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Top Challenges and Opportunities in Banana Exports from India

banana exports from India

Key Highlights:

  • Despite being the world's greatest producer of bananas, just 1% of its output is exported from India.
  • As per banana export data, India exported 0.36 million metric tonnes (or USD 176 million) worth of bananas in 2022–2023.
  • Russia, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East are important banana producing countries for Indian bananas.
  • Indian banana exports are facilitated by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), particularly to emerging markets such as Russia.
  • China and the US are the major importers of bananas, while the US and the Netherlands are the top exporters.
  • Crucial data, such as banana HS code, is provided by platforms like Seair Exim Solutions.

As we know, the banana industry is a major player in global industrial agribusiness. About 15% of bananas grown globally are exported and traded for consumption in Western countries. After mangos, bananas are India's second-most vital fruit crop. They have significant export potential due to their year-round availability, affordability, flavour, variety, nutritional content, and medicinal benefits. In terms of exports, banana exports from India are worth USD 176 million, equivalent to 0.36 MMT in 2023–24.

You're in the perfect place if you export bananas and want to reach out to buyers worldwide. We'll cover all you need to know about bananas in this guide, including the export market, which includes a list of banana exports from India, banana export data, and—most importantly—how to track down those elusive foreign banana buyers.

Is India the largest exporter of bananas?

India is the world's largest banana producer, yet this quantitative assessment is not reflected in its exports. Despite producing 35.36 million metric tonnes of bananas, or 26.45% of the world's total, India's export share in the worldwide market is a mere 1%.

Indeed, there are plenty of chances for growth and profitability for an Indian banana export business. Beyond the Middle East, critical global nations, including the USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, China, the Netherlands, the UK, and France, are among the countries to which India exports bananas.

However, the other prominent export destinations for Indian bananas include Iran, Iraq, the UAE, Oman, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan, and the Maldives. 

According to an official, India hopes to boost banana exports to $1 billion in the next five years after a successful seaborne trial shipment of fresh bananas to the Netherlands.

Opportunities in banana exports from India

Even though it is the world's most significant banana producer, India contributes very little to the worldwide market for banana exports. Indian exporters have a fantastic chance to expand their global reach and boost revenue. Because of their many uses, high nutritional content, and enduring appeal, bananas are now among the most sought-after fruits in the world.

The following are some of the factors that make banana exports from India so promising:

APEDA facilitates banana exports from India:

  • The Ministry of Commerce and Industry's Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) frequently ships fresh produce to the EU and the Middle East, including bananas from India to Russia by sea. 
  • On February 17, 2024, a consignment of 20 MT (1540 cartons) of bananas from Maharashtra was flagged off.
  • Bananas are one of the tropical fruits that Russia has recently shown a strong interest in importing from India. This is noteworthy because bananas are Russia's leading agricultural import, mainly imported from Ecuador in Latin America.

India intends to boost its banana exports significantly:

Let's explore the updated banana export data or banana export by country!

Banana exports from India Banana Export Data (2023-24)
 World's Largest Producer 26.45% of Global Production (35.36 million metric tonnes)
 Export Share 1% of Global Market
 Export Value in Price (2022) $176 million USD
 Banana export by country (2022) 0.36 million metric tonnes
 Export Growth Target $1 billion USD in next 5 years
 Banana HS code  803


  • India produces more bananas than any other country globally, yet its exports fall short of this quantitative rating. 
  • Only 1% of the 35.36 million metric tonnes of bananas produced in India annually—or 26.45% of the world's total—are exported. 
  • As per banana export data, India exported bananas worth USD 176 million, or 0.36 million metric tonnes, in the fiscal year 2022–2023. 
  • Banana exports from India are expected to reach the USD 1 billion mark in the next five years. 

Now, let’s explore the banana exporting countries!

Top Banana Exporting Countries

View the export patterns of the top 10 countries based on their total export value. Here are the major banana exporting countries.

Top Rank Banana Exporting countries Banana Export Data (Export Values in $)
1 Netherlands 906.5M
2 United States  490M
3 Germany 314.2M
4 Mexico 221.5M
5 Myanmar 161.7M
6 Greece 63.4M
7 Czechia 52.5M
8 Poland 39M
9 Paraguay 36.4M
10 Mozambique 32.3M

So, the biggest banana exporter is the Netherlands. However, these are the top 10 nations that export bananas. Additionally, connect with the Seair Exim Solutions platform to get the most recent banana HS code or banana export by country. if you need up-to-date statistics on banana exports from India, banana exporters in India, banana exporters, or banana export data from India.

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We'll next explore the nations that import bananas!

Top Banana Importing Countries

View the import patterns of the top 10 countries based on their total import value. Here are the major banana importing countries.

Top Rank Banana Importing Countries Banana Import Data (Import Values  in $)
1 United States 2.9M
2 China 1.2M
3 Germany 965.2M
4 Japan 897.7M
5 Russia 781.4M
6 Netherlands 725.7M
7 France 724.5M
8 Belgium 654.5M
9 United Kingdom 649.1M
10 Italy 544.8M

The top 10 countries that imported bananas are listed here. Additionally, if you need the most recent banana HS code or banana importers, exporter's details right away, get in touch with the Seair Exim Solutions platform. This will help you get the most recent statistics on banana exports from India, banana exporters in India, top banana exporters, or banana exports by country.

Let’s explore the top banana exporters in India!

Steps to export banana from India

Major Banana Exporters in India

If you're just starting to export bananas from India, don't worry—finding suppliers for international markets isn't that difficult. You can look at a number of possibilities. Let's begin by examining the Indian exporters of bananas.

The top banana exporters from India are shown below: 

  • Amit Enterprises
  • GKR Exports
  • Meem Exim
  • Jayco Global Pvt Ltd
  • KT International
  • Dharsini Exports
  • Adinath Trading Co
  • Banana Merchant
  • Global Trading Co. Ltd

Thus, Indian banana exporters are included in the preceding list. Do you require access to the top banana exporters in India or all of the country's exporting companies? A current list of banana exports from India, a list of banana suppliers, and data on banana exports by country are all available on Seair Exim Solutions.

Challenges and Future Opportunities in banana exports from India

Despite being the world's largest producer, India's export share remains low due to factors such as perishability in transit, varying farm sizes, uncertain prices, logistical constraints, and domestic demand. To fully fulfill its export potential, India must address these challenges.

However, India exported bananas worth USD 176 million, or 0.36 MMT, in the fiscal year 2022–2023. It is anticipated that India's banana exports will reach $1 billion USD in the next five years. Also, suppose you are a trader looking for banana exporters, banana HS codes, or a list of banana exports from India. In that case, you can instantly visit our platform and gain global market reports.

How to Find Banana Importers Globally?

Finding global consumers for your banana export company involves extensive market research, networking, trade show visits, and the use of data-driven dashboards like Seair Exim Solutions.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date lists of banana importers and buyers, connect to the Seair Exim Solutions. Along with banana exports from India, we provide the biggest banana exporter details, banana HS codes, Indian export firms, and much more. 

Final Words!

India's adoption of international standards for agricultural practices has resulted in a rise in banana exports. On the other hand, exporting bananas offers a variety of ways to meet global market demand. If exporters understand market insights such as banana export data, banana exporter data, and a list of banana exports from India. To get answers to any concerns about exporting bananas from India, visit our exclusive platform and set up a free live demo right now! 


Q1. Who is the biggest exporter of bananas?

As per banana export data, the biggest banana exporter is Netherlands with the export value of $ 906.5M in 2024. Looking for the largest banana exporter in the world? Connect with our dashboard today.

Q2. Where to export bananas?

Based on Banana exporters data, the top banana exporting countries are: Netherlands, United States , Germany, Mexico And Myanmar.

Q3. Which country banana is best?

Ecuador is well known for being the top exporter of bananas. Significant roles in the worldwide banana trade are also played by Guatemala, Colombia, and the Philippines.

Q4. Who is the largest banana exporter in the world?

The Netherlands is considered as the largest banana exporter in the world. However, the other biggest exporter of bananas are: United States, Germany, Mexico, Myanmar and Greece

Q5. What countries buy the most bananas?

The top importing countries of bananas are: United States, China, Germany, Japan and Russia

Q6. Who is the second largest exporter of bananas?

The second largest exporter of bananas is the United States. Also, if you need the updated list of banana exporters in India, banana producing countries or banana export companies in India, connect with Seair Exim Solutions.

Q7. Who is the largest producer of banana in India?

The largest banana producing countries are: India, Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador and Philippines.

Q8. Which company exports bananas from India?

Based on banana export data, the top banana export companies in India are: Amit Enterprises, GKR Exports, Meem Exim and Jayco Global Pvt Ltd

Q9. Which countries import bananas from India?

The major export destinations for India’s banana are: Iran, Iraq, the UAE, Oman, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia etc. 


Banana Export by Country

Banana export by country: India Banana export by country: Mexico

Banana export by country: Paraguay

Biggest banana exporters and Importers

Banana Importing Countries Banana Exporting Countries

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  • 16-May-2024

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