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Why is exporting Indian mushrooms a lucrative option for traders?

Mushroom Exports from India


Key Highlights

  • Due to shifting customer tastes and increased health consciousness, India is becoming a significant player in the international mushroom trade.
  • India is the world's second-largest producer of mushrooms, guaranteeing a consistent supply for export and home use.
  • India's biggest mushroom export markets are the United States, Mexico, and Israel.
  • The major mushroom exports from India are button, shiitake, oyster, and enoki.
  • As per mushroom export data, India's top mushroom export markets are the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and France.
  • Based on mushroom exporters data, the major mushroom exporters in India Are Appleway International, Krutik International, and S.D. Enterprise.

In recent years, the global mushroom trade has experienced significant growth, driven by evolving consumer preferences, heightened health awareness, and the expansion of the food sector. As the consumption of exotic and specialized mushrooms surges, India has emerged as a key player in the global mushroom industry. Also, the increasing popularity of Indian mushrooms worldwide, despite being an unexpected export, presents a lucrative opportunity for traders, promising substantial returns on investment.

In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth analysis of mushroom exports from India and mushroom export data while emphasizing significant trends and difficulties for the mushroom export and import market.  

Let's look into the reasons for this tendency.

Why are Mushroom Exports Popular?

Today, with the growing emphasis on health and wellness, mushroom exports from India found a natural place in the market. They are nutrient-rich, low in calories, and packed with vitamins and minerals. The surge in popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets has further boosted the demand for meat alternatives, and mushrooms, with their delicious taste and versatility, have become a popular choice.

According to India trade data, the mushroom market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 13.2% between 2019 and 2024. In India, mushroom cultivation revenues can reach $1,90,000 annually.

Mushroom Trade Business Potential:

  • Global Mushroom Trade Data shows that the Indian mushroom market is expected to grow at a 7.6% CAGR between 2023 and 2028, indicating potential export growth. 
  • It is ascribed to several factors, including increased knowledge of mushrooms' health advantages, rising demand for organic produce, and the growing popularity of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. 
  • India is the world's second-biggest supplier of mushrooms, delivering a solid base for exports and domestic demand.

Mushroom market size in India

According to estimates, the mushroom market in India will be worth billions of dollars by 2023, with a market size of about USD 1.18 billion. That is a substantial amount of change, and over the next few years, it is anticipated to continue expanding at a healthy clip of over 12% yearly.

  • Growing Demand: Mushrooms are a fantastic fit for consumers searching for sustainable and healthful eating solutions. Its adaptability as a meat substitute and nutritional value fuels consumer interest.

  • Production Power: India ranks second in the world for mushroom production. Because of the robust domestic market, there is also a consistent supply to fulfill export demand.

  • Mushroom-Producing States in India: The top five mushroom-producing countries are Bihar, Maharashtra, Odisha, Haryana, and Punjab.

Mushroom Exports from India: 2023:24

  • The mushroom export data indicate a promising future. Production has steadily climbed, reaching 243 metric tonnes by 2021, with Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, and Kerala leading the way.

  • According to mushroom exporters' data, fresh mushroom exports from India climbed by 250% over the previous year, demonstrating that this sector is still growing. 
  • India exported 7,768 metric tonnes of fresh and processed mushrooms in 2022–2023 for a total of Rs. 123.64 crore (US$16.16 million), according to mushroom export data.
  • India's mushroom export data show that between 2021 and 2022, this led to a 173.8% increase in volume and a 151.8% increase in value. 

Now explore the top mushroom exporting countries!

Top Mushroom Exporting Countries

Here is the updated table for mushroom exporting countries:

Mushroom exporting countries Mushroom export data
1 Italy $75.2M
2 Poland $128M
3 Spain $87.3M
4 Netherlands ($216M
5 China $1.01B

So, these are the top five countries exporting processed mushrooms in 2022: Italy ($75.2M), Poland ($128M), Spain ($87.3M), the Netherlands ($216M), and China ($1.01B). However, if you need updated mushroom exporters in India, and mushroom export data, mushroom exports from India, connect with Seair Exim Solutions and obtain the global market report without any hustle and bustle.

Which Indian Mushroom Exports most? 

In India, mushrooms have long been a non-traditional income crop. India is exporting more mushrooms since they are cultivated indoors as a seasonal crop in controlled environments.

Mexico, Israel, and the United States rank among the top export markets for Indian mushroom exporters. India is a major supplier of both processed and fresh mushrooms. Mushroom exports from India are a good way for exporters to increase their profits. The following is a list of Indian mushroom exports:

  1. Oyster Mushrooms 
  2. Enoki Mushrooms
  3. Shimeji Mushrooms
  4. Porcini Mushrooms
  5. Paddy Straw Mushrooms
  6. White Button Mushroom
  7. Portobello Mushrooms
  8. Shiitake Mushrooms

In addition to these everyday varieties, India exports specialty mushrooms such as porcini, shimeji, and paddy straw. India can now be considered a one-stop shop for international purchasers seeking premium mushrooms because of its variety of tastes. Contact Seair Exim Solutions, if you require the most recent list of mushroom exports from India or mushroom exporters in India.


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India's Mushroom Export Destinations

According to mushroom export data, mushroom exports from India reached USD 5.4 million in 2022, consistently rising over prior years. According to India's mushroom export data, the following countries are the country's top export partners:

  • France
  • Canada
  • Emirates of the United Arab Emirates
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Switzerland 

Indian Mushroom HS Code

The HS code (Harmonized System Code) is an internationally standardized system for classifying goods for customs purposes. The following table lists the Indian mushroom hs code for various Indian mushroom species:

HS Code
6029010 Mushroom spawn
7095100 Fresh or chilled mushrooms of the genus Agaricus (includes common button mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, and cremini mushrooms)
7115100 Provisionally preserved mushrooms of the genus Agaricus (e.g., mushrooms preserved in brine)
7123100 Dried mushrooms of the genus Agaricus
20031000 Prepared or preserved mushrooms of the genus Agaricus (e.g., canned mushrooms, pickled mushrooms)

The mushroom exports from India are booming and present both local and foreign firms with intriguing potential. Indian mushrooms are well-positioned for sustained success, given the rising demand for wholesome, sustainably produced food worldwide. The variety of mushroom products that can be exported and satisfy different needs and tastes is reflected in the H.S. codes.

Top 10 mushroom exporters in India

The leading mushroom exporters in India are:

  • S D Enterprise
  • Krutik International
  • Appleway International
  • Aries Overseas, 
  • Haul Enterprise 
  • LLP, Mangal Exporters,
  • Starlink Global Impex
  • Harbour Exports
  • KNG Exports, 
  • Guru Kripa Udyog.

However, India's mushroom export statistics consistently increase, highlighting the nation's potential as a significant player in the world mushroom market. Visit the Seair Exim Solutions to find the most recent list of mushroom exports from India, trade countries for mushrooms, and learn about India's mushroom export statistics all in one place.


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Obstacles in the Market for Mushroom Imports and Exports

The main obstacles include an absence of market research on mushrooms, difficulties implementing new technologies, low investment, uneven farm-gate prices and profit margins, low supply, rising costs of raw materials like rice straw, subpar mushroom spawn, and disease risk.

Because of erroneous market insights, merchants need assistance locating reliable export-import data. Obtaining mushroom export data from reliable trade platforms that offer the most recent information is advised. Seair Exim Solutions is one of the top websites for market research; you can get up-to-date market insights for India and other international countries there. 

How can I get a mushroom exporters list?

There are several methods for gathering mushroom exporters list or mushroom export data. To acquire the names of exporters, HS codes, and accurate and current export statistics for mushrooms. Kindly visit Seair Exim to view the most recent product database. 

Wind Up:

While it may be challenging to determine the precise ranking of India's leading mushroom exporters, the information supplied gives you valuable tools to help you navigate this fascinating sector. You may connect with key players and unleash possibilities in the thriving Indian mushroom export business by exploring our dedicated data-driven dashboard. For up-to-date mushroom exporters' data and insights into Indian exports, please contact our dedicated team to arrange a free live demo immediately if you are a business owner. 


Q1. Which mushroom is exported from India?

As per, mushroom export data, there are numerous types of mushrooms, such as oyster, portobello, white button, and so on, which are exported by the Indian exporter of mushrooms. Also, if you need oyster mushroom export price in India, or updated mushroom export data from India, connect with us. 

Q2. Which country has the highest demand for mushrooms?

China is the world's biggest mushroom consumer, followed by the US and Russia. If you are looking to start an Oyster mushroom export business in India, you need to obtain an accurate list of oyster mushroom exports from India, mushroom exporters in India, etc. 

Q3. Who are the top mushroom importing countries?

The top mushroom importing countries are: Germany, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union

Q4. Which mushroom is in demand in India?

Oyster mushrooms are in higher demand in India. However, if you need the updated  Oyster mushroom export data from India or the list of Oyster mushroom exports from India, connect with our platform. 

Q5. What is the price of mushroom in India per kg?

To know the exact price of mushroom in India, or looking for an updated list of mushroom exports from India, obtain our updated market research reports.


Mushroom Exporters Globally:

Mushroom exporters in India

Mushroom exporters in USA

Mushroom exporters in Netherlands

Mushroom HS code:

Mushroom HS code: 0712

Mushroom HS code: 07123100

Mushroom HS code: 2003

Mushroom Export Data:

Mushroom export data from India  

Mushroom export data from Germany  

Mushroom export data from France

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  • 29-Apr-2024

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