 66 66,078.11 -7.82

Source: Philippines Trade Statistics Authority

According to Philippines Importers Data, the country's imports in 2022 were roughly USD 10.26 billion. Electronic devices were the most imported goods, with a total value of USD 2.42 billion.

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The value of products imported into the Philippines increased by $21 billion in 2022 (from $138 billion in 2021). Let us delve into the Philippines top import products and provide a detailed analysis of import trends for the year 2022-23.

Philippines import data

Philippine's Top 10 Imports: Global Partners

The Philippines relies on a strong worldwide network to meet its import requirements. Here is a breakdown of the top 10 philippines import partners: 

  1. China: (29 billion US$) 
  2. Indonesia: (13.9 billion US$) 
  3. Japan: (13 billion US$) 
  4. Korea: (12.7 billion US$) 
  5. USA: (9.69 billion US$) 
  6. Singapore: (8.46 billion US$) 
  7. Thailand: (7.65 billion US$) 
  8. Other Asian nations: (7.09 billion US$) 
  9. Malaysia: (6.68 billion US$) 
  10. Vietnam: 3.27% (4.77 billion US$) 

The Philippines' major importing partners have a particular concentration on Asian economies. China is the leading provider, while Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea play important roles in delivering resources and technology. 

Southeast Asian neighbors, such as Thailand and Malaysia, contribute to regional trade. This diversification, however, is offset by a sizable proportion classified as "Other Asian nations," indicating a greater network of ties across the continent. Also, if you need updated market insights, such as Philippines top import products Philippines importers data, connect with Seair Exim Solutions.

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Now, look at the Philippines major imports List!

Philippines Top 10 Imports products

Let’s explore the table for Philippines top import products!

S. No Philippines Top Import products Import Values
1 Electronic integrated circuits 11.80%
2 Petroleum oils  9.87%
3 Coal, and solid fuels manufactured from coal 4.14%
4 Motor cars and other motor vehicles 2.44%
5 Optical, photographic, and medical apparatus 2.08%
6 Pharmaceutical products 1.85%
7 Wheat and meslin 1.77%
8 Oil cake and other solid residues 1.31%
9 Parts and accessories 1.48%
10 Electrical apparatus  1.73%

According to Philippines import data, these are the top Philippines import products:

  1. Electronic integrated circuits and micro apparatus: Parts of electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies, classified as HS Code 85429010, were the Philippines top import products in 2023. The Philippines is an important vendor of these tiny chips, which are the foundation of contemporary electronics, supporting its burgeoning tech industry and consumer demand for devices.
  2. Petroleum oils: Refined petroleum fuels the nation's transportation industry and supplies critical energy sources. Petroleum oils power vehicles such as cars (HS code: 8703) and trucks (HS code: 8704). It also has an important role in electricity generation.
  3. Coal; briquettes, and solid fuels derived from coal: Coal briquettes, a compressed coal product, account for a considerable component and are one of the Philippines top import products As per Philippines import data, the total import value was 2.08% in 2023.
  4. Motor cars and other motor vehicles: As the Philippine economy grows, so does the demand for automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles that support individual mobility and commerce. As the Philippine economy grows, so does the demand for private vehicles like cars (HS code: 8703) and commercial vehicles like trucks (HS code: 8704) for delivering commodities. 
  5. Optical, photographic, and medical apparatus: This category includes a wide range of products, from eyeglasses and cameras to medical equipment used in healthcare services. As per Philippines importers data, the total import value was 2.08% in 2023. This wide group comprises a variety of products:
    1. Eyeglasses and contact lenses (HS code: 9002) for vision correction.
    2. Cameras (HS code: 9002) for photography and filmmaking.
    3. Medical equipment (HS code: 9018-9021) such as X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, and surgical instruments are required for providing quality healthcare.
  6. Pharmaceutical items: The Philippines imports a large amount of medication to ensure that its inhabitants have access to basic healthcare supplies. The HS code includes:
    a. Prescription medications (HS code 3004.90) for a variety of medical ailments.
    b. Vaccines (HS code 3002) are used to prevent infectious infections.
    c. Over-the-counter drugs (HS code: 3004.90) for common illnesses.
  7. Wheat and meslin: While rice remains the basic grain, wheat is an essential ingredient in the making of bread, noodles, pasta, and other foods. As per Philippines import data, the total import value was 2.08% in 2023.
  8. Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy: This category is likely to comprise telecommunications infrastructure equipment, which is critical for the operation of efficient communications networks and is considered one of the Philippines top import products.
  9. Parts and accessories: This broad category includes spare parts for diverse machinery, vehicles, and electronics that provide proper operation and maintenance. As per Philippines import data, the total import value was 2.08% in 2023. Some possible HS codes include:
    a. Spare parts for machinery used in many sectors (HS code: 8431).
    b. Car components (HS code: 8708) for repairs and replacements
    c. Electronic components (HS code: 8541) used to sustain electronic devices
  10. Oil cake and other solid residues: These remnants of oil production could be used as animal feed or fertilizer, benefiting the agricultural industry. The byproducts of oil processing may find usage in two primary sectors:
    a. Animal feed (HS code: 2309): Oil cake, which is strong in protein and fiber, can be used to supplement livestock diets.
    b. Fertilizer (HS Code: 3105): Some solid leftovers may be converted into organic fertilizers, boosting sustainable agriculture practices.

So, these are the Philippines major imports List. If you are looking for its updated global trade data, connect now and expand your trade business instantly. 

How to find Philippines Importers data?

If you need the updated Philippines major imports list, Buyers List of Philippines, top commodities imported in the Philippines, you first need to comprehend the complexity of global trade.

China, as a large market, could be a potential destination for the Philippines top import products. To successfully import items in the Philippines, businesses must adhere to trade laws, grasp market trends and HS codes, and know the exact Philippines top import products.

To gain accurate Philippines Importers data, firms must seek accurate and current import data from the finest import export data source, such as Seair Exim Solutions, and acquire global trade data without any delay.

Wind Up

As we near the end of this blog, we'd like to emphasize that the Philippines is a rising nation with rapid growth in trade, infrastructure, and healthcare facilities. Thus, the Philippines' top import products provide a full picture of the country's economic climate and global trade dynamics.

Whether it is electronic integrated circuits, petroleum oils, or motor cars, the Philippines deliberately invests in foreign commerce to meet its diverse needs. We hope you liked our informative blog on the Philippines top import products, as well as the top 10 import partners in 2023.

Feel free to contact Seair Exim Solutions with any questions about HS codes, export import data, or global trade data. Our professionals will guide you to the best of their knowledge and experience. To set up a free live demo, click here. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the Philippines main imports?

As per Philippines import data, Electronic integrated circuits, Petroleum oils, Coal briquettes, and solid fuels manufactured from coal, Motor cars and other motor vehicles, Optical, photographic, and medical apparatus are the major Philippines top import products.

Q2. What are the 10 imports in the Philippines?

As per Philippines importers data, Philippines top import products are:

  • Electronic integrated circuits
  • Petroleum oils and oils from bituminous minerals
  • Coal; briquettes, and solid fuels manufactured from coal
  • Motor cars and other motor vehicles
  • Optical, photographic, and medical apparatus
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Wheat and meslin
  • Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy
  • Parts and accessories:
  • Oil cake and other solid residues

Q3. What Philippines imports from India?

India is a significant exporter of several items to the Philippines. Here are some of the major imports:Pharmaceuticals, Vehicles, Food. If you need the updated market insights of the Philippines, connect with Seair Exim Solutions.

Q4. What are the Philippines major imports List?

The Philippines relies heavily on imports to meet expanding consumer demand throughout the country. Here is the list of philippines importers list:

  • Epson Precision Philippines Inc
  • Philippine Associated Smelting And
  • Sfa Semicon Philippines Corporation
  • Border Trade Management Inc
  • Petron Corporation

To know the updated Philippines importers list, you can visit Seair Exim Solutions.




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