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Major Trading Partners of India

India is located in South Asia. The country is bordered by China and Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, and Bhutan. India is the 5th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP and 3rd largest in terms of PPP. Indian trade data shows the total value of imports from the country in 2018 was 507.6 billion dollars’ worth of goods while total exports to India in 2018 were 330 billion dollars. This data shows the countries trade deficit reached a record high of 176 billion dollars. 

Major Trading Partners of India

Major trading partners of India taking both import and export of goods are:-

  • China 
  • United State
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Bangladesh
  • Switzerland

The total trade between these countries and India amounted to over 250 billion dollars. 

Import trading Partners of India  

India's import data showed that the imports to the country have decreased annually at a rate of 1.6%. The top imports to India were mineral fuels, Gems, Machinery, Organic chemicals, and Plastics. 

Data shows the imports to India declined by 13.85%. India top ten imports accounted for 80% of the total import figure. Imported mineral fuel had the highest increase at 37%.

Import-export data shows India import trading partners are -

  • United States America
  • United Arab Emirates
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

60.3% of India’s import was from fellow Asian Countries while 15.8% of the countries imports were from Europe. But who is the largest Import trading partner of India? The United States of America toppled China as India's largest import trading partner. The country imported 51.6 billion dollars’ worth of goods and accounted for 12% of the country’s imports. The products imported by the USA were precious metal, mineral fuel, and aircraft. 

Export Trading Partners of India

India is the 18th largest exporter in the world. Exports contributed to the country’s GDP. The top exports from the country were mineral fuel including oil, gems and precious metals, machinery, vehicles and organic chemicals. International import – import trade data should that 

India's top ten exports accounted for 61% of its total shipment. Mineral fuel was the fastest-growing export commodity up by 34%. 

The major export trading partners of India are -

  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

About half of Indian exports were distributed in Asia. Asia contributed to 49.3% of the total exports. 19.3% of Indian exports went to Europe while 18% went to North America. Who is the largest Export trading partner of India?  The United States of America is India’s largest export partner. The country accounted for 16% of the country’s export. India is the USA's 10th largest supplier of commodities. The top exported precious metals, pharmaceutical, and machinery. 

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