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India is one of the fastest developing countries in Asia. In the import-export trade business, India is one of the emerging economies in the globe. Seair Exim Solutions is providing the complete list trading partners of India with India exports to and India imports from the partners. Our export import trade database is the latest and 100% genuine. We have collected India’s foreign import export trade data from Indian customs that are based on shipment bills.

These findings are based on our authentic database of Indian global data.

S.No. Country Export Import Detailed Breakup of Country wise import and export in India 2013 2014 YOY(%) 2015 YOY(%) 2016 YOY(%)
1 UNITED STATES Export India Export to United states ₹21,09,666.49M ₹22,87,806.32M 0.0844 ₹22,84,813.14M -0.0013 ₹21,63,216.65M -0.0532
Import India Import from United states ₹6,44,232.15M ₹10,25,243.97M 0.5914 ₹11,93,935.41M 0.1645 ₹11,17,194.59M -0.0643
2 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Export India Export to United arab emirates ₹8,24,397.44M ₹10,50,406.02M 0.2742 ₹11,96,473.90M 0.1391 ₹11,56,105.00M -0.0337
Import India Import from United arab emirates ₹8,99,102.28M ₹10,03,734.66M 0.1164 ₹9,44,776.26M -0.0587 ₹8,53,494.84M -0.0966
3 CHINA Export India Export to China ₹6,69,275.47M ₹5,85,928.15M -0.1245 ₹4,41,288.49M -0.2469 ₹3,85,498.37M -0.1264
Import India Import from China ₹20,02,148.80M ₹30,81,923.79M 0.5393 ₹37,44,855.79M 0.2151 ₹36,09,025.85M -0.0363
4 MALAYSIA Export India Export to Malaysia ₹1,37,418.89M ₹1,43,624.39M 0.0452 ₹1,69,904.19M 0.1830 ₹8,28,727.99M 3.8776
Import India Import from Malaysia ₹3,60,219.56M ₹5,93,552.54M 0.6478 ₹6,86,302.45M 0.1563 ₹6,65,940.02M -0.0297
5 SINGAPORE Export India Export to Singapore ₹2,91,880.82M ₹3,63,103.21M 0.2440 ₹3,08,768.35M -0.1496 ₹2,57,494.05M -0.1661
Import India Import from Singapore ₹2,44,383.51M ₹3,62,203.72M 0.4821 ₹4,18,655.42M 0.1559 ₹3,75,780.15M -0.1024
6 UNITED KINGDOM Export India Export to United kingdom ₹2,78,053.35M ₹2,81,105.53M 0.0110 ₹2,82,040.47M 0.0033 ₹3,27,178.68M 0.1600
Import India Import from United kingdom ₹2,56,634.62M ₹2,68,343.59M 0.0456 ₹3,39,869.09M 0.2665 ₹2,29,371.34M -0.3251
7 BANGLADESH Export India Export to Bangladesh ₹2,46,334.15M ₹2,89,355.64M 0.1746 ₹2,92,062.50M 0.0094 ₹2,88,628.67M -0.0118
Import India Import from Bangladesh ₹4,974.95M ₹23,515.88M 3.7269 ₹32,537.11M 0.3836 ₹35,899.02M 0.1033
8 VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF Export India Export to Vietnam, democratic rep. of ₹2,69,821.79M ₹3,11,626.59M 0.1549 ₹2,50,637.83M -0.1957 ₹2,63,607.78M 0.0517
Import India Import from Vietnam, democratic rep. of ₹1,06,506.40M ₹1,52,367.98M 0.4306 ₹1,73,231.79M 0.1369 ₹1,91,016.72M 0.1027
9 JAPAN Export India Export to Japan ₹2,92,811.04M ₹2,76,824.18M -0.0546 ₹2,51,265.08M -0.0923 ₹1,78,409.88M -0.2900
Import India Import from Japan ₹4,12,556.52M ₹4,93,157.84M 0.1954 ₹5,90,785.26M 0.1980 ₹5,85,016.15M -0.0098
10 NETHERLANDS Export India Export to Netherlands ₹2,09,196.35M ₹2,70,799.93M 0.2945 ₹2,11,379.52M -0.2194 ₹2,03,407.74M -0.0377
Import India Import from Netherlands ₹69,538.44M ₹1,12,709.25M 0.6208 ₹1,08,364.34M -0.0385 ₹87,556.78M -0.1920
11 Iran, Islamic Republic Of Export India Export to Iran, islamic republic of ₹2,96,418.95M ₹2,52,057.15M -0.1497 ₹1,76,131.54M -0.3012 ₹1,28,427.50M -0.2708
Import India Import from Iran, islamic republic of ₹3,37,028.40M ₹4,71,717.76M 0.3996 ₹3,71,706.83M -0.2120 ₹4,28,838.89M 0.1537
12 SRI LANKA Export India Export to Sri lanka ₹1,64,722.69M ₹2,13,681.80M 0.2972 ₹2,27,118.38M 0.0629 ₹1,91,711.29M -0.1559
Import India Import from Sri lanka ₹24,992.67M ₹25,907.91M 0.0366 ₹38,839.94M 0.4992 ₹30,219.61M -0.2219
13 BELGIUM Export India Export to Belgium ₹1,75,662.37M ₹1,86,823.65M 0.0635 ₹1,84,864.46M -0.0105 ₹2,00,377.48M 0.0839
Import India Import from Belgium ₹69,134.84M ₹2,75,804.44M 2.9894 ₹1,01,525.57M -0.6319 ₹90,179.16M -0.1118
14 TURKEY Export India Export to Turkey ₹1,66,962.09M ₹1,88,475.73M 0.1289 ₹1,68,494.99M -0.1060 ₹1,67,893.81M -0.0036
Import India Import from Turkey ₹46,801.05M ₹59,961.57M 0.2812 ₹72,910.02M 0.2159 ₹67,621.81M -0.0725
15 SOUTH AFRICA Export India Export to South africa ₹1,76,718.92M ₹2,03,115.00M 0.1494 ₹1,66,641.86M -0.1796 ₹1,30,833.55M -0.2149
Import India Import from South africa ₹3,01,155.57M ₹3,15,477.04M 0.0476 ₹3,31,087.15M 0.0495 ₹2,58,118.64M -0.2204
16 SAUDI ARABIA Export India Export to Saudi arabia ₹1,62,144.45M ₹1,64,338.33M 0.0135 ₹1,61,909.79M -0.0148 ₹1,85,314.99M 0.1446
Import India Import from Saudi arabia ₹10,89,283.84M ₹12,94,343.34M 0.1883 ₹12,08,720.94M -0.0662 ₹10,03,616.62M -0.1697
17 KOREA, REPUBLIC OF Export India Export to Korea, republic of ₹1,66,613.77M ₹1,74,980.88M 0.0502 ₹1,25,652.49M -0.2819 ₹1,41,837.51M 0.1288
Import India Import from Korea, republic of ₹5,37,842.69M ₹7,57,330.53M 0.4081 ₹8,35,253.80M 0.1029 ₹7,84,871.15M -0.0603
18 THAILAND Export India Export to Thailand ₹1,77,735.64M ₹1,49,977.49M -0.1562 ₹1,38,838.83M -0.0743 ₹1,25,785.68M -0.0940
Import India Import from Thailand ₹2,13,392.33M ₹3,19,846.62M 0.4989 ₹3,79,071.32M 0.1852 ₹3,60,954.46M -0.0478
19 FRANCE Export India Export to France ₹1,33,122.85M ₹1,43,445.13M 0.0775 ₹1,35,969.90M -0.0521 ₹1,54,108.73M 0.1334
Import India Import from France ₹1,24,833.38M ₹1,81,707.75M 0.4556 ₹1,89,215.39M 0.0413 ₹1,65,360.63M -0.1261
20 MEXICO Export India Export to Mexico ₹81,466.87M ₹1,28,752.05M 0.5804 ₹1,24,790.43M -0.0308 ₹1,45,627.06M 0.1670
Import India Import from Mexico ₹44,065.11M ₹47,749.92M 0.0836 ₹77,558.05M 0.6243 ₹66,488.65M -0.1427

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