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Why India Import-Export Data with Importer Name is Helpful?

Progressive development in the import and export business has completely resulted from the exact market intelligence information. And when it comes to importing any product in India or exporting from India, proper market research is compulsory. Executing research on Indian market makes simple with India Import-Export Data with Importer Name. This data report is a boon to the traders who are willing to obtain maximum profits in their business.

Go further to understand why this business intelligence report is a need of traders, importers, suppliers, and business associates?

Import Export Data report is an arrangement of customs-based information which is collected when consignments depart from the country’s ports or arrive at the country’s ports through Air, Land & Sea. In this blog, we will discuss this data, its advantages to the businesses and the trusted platform to access it.

India Import-Export Data with Importer Name has a number of details about India’s market and its components like a company, product, value, quantity, etc. This data has fetched from Indian customs, government bodies, trade associations, and shipping firms. It gives accurate and comprehensive information about Indian shipments. Included statistics in data report are recorded when products get imported in the country and exported from the country.

Import-Export Data with Importer Name covers:-

  • HS code with a description of an imported or exported product
  • Shipment Mode
  • 2, 4, 6, and 8 digit level HS code
  • Indian and international firms
  • Historical shipping records

Exported Products with Net Value

Product’s Name

Net Export Value

Mineral Fuels including oil

$48.3 billion

Gems and precious metals

$40.1 billion


$20.4 billion


$18.2 billion

Organic chemicals

$17.7 billion


$14.3 billion

Electrical equipment

$11.8 billion

Iron and steel

$10 billion


$8.1 billion

Clothing (not knit or crochet)

$8.1 billion

Imported Products with Net Value

Product’s Name

Net Import Value

Mineral Fuels including oil

$168.6 billion

Gems and precious metals

$65 billion

Electrical Machinery

$52.4 billion

Machinery including computers

$43.2 billion

Organic chemicals

$22.6 billion

Plastics and plastic articles

$15.2 billion

Iron and steel

$12 billion

Animal/vegetable fats, waxes, oils

$10.2 billion

Optical, technical and medical apparatus

$9.5 billion

Inorganic chemicals

$7.3 billion

These are some leading import-export products of India according to the business report of Import-Export Data with Importer Name. This data not just provides an importer name but also gives details about exporter name of a particular item. All and all, it is a helpful source to enlarge the size of your business and spread it all around the world. This is useful to every business from start-up to large corporate.

This source plays a crucial role in making effective business plans and developing workable strategies. It offers an in-depth study of the market so that people can grow their business.

Benefits are Listed Below:-

  •          Helps to make the list of potential importers and exporters in India
  •          Monitor consignments of firms to track their trading movements
  •          Keep an eye on shipments of your competitors to stay further in the market
  •          Approach major firms in India to provide financial solutions

There are several methods to access Import-Export Data with Importer Name such as- contacting embassies, government agencies, registering at trade promotional council’s web portals, and attending trade events. Apart from these complicated methods, there is a present easy way to attain data report and that is market research platform like SEAIR Exim Solutions. Getting import and export data directly from this company is more beneficial than other options. You just need to follow some easy steps to access data in no time.

  • Seair Exim
  • 09-Apr-2019

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