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“GLOBAL TRADE” is the buying and selling of products/commodities, capitals and services all across global territories or borders.

In most of the countries, such kind of trade represents a major share of GDP (gross domestic product). While global trade has existed throughout the history (for example- Amber Road, Salt Roads, Uttarapatha, Silk Road, Atlantic Slave Trade, and Scramble for Africa), its political, social, and economic prominence has been on the rise in current times. Accomplishing trade at a global level is pretty difficult especially when compared to domestic trade.

Whenever trade takes place among two or more countries factors like economy, currency, laws, government policies, and marketplaces influence trade.

To justify and smoothens the trade procedure among nations of different economies standing, a global economic organization was formed that is known as WTO (World Trade Organization). This organization works toward the development and facilitation of global trade. There are many sources which provide such type of statistical information. Data providing sources are one of them which publish official stats or figures on the global trade with the help of Global Trade Data. It helps to collect accurate trade statistics of global countries.

Characteristics of International Trade

An item is sold or transferred from a party in one nation to a party in another nation is an export from the originating nation and an import to the nation receiving that item. The international trade is all over based on import and export business among countries. Those products/goods or services which enter into a nation for sale are called imports and those products/goods leave a nation for sale in another nation are called exports.

For example, any country may import rice because it doesn’t have much cultivable area, but export oil because that country has oil in large quantity.

Understand the Concept of International Trade Properly

Portugal harvests more wine per man-hour than England and England harvests more wheat per man-hour than Portugal. Therefore, Portugal has an advantage in harvesting wine and England has an advantage in harvesting wheat. In other words, Portugal’s opportunity prices are lesser for the production of wine than for the production of wheat and England’s opportunity prices for the production of wheat is lesser than for the production of wine. Thus, Portugal is better off harvesting wine and selling it to England and buying its wheat. On the other hand, England is better off harvesting wheat and selling it to Portugal and buying its wine.

What can we understand from this example? Global/International trade lets for specialization and lower prices to customers. Nations can effort on what they are preeminently suited to do- involve in the exports and imports with the lesser opportunity prices for them. Concentrating on their comparative benefits means they can increase efficiency and production that leads to greater potential for financial development and revenue.

Foreign trade can make financial wealth on a global scale as every nation increases its growth and revenue by concentrating on what it does best and saving money on imports that would be more expensive for it to harvest locally. A nation makes profits from exporting excess products and services. The money it obtains from the exports can be used to import products and services it doesn’t harvest.

In addition to this, this kind of trade also decreases global war and conflict. Global trade makes long-term mutually beneficial relations. In other words, international trade cultivates cooperation rather than conflict.

As earlier mentioned in the blog, Global Trade Data is all about trade stats or figures which help to track activities of international countries. SEAIR Exim Solutions offer this data report at the lowest prices.

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  • 09-Aug-2019

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