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Alarming Almondemic - US Export Data Alarming

Revelations from the latest US Almonds convey data that uncover excellent numbers for the overall trading neighborhood. America remains the world's top exporter of almonds with as much as 60% overall part of the general business.

In the underlying half-year of 2021, US almond exchanges were regarded at about $267 Million. As has been the circumstance in the past a few years, India was the greatest shipper of America's almonds, this year at 74.4% of the admission regard.

The ordinary almond exchange cost in 2020 was $3,676 per ton. US Almond conveys have been dropping for a significant length of time by and by. The primary signs of the hang were seen when American-Chinese relations soured during Donald Trump's organization, but India had the choice to absorb most of the lost charge volume.

Anyway straight up until now, Chinese almond imports from America rank at 10.1%. In any case, the COVID19 pandemic has changed the overall trading scene forever. conveying products costs are higher than at some other time. Toll rates are falling. The world economy is battling a slump-like situation.

Our experts at have been thinking about the USA Almond exchange investigation and we have had the choice to show up at key parts achieving the momentum circumstance.



Rising overall temperatures have impacted dry seasons in numerous areas of the planet, including California, the greatest almond producer in the United States of America (surely, you would've gotten a couple of California almonds some time).

 Farmers are pulling out trees that are old and require more water to convey the almond crop. They let the more young trees stand that require lesser water to make an achievable collection. The more settled trees are monetarily yet barbarously killed as they can't withstand the terrible dry season, also produce a yield.

This Almondemic in the developing neighborhood America has an underhanded representation: while during the COVID19 pandemic, depleted experts all through the planet expected to sift through their patients with the most raised perseverance prospects.


In case the effects of rising overall temperatures are not controlled, especially in the splendid territory of California, we could see reformist dry seasons, rising almond costs, and along these lines, falling US almond conveys.

This would in like manner suggest that possibilities could arise for neighborhood Indian farmers to compensate for the weakness left by falling US exchanges. The United States of America is the world's greatest exporter of almonds, with a slice of the pie of 60% recorded in 2020.

As California almond cultivators dependably produce yields at record or near-record levels a perpetual measure of an enormous number of years; India continues to be the top new market of US almonds exchange 2021.

As shown by Export Genius, the US sent almonds worth USD 267 million to India at the beginning of the half-year of 2021. Envision US almonds convey, overall shipments, and examples.

US Exports Almonds to India

As per the most recent US trade information and quantifiable concentrating on the report, the United States kept on passing on almonds generally to India in 2021. At the beginning of the half-year of 2021, the most raised worth of almond trade shipments from the US to India was recorded in January, which declined in later months of the year. Imagine market instances of US trades almond to India from Jan-Jun 2021.

As we have most certainly understood that the USA is the greatest exporter of almonds with a piece of the general business of 60%.It is currently recorded in the 2020 data report. As California almond grows constantly makes yields at record or near-record level an unending measure of countless years.

India continues to be the top new market of US almonds convey in 2021. According to import exchange trade data open in front of an audience, we can see that Us moved almonds regard USD 267 million to India in starting the half-year of 2021.

You can picture The US almond convey, overall shipment, and examples by visiting our platform. According to the latest US convey trade and measurable reviewing report you will need to see that the United States upheld to exchange almonds all around to India in 2021.

In starting the half-year of 2021, the apex worth of almond conveys shipments from the US to India recorded in January which declined in the later month of the year. You can be prepared to see the market examples of the US offer almonds to India from Jan-June 2021 similarly to the current market circumstance of the almonds business.

In esteem terms almond exchange outright $1.1 B in 2020. India (218K tones) was the standard concentration for almonds exchange from the U.S addressing a 74% piece of full-scale export.US stays aware of its position as India's top tree Nut transporter as solicitation floods.

India's tree nut imports continue to flood, with demand growing to pay little mind to a toll solid handle.

 Use is creating a direct result of the drawn-out perspective on the clinical benefits of almonds and walnuts among common purchasers. FAS New Delhi guesses in to promote the year 2020/2021 Indian almond imports to show up at 115,000 metric tons (MT). While walnut imports are guessed to show up at 32,000 metric tons. Trade volumes may be higher on the off chance that it was not for the Government of India constrained trade deterrents (both expense and non-obligation).


FAS New Delhi measures MY 2020/2021 Indian walnuts imports at 32,000 MT, up just about seven percent or 2,000 MT more essential than the USDA official 2019/2020 check of 30,000 metric tons. The United States will remain the predominant supplier with a 54 percent slice of the pie, followed by Chile at 40%.

India is essentially an in-shell walnuts market. Trade sources show that Indian imports of in-shell walnuts became 46% between January and August 2020, while shelled walnuts imports rose by a surprising 329 percent during that identical period.To get all enquire related to US Export Data current figure scenario just visit

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  • 13-Oct-2021

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