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In our industry it is essential that you are aware of the latest happenings of the trade throughout the world. Follow us closely to know the insights and latest news about the sector.

The news is categorized date wise for our convenience. News that matters and news that makes a difference, that’s what we get for you.

. Rupee Dips 15 Paise to End at 64.43 21-Jul-2017
. No rebate no sugar export 21-Jul-2017
. Agro Eexports Boosted with New Cargo Flights 21-Jul-2017
. M'sia Targets 50% Rise in Palm Product Exports to Philippines by 2020 21-Jul-2017
. Price Recovery Sparks Domestic Chinese Copper Iron Ore Production Boom 21-Jul-2017
. Govt Working to Reduce Dependence on Oil Imports 21-Jul-2017
. Despite Record Production Indian Wheat Imports to Continue 21-Jul-2017
. Logistics Sector to Benefit Post GST 21-Jul-2017
. Exporters Apprehensive as Shipments Piles up 21-Jul-2017
. Tax Rates Under GST will not be Revised Unless there is an Anomaly CBEC Chief 21-Jul-2017
. India Steel Ministry Says Increased Canadian Coking Coal Import likely 20-Jul-2017
. GST Revenue from Imports up 11% at Rs Rs 12,673 cr in 15 days says CBEC 20-Jul-2017
. Dumping Duty Imposed on O-Acid Imports from China 20-Jul-2017
. Global Economic Growth to Boost US Exports Federal Board Chief 20-Jul-2017
. Shipping Ministry Developing Sea Route Between Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai 20-Jul-2017
. Commerce Ministry Updates on Setting up of Industrial Cities in Maharashtra 20-Jul-2017
. Potential of Agricultural Exports Not Fully Tapped in India World Bank study 20-Jul-2017
. Chennai Port Makes Steady Gains in Direct Port Delivery Programme 20-Jul-2017
. Kandla Port Awards Channel Maintenance Dredging Contract 20-Jul-2017
. DP WORLD and Indonesian Government Sign Agreement to Develop Port and Trade Infrastructure 20-Jul-2017
. Shift to Exports Driving Steel Prices 19-Jul-2017
. Vietnam Shrimp Exports up 15% past $1.5bn 19-Jul-2017
. China the Toast of Aussie Wine Exporters 19-Jul-2017
. Cargo Imports Surged at U.S. Seaports in June 19-Jul-2017
. China to WTO Scrap Plastic Imports Banned by Year End 19-Jul-2017
. US may Impose Tariffs on Chinese Steel and Aluminium Imports amid Limited Progress in Trade Talks 19-Jul-2017
. Goa Imports Additional Beef from Karnataka Manohar Parrikar 19-Jul-2017
. Chinese President Xi Jinping Calls for More Imports and More Open Economy 19-Jul-2017
. Pon Radhakrishnan Reviews Ongoing Projects of NHAI and of Major Ports 19-Jul-2017
. Post GST Changes Made for Exporter 19-Jul-2017
. Rupee Edges Up by 3 Paise to 64.32 on Increased Dollar Selling 18-Jul-2017
. Malaysia Commodity Based Exports Value Rises 18-Jul-2017
. Indian Pharma Exports to USA May go up in 2017-18: Report 18-Jul-2017
. Dry Bulk Shipping Rates Flounder Despite Rising Chinese Imports 18-Jul-2017
. Qatar to Import Edibles Worth $1 bn from Pakistan 18-Jul-2017
. GST Impact Experts Caution Against Zero Duty Gold Imports from South Korea 18-Jul-2017
. China Border Stand Off May Impact Solar Module Imports 18-Jul-2017
. Provisional Anti Dumping Duty on 'O-Acid' Imports from China 18-Jul-2017
. Govt Approved Allocating 2.5% of Road Fund for National Waterways Nitin Gadkari 18-Jul-2017
. World Shipping Council says 48% Reduction in Number of Containers Lost in Sea 18-Jul-2017
. GST Uncertainty Persists for Traders Exporters 17-Jul-2017
. Strong Rupee Hits Export Heavy IT and Pharma Sectors 17-Jul-2017
. Jeera Hits New High on Poor Crop Arrival 17-Jul-2017
. Nirmala Sitharaman Roberto Azevêdo may Discuss Movement of Professionals 17-Jul-2017
. Bharat Petroleum Makes its First US Oil Purchase Buys Mars Poseidon 17-Jul-2017
. Syria State Grain Buyer Changes Payment Terms for Imported Wheat 17-Jul-2017
. S.Korea June Crude Oil Imports from Iran up 10.5 pct y/y 17-Jul-2017
. Backlog of Tankers Hits PDVSA’s Ports as More Imports Arrive 17-Jul-2017
. Indonesia Exports Imports Contract in June 17-Jul-2017
. Clarity on GST Over Aircraft Imports Soon 17-Jul-2017
. Venezuela Oil Exports to Cuba Drop Energy Shortages Worsen 15-Jul-2017
. EU 2017/18 Soft Wheat Exports 217,000 Tonnes by July 11 15-Jul-2017
. USDA may Need to lift Old Crop U.S. Corn Exports Braun 15-Jul-2017
. Exports Up for 10th Month But at Slower Rate of 4.4% to $23.6 bn in June 15-Jul-2017
. India Services Exports flat at $13.5 Billion in May Imports up 4 Per cent 15-Jul-2017
. Russian Sunflower Oil Producers Urge Government to Hoist Sunseed Export Duty 15-Jul-2017
. India's Exports Up 4.39% In June, Trade Deficit Widens On Imports Of Gold And Oil 15-Jul-2017
. Dhaka Signs Initial Deal With Doha to Import 2.5m Tonnes of LNG a Year 15-Jul-2017
. Vegetable Oil Import Up 15% in June at 1.34 Million Tonnes 15-Jul-2017
. Imports of Vegetable Oils Increase by 15 Perent in June 15-Jul-2017
. COLUMN USDA may Need to Lift Old Crop U.S. Corn Exports Braun 14-Jul-2017
. New Deal with Indian Firm to Boost Tea Exports 14-Jul-2017
. Global Growth to Boost US Exports Says Fed Chair Janet Yellen 14-Jul-2017
. Cambodia Bans Sand Exports Permanently 14-Jul-2017
. Domestic Sugar Prices to Move up on Import Duty Hike Icra 14-Jul-2017
. Oil Dips on Glut Concerns but Strong China Imports Support 14-Jul-2017
. Cocoa Industry Upset over withdrawal of import duty on powdered beans 14-Jul-2017
. Plug to Curb Zero Duty Imports Held up in Talks 14-Jul-2017
. Post GST Dismantling Check Posts Saving 24-36 hrs Trucking Time ASSOCHAM 14-Jul-2017
. Rising Rupee to Affect Exporters Margin CRISIL 14-Jul-2017
. China Must Promote Economic Zones Around India Chinese daily 13-Jul-2017
. India Ready to forge Ambitious Trading Relations with UK Theresa May 13-Jul-2017
. Morocco Current Account Situation Positive Despite Rising Energy Imports BMI 13-Jul-2017
. UAE Bans Poultry Imports from Belgium 13-Jul-2017
. Brazil June Coke Imports More than Double on Year Ministry 13-Jul-2017
. India to Commence Tea Exports to Chile Shortly 13-Jul-2017
. Sugar Import Duty Hiked to 50 per cent to Support Domestic Prices 13-Jul-2017
. India to Join new Global Foreign Exchange Committee 13-Jul-2017
. Govt likely to Impose 19% Duty on Steel Products from China 13-Jul-2017
. Rising Rupee to Affect Exporters Margin CRISIL 13-Jul-2017
. June Exports Increase to $1.912bln as Traders Swoop on Rebates 12-Jul-2017
. India Exports Expected to Grow 15-18% Rahul Mehta President CMAI 12-Jul-2017
. Foxconn Aims to Kick off Exports From India to Gulf Africa by Dec 12-Jul-2017
. Gold exchange-traded funds see Rs 200-cr outflow in Q1; asset base down 22% 12-Jul-2017
. Restriction Likely on Import of Items that Hit Local Companies 12-Jul-2017
. Pakistan Sees Bigger LNG profile Imports to Surge by 2022 12-Jul-2017
. NC is Awash in tons of coal ash So Why did it OK Storing Imported Ash from India? 12-Jul-2017
. Silver Imports Government Action 12-Jul-2017
. Brazil’s June Steel Sheet Imports More Than Triple on Year 12-Jul-2017
. India Saw Gold Rush Ahead of GST Imports Jumped Almost Four Times in June 12-Jul-2017
. GST Impact On Companies Gloom And Doom Vanishes India Inc At Ease 11-Jul-2017
. GSTs Impact On Special Economic Zones and Export Oriented Units To Be a Mixed Bag 11-Jul-2017
. VN To Import More Cashew 11-Jul-2017
. Defiant India Holds On To Oil Deal In Troubled South China Sea 11-Jul-2017
. Rental Income Above Rs 20 Lakh To Attract GST 11-Jul-2017
. APM Terminals Offers Direct Asian Service calls to East coast of South America 11-Jul-2017
. South Korean Delegation Meets With JNPT Top Officials To Enhance Trade Relations 11-Jul-2017
. Govt Appoints Nodal Officers For Exporters At DGFT and CBEC on FIEOs Initiative 11-Jul-2017
. Officials To Hold Talks With India On GST 11-Jul-2017
. Rupee Rises 7 Paise to 64.46 on Increased Dollar Selling 11-Jul-2017
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