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Find the HS Code of a Product

HSN codes are recognized as “Harmonised System of Nomenclature”. This scheme has been established for the standardised classification of welfare globally.

HSN code is a 6-digit code that categorises products and is formally accepted globally.

Harmonized System are a portion of a globally standardised network of terms and quantities to categorise exchanged commodities. The HS Code for your commodity will be recorded on the marketable statement a customer earns with their decree. It may be utilised to categorise commodities upon export and to evaluate acceptable taxes and duties upon import.

Here's the list of certain HS numbers:

For product - find the HS code of a product in India

01-05  Animal & Animal Products
06-15  Vegetable Products
16-24  Foodstuffs
25-27  Mineral Products
28-38  Chemicals & Allied Industries
39-40  Plastics / Rubbers
41-43  Raw Hides, Skins, Leather, & Furs
44-49  Wood & Wood Products
50-63  Textiles
64-67  Footwear / Headgear
68-71  Stone / Glass
72-83  Metals
84-85  Machinery / Electrical
86-89  Transportation
90-97  Miscellaneous

To determine the HS code for the product you can refer to the above-mentioned list.

The HS code is significant for customers when importing the products. It can be evaluated for products in the Information section. The code can be entered either 6, 8 or 10 digits long.

An entity that is sold to the global market is called export, and an entity that is bought from the multinational market is recognized as an import. Imports and exports are accounted for in the recent overview classification in the stability of costs. To carry out both processes successfully there are certain HS codes assigned for better and transparent procedures.

How To Find HSN Code for the product? 

#1. Inquiry By Product Name: Type the words of the product, it will get suggestions of the vastly related 4 digit HSN Codes. Hit search for all findings if the suggestions do not include the right HS code.
Click on the right name of the product. 

#2. Search by HSN Code: Type the first 2 or first 4 digits of the HSN Code. Click on the wanted result to get more data about the HSN code.

Import Export is one of the biggest industry sectors, and it is a trade link connecting the various nations of the world through the import and export of numerous commodities. In the EXIM business, HS code exists for the harmonised system, i.e., designation of various organizations of commodities, and it is classified through a given code. Various nations obey a similar HS code assemblage for the designation of various commodities. However, it is the name given to each product for a simple trade procedure. The Seair Exim solutions make it reasonable for the varied businessmen from across the world to conduct the exchange.

The HS Code for any product is connected with a certain code that is recognised globally. It's employed for a better understanding of the method and conveniently accepted processing.

Clearly, 220 nations globally are now following the HS code network for their import-export industry. It implies it is one of the most standardised techniques for enforcing the worldwide exchange industry. The HS code is a 6 digit distinctive commodity code given for a special item that can be imported or exported after pursuing the essential method.

For profitable exchange, an industry owner wants to have an excellent commodity understanding. In fact, skilled merchants use commodity understanding for receiving extra earnings.

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  • 07-Jan-2022

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