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Indian Imports from China: Every detail is here, find out now

Most of the people think that Chinese products are very low-quality and cheap. China’s share in India’s imports is alarmingly high. Both countries China and India always had a very high trade deficit. Imports from China in India reduced to 354.86 INR Billion in January from 395.69 INR Billion in December 2016.

China’s entire exports to India have amounted to $72 billion or 16.2% of its overall imports. The top 10 Indian Imports from China (along with HS code and value) are listed here:

Sr. No

Product Name


HS Code


Electronic equipment

$27.5 billion




$12.8 billion



Organic Chemicals

$6.6 billion




$2.1 billion



Iron and Steel

$1.6 billion



Medical and technical equipment

1.6 billion



Iron or steel items

$1.4 billion




$1.3 billion



Other chemical products

$1.2 billion




$1.1 billion


Indian Imports from China

In past, it was very complicated to keep informed regarding products which are imported or exported anywhere in the entire world. This task becomes simple with the available Import Export Data services nowadays. These services mainly based on shipping details of products which are imported or exported locally and internationally. Every country’s trade stats are easily present nowadays.

Here Are a Few Major Indian Imports from China with Complete Details

  • Electronic Products including Cell Phones

One of the most imported goods from China to India is electronic goods. India’s electronic market is being covered by several Chinese electronic goods and their demand is not decreasing as well. Anything in electronics that you see as decorative and new is generally exported from China. You being a seller and importer can import such products by examining the market. A cell phone is the major electronic product import by India from China.

  • Fancy Decorative Products

Every homemaker is fond of buying fancy and decorative products. The market has a vivid range of items that include plastic cartoon characters, hanging wall arts, electronic colorful bulbs, wind chine, showpiece and many more. These products are purchased by everybody and their demand in India is quite massive.

The biggest advantage is that there is an immense profit margin in selling these kinds of goods.

  • Daily Using Common Items

Indian Imports from China also includes daily using common products that we use from morning to night. It includes sofa cover, yoga mat, mobile cover, small furniture products, cosmetic goods, toothbrush etc. All these goods give a great return as they are cheaply imported into India.

  • Solar Panels

There is a very huge demand for solar panels in India that is a good source of non-polluting and conventional energy. India is also producing this product but because of increasing demand import from China would be a great option for you. Not just it’s cheap but it offers great marginal profits as well. This business has a vast success in times to come.

  • Seair Exim
  • 26-Feb-2019

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