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World sugar export overview and opportunities

Sugar Export Data

Sugar, a common sweetener found in homes around the world, is also a prominent player in the global commerce industry. The global sugar export sector is dynamic and driven by a variety of factors, including production patterns, market demand, and economic conditions. In this blog, we will evaluate significant factors in the global sugar export business, sugar export data, exploring key insights, sugar HS codes top players, and promising opportunities in the global sugar trade. as well as possible prospects for both producers and consumers.

What is the demand for sugar in the world?

Sugar is a natural, colorless, water-soluble, sweet-tasting material derived from sugarcane and sugar beets and composed of glucose and fructose molecules. It is commonly available as white and brown sugar and naturally occurs in honey, fruits, vegetables, and milk. It is high in calories and carbohydrates, which help provide the body with rapid energy. It can also help with low blood pressure or hypoglycemia and improve gut health.

Sugar demand around the world is characterized by two trends: modest overall growth and ongoing high consumption in important regions such as India and China. Despite some decline in per capita consumption due to health concerns, population growth and increased wealth in developing nations are expected to increase worldwide sugar demand by 1–1.4% every year.

While alternative sweeteners and policy influence play a role, sugar remains a significant component of our diet, and its future is likely to be influenced by a balance between greater awareness and the expanding requirements of a larger, wealthier global population.

Understanding Sugar Export Data: 2022–23

Sugar export data is the international sugar trade's lifeblood, giving vital information on volumes, prices, HS codes, and market dynamics. Comprehensive sugar export data analysis enables traders to make informed judgments, forecast market trends, and find prospective growth areas.

As per sugar export data, sugar exports are expanding globally, with 8.4 million shipments supplied from diverse countries to over 123,000 exporters worldwide. The largest importers are the Netherlands, the United States, and Germany, which receive a significant share of the world's sugar.

Surprisingly, based on sugar exporters' data, the top three sugar exporters are European countries: Germany leads the field with roughly 730,000 shipments, followed by the Netherlands with 676,000 and France with 598,000. These countries have a monopoly on the sugar export market.

Further investigation finds that unique HSN codes classify the top three product categories for sugar exports:

  • HSN Number 17049099
  • HSN Codes 22021000 and 17019990

To comprehend the current state of the sugar export market, a closer look at the export data for the years 2022-23 is imperative. The Seair Exim Solutions platform provides insights into the trends, HSN codes, and Sugar, Export Data by Country, you can also search hs code for the specific products globally. 

Top 10 sugar exporting countries

Sugar, the ever-present sweetener, is an important commodity that is handled on a global scale. But which countries are the world's largest exporters of sugar, supplying this sweet delight to the rest of the world? Let's take a look at the top 10 countries in the interesting world of sugar exports.

  1. Brazil:(28.2 million)
  2. Thailand:(11 million)
  3. India: (7.7 million)
  4. Australia: (4.2 million)  
  5. Colombia: (3.7 million)
  6. Guatemala: (3.3 million)
  7. Mexico: (2.9 million) 
  8. Dominican Republic: (2.7 million) 
  9. Cuba:(2.2 million)
  10. France: (2.1 million)

So, Brazil has the highest sugar export volume of any country, at approximately 28.2 million metric tonnes in 2022/2023. Thailand, the world's second-largest sugar exporter, exported substantially less sugar than Brazil that year, at around 11 million metric tonnes.

These are only the top 10 but keep in mind that Sugar's journey involves many more people. The worldwide sugar trade is a complicated and fascinating web that holds the World's sweet craving, from enormous estates to bustling ports. Also, suppose you are a trader looking for sugar export data or a sugar HS code. In that case, you can connect with our dedicated data-driven platform and analyze the Sugar export Data 2022–23 and the top 10 sugar exporters in India or globally. 

Types that Can Be Exported

Based on sugar export data, these are the top sugars that can be exported:

  • Brown Sugar 
  • White Sugar 
  • Organic Sugar
  • Sucrose AR & LR, 
  • Pharmaceutical Sugar 
  • Sugar cubes
  • Rainbow sugar 
  • Fondant icing sugar 
  • Pearl sugar 
  • Candy sugar

Aside from basic vital components like brown and white sugar, the sugar export industry has a surprising range of products. There's Sugar for every need and taste, from organic options and pharmaceutical-grade purity to fun opportunities. 

Sugar Export from India: A Brief Overview

India has developed as a major player in the global sugar market thanks to its diverse agricultural conditions. Sugar exports from India have shaped the country's position as a major contributor to the international sugar trade. These states, from Uttar Pradesh to Maharashtra, have always led the charge in sugar production and export.

According to a notification released by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, India has prolonged the limitations on sugar exports beyond October 31, 2023, until further orders. Export limitations apply to raw sugar, white sugar, refined sugar, and organic sugar. However, the restriction does not apply to Sugar exported to the EU and the US under the concession (CXL) and TRQ quotas announced last year.

Initially, the objective of the sugar export ban was to keep domestic sugar prices stable. Previously, in July, India barred the export of non-basmati white rice in order to keep domestic prices under control and ensure household food security.

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While India has developed a substantial niche in the sugar export scene, it is critical to recognize the world's largest sugar exporter. This title is frequently exchanged between Brazil and India, two powerhouse nations with thriving sugar industries. 

However, understanding the variables affecting their dominance throws light on the worldwide sugar export market dynamics, and examining the specifics of sugar exports from India reveals strategic insights for exporters and policymakers alike.

Opportunities in the Global Sugar Trade

Sugar demand is increasing as the world's population expands. This constant demand creates profitable prospects for countries and businesses involved in the manufacture and export of sugar. Exploring developing markets, broadening product offerings, and implementing sustainable practices are critical tactics for capitalizing on the changing global sugar trade scenario.

The global sugar trade is a dynamic landscape rich with opportunities for those willing to think outside the (sugar) box. So, strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit, embrace innovation, and get ready to sweeten the world with the help of sugar export data.

How do we find sugar importers globally?

Navigate to Seair Exim Solutions' data-driven dashboard to see the most current Sugar importer's data from across the world. Seair Exim Solutions is a company that provides sugar export data and accurate, up-to-date, and authentic worldwide trade data for over 100 nations.

To summarise, the world of sugar exports is a dynamic environment driven by a variety of factors, such as production numbers, worldwide demand, and trade restrictions. We uncover the complexity of this sweet trade through a comprehensive examination of sugar export data, providing light on the prospects that lie ahead. However, if you need any assistance in finding the world's largest exporter of sugar or the top 10 sugar exporters in India, you can connect with Seair Exim Solutions anytime. Our data experts are always here to fulfill your requirements for your product and country-wise data. To book a free live demo, click here!



Q1. What is the main export of sugar?

While raw and refined sugar are exported worldwide, the primary export depends on the region and processing capacity. According to Sugar Export Data 2022-23, Brazil, the world's largest exporter of sugar, largely delivers raw sugar, which is further refined at the destination. However, countries with robust refining industries, such as India, export both raw and refined sugar.

Q2. Who are the importers of sugar in the world?

Based on sugar importers data, the Major sugar importers include:

  • Asian countries: China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh
  • European countries:  Germany, Italy, France, Turkey
  • North American countries:  United States, Canada
  • Middle Eastern countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran

The specific import demand of each country varies based on its domestic production, population size, and dietary preferences.

Q3. How big is the sugar industry globally?

The global sugar industry is vast, with around 177 million metric tonnes of sugar produced and 63 million metric tonnes sold annually. This leads to billions of dollars in revenue and several job opportunities worldwide.

Q4. Who is the leading producer of sugar in India?

Maharashtra is the biggest sugar-producing state in India, accounting for roughly 40% of total production. Their favourable climate and long history of sugarcane growing have helped them dominate the Indian sugar industry. Seair Exim Solutions is your reliable partner for navigating the difficulties of finding top sugar exporters in India. We provide sugar exporter data, Sugar Export Data by Country, allowing you to traverse the market with confidence.

Q5. How do I export data from Sugar?

Navigate to Seair Exim Solutions' data-driven dashboard to view the most recent sugar export from India. Seair Exim Solutions provides sugar export statistics as well as precise, current, and authentic global trade data for over 100 countries.

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