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Best Ways to Get US imports Data and Importers Database Online

The United States is the world’s largest importer. US import data indicates the country’s total import was 2.61 trillion US dollars in 2018. According to the data, 45.4% of the total imports were purchased from importers in Asia. This was closely followed by North America accounting for 25.8% of imports. US import data contains data contained in the bill of lading data. There are two types of data available - 

  • Macro import or export data reported by the government giving quantities of product for each HS code and the consolidated value.
  • Micro import or export data has detailed information on each manifest recorded at ports. The data contains the name and contact details of the importer and exporter, the product details – description, price, and quantity, the departure port, and destination port.

There are several online resources an importer may use to get US Importer data some of them are - 

  • Import-Export data research firms (like Seair Exim Solutions) dealing with import-export information from various countries around the world. These firms provide online and offline data. It is important to consider which firm provides the latest data. Databases with are easy to use and operate.
  • US Census Bureau on Foreign Trade is the official source for US import and export statistics. 
  • There is some B2B website that can provide useful information for both importers and exporters.
  • Federation of International Trade Association has over 450 members dedicated to international trade.

Some common offline resources to get US importers data are product-specific trade shows or meeting with trade representatives in embassies.

Marketing and selling to US importers can be difficult. US importers data contains information such as contact detail and product details. This information can be used for direct marketing. Direct marketing is the most effective way to reach an importer convincing them to buy your product the database is an excellent starting point containing the US import data with the importer name.

Anyone looking to expand their market to the US must examine the US import data to analyze market trends. The US import market is cut-throat and the data will give current shipment valuation. This will help prospective sellers or exporters to the US price their products competitively. The key to import successfully to the US is to import the right product at a competitive price and with the right importer.

US importer data with the importer name can help an exporter to find a reliable the importer partner. This can help decrease the risk. Sellers can set up face to face meetings to evaluate importers for themselves or ask the importer for references. Exporters ask importer for a letter of credit is the best protection against nonpayment.

Companies often use import products as raw materials. US import data which contain price of shipment will provide the basis for a manufacturer to negotiate with its suppliers or importer.

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