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Indian Export Ports List

The summary provides statistics on the products that India exported from all across the world between {{pp.Fromdate}} to {{pp.Todate}}.

From {{pp.Fromdate}} to {{pp.Todate}} India imported goods amounting to USD {{pp.lbltimport}} billion and exported products worth USD {{pp.lbltexport}} billion. The deficit between trades were USD {{pp.lbldifferance}} billion. Of the total export trade that India did to various countries, {{pp.lblec1}} acquired the topmost position with {{pp.lble1}}% , {{pp.lblec2}} was next to follow with {{pp.lble2}}%, and {{pp.lblec3}} remained the third major country with {{pp.lble3}}% exports.

Among the Indian ports used for product export, {{pp.lblipe1}} was the major one that handled {{pp.lblipep1}}% of the total shipments. {{pp.lblipe2}}, with {{pp.lblipep2}}% shipments held the second spot while {{pp.lblipe3}} with {{pp.lblipep3}}% shipments was the third largest port in this list.

The prominent HS code for export was {{pp.lblhscodees}} with {{pp.lblhscodeesp1}}%. It was followed by HS codes {{pp.lblhscodees1}} with {{pp.lblhscodeesp2}}% and {{pp.lblhscodees2}} with {{pp.lblhscodeesp3}}%, respectively.

Summary of export between {{pp.Fromdate}} and {{pp.Todate}}

CountryExport (US$ Millions)Export % ShareGet each day's elaborated details of exported products.
{{}} {{ip.CTotalValueUSD}} {{ip.share}} Products exported from india to {{}}

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The custom officials prepare the Indian export data from the invoices, bill of lading and exporter’s product manifesto etc. It contains the list of items exported, name of the exporters, contact details, e-mail addresses or website details. It also contains the product description in global nomenclature, importer name, contact details, and country. You can also approach us to gain access to this excellent export data and find the local suppliers or manufacturer of high quality products.

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