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Last updated on 03-May-2016
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Our potent import databases enable you to get precise information about the goods imported in India. They offer you access to the door where you can filter your search as per the requirements and transform them into desired business strategies. You can browse through our website and refine your search parameters to get the right import data as per your needs.

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Our smart databases offer one stop destination to the track records of goods exported from India. With detailed insight into export market, we equip you better to lead form the front in the era of trade competition. We encourage you to browse through our website, search our export database with refined parameters, and hence, gain a settle edge in your export business.

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If you are longing to take lead in the global trade, then our robust business intelligence report is blessing in disguise to push you way ahead in the trade. We offer detailed and polished details about the import and export of products. This helps us in creating a smart report and plan BI (Business Intelligence) for your enterprise accordingly.

Trading Ptarticipant

CountryImports (US$ Millions)Import % ShareGet each day's elaborated details of imported products
CHINA4265.11817.721 Products imported from CHINA to india
UNITED STATES1477.0676.137 Products imported from UNITED STATES to india
KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1274.4245.295 Products imported from KOREA,REPUBLIC OF to india
SAUDI ARABIA1154.0114.795 Products imported from SAUDI ARABIA to india
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES1120.6584.656 Products imported from UNITED ARAB EMIRATES to india
INDONESIA907.4563.770 Products imported from INDONESIA to india
GERMANY893.3763.712 Products imported from GERMANY to india
MALAYSIA866.8503.602 Products imported from MALAYSIA to india
JAPAN832.0213.457 Products imported from JAPAN to india
SWITZERLAND811.5263.372 Products imported from SWITZERLAND to india
CountryExport (US$ Millions)Export % ShareGet each day's elaborated details of exported products.
UNITED STATES2724.99019.366 Products exported from india to UNITED STATES
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES1475.17210.484 Products exported from india to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
N/A1455.95110.347 Products exported from india to N/A
CHINA573.8254.078 Products exported from india to CHINA
MALAYSIA422.4363.002 Products exported from india to MALAYSIA
BANGLADESH419.5042.981 Products exported from india to BANGLADESH
UNITED KINGDOM357.4122.540 Products exported from india to UNITED KINGDOM
SINGAPORE354.3522.518 Products exported from india to SINGAPORE
VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF297.2622.113 Products exported from india to VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF
SRI LANKA280.0891.991 Products exported from india to SRI LANKA

The summary talks about the figures and details of India’s Trade to World between 02-April-2016 and 02-May-2016.

India imported products worth USD 24.07 billion. Out of the total import 17.72% was done from CHINA, 6.14% from UNITED STATES and 5.29% from KOREA,REPUBLIC OF.

India exported products worth USD 14.07 billion. Out of the total export, 19.37% was done to UNITED STATES, 10.48% to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and 10.35% to N/A.

India Imported goods worth USD 24.07 billion and exported goods worth USD 14.07 billion. Deficit between trades is USD 10.00 billion.

The major Indian port used for export of products was Nhava Sheva Sea. It handled 21.56% of the total shipments, which was followed by Delhi Air Cargo13.12% and Bombay Air Cargo7.49%.

The major Indian port used for import of products was Delhi Air Cargo. It handled 17.98% of the total shipments which was followed by Nhava Sheva Sea17.35% and Bombay Air Cargo14.82%.

The major HS codes for export were 8708- 7.87% followed by 6204- 2.36% and 3004- 2.22%. The major HS codes for import were 8708- 5.63% followed by 7318- 4.60% and 3926- 3.09%.

Since its inception, Seair stands first on the podium of offering EXIM competitive intelligence with over 80 countries export import information. Right from the small start-up in 2009, we evolved us as a leading group with the perfect blend of understanding the practical needs of exporters and importers. We are a global partner network for genuine trade sources and supreme IT technologies to deliver International Business Intelligence Information in user friendly and cost effective manner.

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We don’t boast years of experience; however we do take pride in our achievements in building viable business relationships on the basis of top-notch processes and experienced professionals. Our competency to leverage industry experience and client satisfaction has been the core attributes to sturdy growth. We leave no stone unturned to offer systematic and consolidated report based import/export data.

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Users can explore data on the basis of HS code, Port of Discharge, Country, etc. Seair helps out in precise and timely decision making of your business with the help of the information provided by the market experts. A pioneer in EXIM solutions, We have been serving clients through out the world included exporters, importers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and related service providers for years.

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