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How to determine HS code for Goods

As we know, there are numerous goods in a variety of categories, including apparel, leather; textiles, spices etc. They are shipped from one port to another around the globe. A coding system was implemented to facilitate efficient import-export across countries because there were so many exporters involved in the trade. In international imports and exports, HS Codes are crucial. They are 6–10 digit codes that customs officials apply to particular items. In actuality, it is one of the most fundamental conditions for a cargo. Fundamentally, HS Codes serve as the cornerstone of global import and export trade. In this blog, we will discuss how to determine HS code for goods.

What are HS Codes?

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, often known as the Harmonized System (HS) or Harmonized System of Nomenclature, is a system used to describe and code commodities for export and import (HSN). It is a system of categorizing traded products that is widely accepted. Also, HS Codes are a universal standard upheld by the World Customs Organization that are recognized and used in more than 200 nations (WCO).

Also it is a classification scheme that assigns each piece of merchandise an own number made up of a series of six digits. The commodity is then classified by customs using this special number. For the authentic HSN code search, you can connect with Sear Exim Solutions professionals.

Classification of HS Codes in India:

A special six-digit identification number.

  • It has 99 chapters and 21 sections.
  • More than 5,000 commodity groups.
  • Arranged with exact legal and logical rules.
  • Support reliable, uniform, and consistent global classification.

However, each product in the list of HS Codes is identifiable by a six-digit code that is placed legally and logically according to predetermined principles. An HS code's six digits can be divided into the following three sections:

  • Example: 09 - The goods' chapter is determined by the first two digits (Coffee, Tea, Maté, and Spices).
  • Example: 0901 - The following two numerals designate a heading for that chapter (Coffee, whether or not roasted or decaffeinated; coffee husks and skins; coffee substitutes).
  • Example: 090111 - The classification is further clarified by the subheading indicated by the final two digits (Coffee, not roasted, not decaffeinated). The last two digits will be represented by zeroes if there isn't a subheading.

The HS codes decode product data and enable importers and exporters to exchange goods without any hiccups. Additionally, categorizing products makes it easier to properly collect internal and external taxes during customs clearance.

What are the Features of HSN Codes Search?

These are the following features of HSN Codes search-

  • The creation of HS codes follows specific guidelines that classify the codes.
  • It serves as a consistent global standard for the categorization of items.
  • The HS codes describe around 5000 different types of items that are traded internationally.
  • It is a compilation of data on global trade.
  • Internal taxation, including value-added tax and excise duties (VAT)
  • In order to establish preferential tariffs and MFN (most-favorable-nation) tariffs in the context of free trade agreements
  • For the purpose of controlling goods monitoring (narcotics, chemical weapons, endangered species, waste, etc.)
  • Serving as an intermediary for customs controls and processes including risk assessment and compliance.

Why are HS codes India important?

India has been using the HS Code since 1986 to classify goods for Customs and Central Excise. The codes identified for Customs tariff are utilized for GST purposes too. HS Codes remove the need to upload and document the details for various goods, making filing for GST returns easier.

You should, to the best of your knowledge and ability, assign the proper HS code to your product despite all the complexities and drawbacks of the HS code system. This is due to the dangers associated with hastily assigning HS codes:

  1. Helps in customs clearance: Sorting and arranging goods into a general framework makes the process more efficient.
  2. No more perplexing catalogues: Both importer and exporter can prevent needless catalogue-based uncertainty brought up during exchange if product information is simply understood.
  3. Maintains records of tariffs and taxes:  Customs officials use these codes to apply tariffs and taxes and maintain a record of exports and imports.
  4. Helps to find right Export Import Data: A right and accurate HS codes are very useful to analyze and find the import export data for the particular products.
  5. Legal Responsibility: To obtain the right HS codes, it is a legal responsibility of both importer and exporter to identify and document the correct HS code in their invoices.

How to Find the Right List of HS Codes in India?

You can find the right and accurate Hs codes very easily. Also, the right HS Code for your product is crucial for import and export business, there are several steps to find the right HS code for your business.

  •  Firstly, Visit the website;
  • The HS code pages for various  nations will display;
  • Now, specify the particular country's name or flag that has the unique HS code
  • A list of numerous customs tariff codes will appear
  • Finally, choose on the country's flag and  HS code search using the product name

At each level, i.e., the 2-digit, 4-digit, 6-digit, and 8 to 10 digit level, the HS code of any product is provided. You might use a product description or a two-digit chapter code to search the HS code. Incorrectly applying an HS code to your products or not applying one at all could have an impact on the calculation of standard duty rates and fines for breaking trade rules. Lack of an HS code may make it difficult to accurately identify the package. For this Seair Exim Solutions will guide you to understand and apply the right HS codes. Also, it is a platform where you can obtain your product specific HS code. They also provide Import export data, Export import data in India, and provide you updated HS Code to improve your business growth.

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  • 19-Jan-2023

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