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Exploring the Profitable Market of Garlic Export from India

garlic exports from india

Key Highlights:

  • India is the world's top garlic exporter, with China leading in production but India outperforming in exports.
  • Maharashtra accounts for around 40% of India's garlic production.
  • Due to a shortage in China, garlic exports from India reached new highs in FY23, with FY24 likely to be even higher.
  • Garlic exports from India were 202.7K shipments, with important customers being the Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh, United States, the United Arab Emirates.
  • Based on garlic exporter's data, the top garlic exporting countries are: Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia, United States and Chile
  • To establish a garlic export business in India, you must first secure the proper certificates and registrations, then do market research and discover garlic buyers.

Garlic is an herb that grows all over the world. It belongs to the Allium genus and is closely related to onions, chives, and leeks. It is commonly used for seasoning in cooking and also has therapeutic benefits. Garlic produces the chemical allicin, which gives it a pungent odour. Also, with its strong smell and distinct flavour, it is a worldwide kitchen staple and a valuable commodity in the global market. However, China accounts for 75 percent of global garlic output, totalling more than 23 million metric tons. India is second but has a far lower production of 3.3 million metric tons. 

Did you know? India is the world's top garlic exporter, exporting the majority of its garlic to the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. Let's explore the dynamics of garlic exports from India, including crucial insights such as garlic export data, garlic exporters in India, garlic exporters data, garlic HS code, and other relevant information.

Garlic  production in India 2023

Garlic is grown in the summer (kharif) and winter (rabi) seasons. According to traders, inadequate rainfall harmed the summer crop sown around July in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Maharashtra contributes to about 40% of overall production in India.

According to global trade data, garlic production has been falling. Official predictions put output at 2.2 million metric tons in 2022–23, down from 3.5 million metric tons the previous year. In 2020–21, garlic output was 3.3 million metric tons.

Year of Production Production (in ‘000 tons)
2021-22 3523
2022-23  3368

Garlic Industry in India: Explore Trade Dynamics

Is garlic exporting profitable?

Yes, the garlic export industry can be booming, particularly for enterprises in India, which is the largest garlic exporter. Several factors influence the profitability of garlic exports. Production costs, which include labour, fertilizer, and land use, must be managed appropriately.

Notably, in FY23, a garlic output shortage in China resulted in record garlic exports from India. However, exports are performing even better this year and are expected to reach a new peak.

However, if you want garlic exports from India, you can start your export business quickly if you find the right platform to help you deal with the foreign market. Seair Exim Solutions is the best platform to analyze the list of updated garlic exports from India, garlic exporters, and updated garlic export data.

Do you know? FY24 is expected to be another record year for India's garlic exports.

How much garlic is exported from India?

According to the most recent garlic export data for 2023–24, exports were 110 percent higher in number and 129 percent higher in value from April to September 2023–24 than the previous period, totaling 56,823 metric tons worth Rs 277 crore.

In FY23, garlic exports set a new high of 57,346 metric tons worth Rs 246 crore. While the quantity has approached last year's annual export volume, the value has already surpassed it.

In FY23, the quantity increased by 159 percent, while the value increased by 32 percent yearly (YoY). This was the first time garlic exports from India exceeded 50,000 metric tons. The previous peak was 47,000 metric tons in 2017-18.

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The global shortage has pushed other countries that are not usual customers of Indian garlic to look to the country for the spice. Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal, love Indian garlic the most. Last year, however, Latin American countries such as Brazil increased their consumption of Indian goods. 'They used to buy from China but have now changed their focus to India,' Hotwani explained.

Let’s first analyze the table for Garlic export data, garlic exporters in India or Garlic exports data from India!

Garlic Export Data Details
Total Shipments 202.7K
Rank (Global) 1st
Garlic Exporters in India 5,856
Number of Indian Buyers 16,333
Garlic hs code 07032000, 07031010, 20019000

According to garlic export data, garlic export shipments from India totaled 202.7K, with 5,856 Indian exporters selling to 16,333 buyers.

As per garlic exporter's data, India exports the majority of its garlic to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia, and is the world's top garlic exporter.

India is the leading exporter of garlic, with 202,682 shipments, followed by China with 142,552 and South Korea in third place with 23,672 shipments.

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The top three product categories for Garlic exports from India are 

  • Garlic HS code:07032000
  • Garlic HS code: 07031010
  • Garlic HS code: 20019000

Top 10 Garlic exporting countries

India ranks first globally, with the following as its closest competitors in terms of total shipments: Here are the two major Garlic exporting countries.

Top Rank Garlic Exporting Countries Export Values
1 Netherlands $104.96m
2 Mexico $41.22m
3 Malaysia $23.39m
4 United States $20.72m
5 Chile $19.55m
6 Mayanmar $5.7m
7 Turkiye $5.4m
8 Germany $3.8m
9 Poland $2.4m
10 Czechia $2.0m

These are the top Garlic exporting countries. Also, if you require up-to-date statistics on Garlic exports from India, garlic exporters in India, garlic powder exporters or Garlic export data, connect with the Seair Exim Solutions platform and receive the most recent Garlic hs code, or Garlic exporter's details without delay.

How to start a Garlic export business?

To establish a garlic export business in India, you must first get a few vital documents. Some of these include:

  • Import Export Code
  • GST Registration
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • FSSAI Registration
  • Spice Board Certification
  • Bank Certificate

If you wish to export garlic, you have many options.

  1. Conduct market research: Before making any decisions, you must first understand the target market, its potential, market competitors, and the need for garlic products. Choose Seair Exim Solutions to get a list of garlic exports from India, current garlic export data, garlic powder exporters, and reliable garlic exporters in India. This will allow you to find garlic buyers and suppliers effortlessly.
  2. Complete the legal procedures: It entails registering your business with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), obtaining an Import Export Code (IEC) from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), and then registering with the Garlic Development Board (CDB).
  3. Find a buyer - Once you've opted for Garlic exports from India, you must locate a buyer in the importing country. You can contact potential buyers using services like Seair Exim Solutions.

To ensure that your garlic arrives securely, use a forwarder who offers timely, precise pricing and outstanding service. Reputation and reliability: Choose a forwarder with a strong reputation for positive client feedback, which displays their dependability and honesty in the company. So, these critical measures for garlic exports from India allow traders to look into the worldwide garlic industry.

How do you find garlic importers?

Find and identify global buyers to help your garlic export business thrive. Visit Seair Exim Solutions' data-driven dashboard to obtain garlic buyer and export data.

To summarize, the garlic business in India is prospering, with the country emerging as a global leader in garlic exports. Despite hurdles such as variable supply and severe competition, India has successfully used its assets to meet the world's growing need for garlic.

Whether you need up-to-date garlic exports from India, garlic exporters in India, garlic export statistics from India, or the garlic HS code, Seair Exim Solutions will assist you in understanding the current market, trends, and insights and growing your business in the global trading arena. Schedule a free live demo today!



Q1. Which countries import garlic from India?

As per garlic importer data, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bangladesh are the main importers of Indian garlic, which is highly pungent and popular in Southeast Asian countries.

Q2. Which country is the largest importer of garlic?

In 2022, the top garlic importing countries were Indonesia ($461 million), the United States ($223 million), Vietnam ($216 million), Malaysia ($141 million), and Brazil ($141 million).

Q3. Which country is the largest exporter of garlic?

Based on garlic export data, the top garlic exporting countries are: Netherlands, Mexico, Malaysia, United States, and Chile.

Q4. Which company is the largest exporter of garlic in India?

To find out the top garlic exports from India or the garlic exporters list, you can visit Seair Exim Solutions and find out the updated market insights anytime.

Q5. Who is the main exporter of garlic?

The world's largest exporters of this commodity group in 2022 are: China accounts for 65% of global exports ($1.79 billion).


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Top Garlic HS Codes

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