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What is the importance of knowing HS Codes?
Harmonized Coding is a global coding system that is used to define commodities that are either imported or exported by the countries. When we talk of international trade, an important thing that needs to be known is that there is a complete system in place that needs to be followed. There are set rules that need to be followed and a classic nomenclature that needs to be referred to as not every country would know the commodity being imported or exported with the same name. This is where the importance of knowing the HS codes becomes huge as without this the traders won’t be able to refer to the products.

It is not that with HS codes only the name of the commodity can be known, there are lots of other areas of information too that are covered in this global product classification nomenclature. The things that are covered under the coding system are tariff, commodity description and shipment codes. Looking at this we can surely say that by merely knowing the code it is going to become easy for the traders to learn about the duty that needs to be paid on the imports and exports and more so they will be able to set new trade partnerships on the global scale.

Now comes the question, how to find the HS Code. Well, for this, there is only one thing that has to be kept in mind, the internet out there is flooded with sites that have such data and one can easily refer to a reliable one. Using online tools makes things go easy as you can find the codes by entering in the product name or a short description and complete chapter wise detail would get there on the screen.
  • Seair Exim
  • 14-Feb-2017

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