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Textile Exports from India: Market Trends & Stats

	Textile Exports from India

Key Highlights

  • India's textile industry is an essential component of the country's economy, contributing significantly to GDP and employment.
  • India is the world's top producer of hand-woven textiles and a significant manufacturer of cotton, jute, silk, and wool.
  • With a 10% compound annual growth rate, the textile exports from India were worth $65 billion by FY26.
  • As per Textile export data of India, India's top export markets for textiles are the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.
  • India is the third-largest exporter of textiles worldwide, after Germany and China.
  • The top textile exporters in India include Raymond Ltd., Welspun India Ltd., Vardhman Textiles Ltd., and Arvind Ltd.
  • Seair Exim Solutions offers current information on India textile exports 2023, including textile exporters or Indian textile exports statistics.

As we know, the Indian textile sector is an integral part of the country's economy. With its enormous cotton fields and busy garment manufacturers, India is a big player in the world textile business. The history of the Indian textile industry is extensive and goes back to antiquity. India is a major producer of silk, wool, and man-made fibres, in addition to being the world's largest producer of cotton and jute.

With a value of 16 billion US dollars, textile exports from India reached a record high in the fiscal year 2022 and were projected to surpass 45 billion US dollars by 2031. What does this vibrant industry's future hold, though? Let's explore the most recent textile export data, textile exporter in India and patterns about Indian textile exports from India statistics with updated textile HS codes.

Significance of Textiles for the Indian Economy

India's textile sector accounts for 2%–3% of its GDP, 13%–14% of its export revenue, and the same percentage of its GDP from organized manufacturing. In addition, an estimated 45–60 million people are employed in the sector, either directly or indirectly. 

Some Key Points: 

  • India exports various goods and raw materials to other countries; from April to December 2021, these exports were US$29.8 billion. By 2029, this market will be valued at over US$209 billion.
  • The world's largest producer of textiles is Nigeria. Between October 2021 and September 2022, 360.13 lakh bales of the crop were produced. 1.13 million tonnes of cotton yarn were exported from India in 2020–21.
  • Between April 2000 and December 2021, the textile sector (including dyed and printed goods textiles) received US$3.93 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI).


Source: Ministry of Commerce and Industry


Textile Export Industry in India: Facts and Trends

India textile exports sector is a vibrant modern enterprise with a long history. It is a rich tapestry. Let's explore some essential information and patterns that characterize this significant industry.

The following are some fascinating details regarding the textile export industry in India:

  • As of 2021, market reports estimate the Indian textile industry to be worth $223 billion.
  • The sector leads the world in jute and cotton, ranks second in silk, and produces 95% of the hand-woven goods used worldwide.
  • After the agriculture sector, the textile industry employs the second-most people in India.
  • India ranks among the world's biggest producers of jute and cotton. Additionally, 95% of the hand-woven fabric produced worldwide is produced in India, which ranks as the world's second-largest producer of silk. 
  • It is anticipated that total textile exports from India will reach $65 billion by FY26 and increase at a 10% CAGR from 2019 to 2026, when they will reach $190 billion.

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Now, analyze the types of Textile Industry in India:

  • Cotton Textile Industry: India has the most remarkable cotton farming area and is the world's top producer. In the textile business, cotton textiles rank second in development (for natural fibres).
  • Woolen Textile Sector: India has the third-largest sheep population in the world and is the seventh-largest producer of raw wool worldwide. However, the nation imports raw wool from Australia and New Zealand because of a severe lack of domestic supply. 
  • Textile Silk Industry: Because of its unique qualities, silk is described as the "queen of all fabrics." With more than 100 silk textile mills in India, the country's silk industry is the world's largest producer. 

Textile Exports from India: 2023-24

Let’s first analyze the table for textile export data of India, textile exporters in India or textile export data from India.

Textile Export Data
Total Shipments 4,043
Rank (Global) 1st
Textile Exporters in India 191.7K
Number of Indian Buyers  13,893 
Textile hs code 59031090, 58041090, 58041090


  • According to textile export data of India, 4,043 Indian exporters shipped 191.7K textile fabrics to 13,893 buyers.
  • Based on Indian textile exports statistics, the United States, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom are the top destinations for India's textile fabric exports.
  • With 377,699 shipments, China is the largest exporter of textile followed by Germany (340,041) and Vietnam (269.526) in third place.
  • India exports the most textile fabric in three product categories: textile HS Code 5903, 59039090 and 5906.


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Top 10 Textile Exporting Countries

India ranks first globally, with the following as its closest competitors in terms of total shipments: Here are the two major textile exporting countries.

S.No Textile Exporting countries          Textile Export Data            ( Values in % )
1 China $176 billion
2 Germany $38.99 billion
3 India $37.11 billion
4 Italy $36.57 billion
5 Bangladesh $34 billion
6 Vietnam $27 billion
7 Turkey $19.7 billion
8 Mexico $13.8 billion
9 United States $11.6 billion
10 Indonesia $11 billion


These are the top10  textile exporting countries. Also, if you require up-to-date statistics on textile exports from India statistics, textile exporters in India, textile exporters, or textile export data of India, connect with the Seair Exim Solutions platform and receive the most recent textile HS code or textile exporter's details without delay.

Now, explore the top textile exporters in India!

Textile exporters in India

India is one of the world's top producers of textiles, and the sector has a major economic impact on the nation. A sizable portion of India's textile output is produced by the top 5 textile firms.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the top textile exporters in India

Arvind Co.
Arvind Ltd. holds the biggest market value of nearly ?700 billion, making it the largest textile firm in India. The business engages in all facets of the textile value chain, from weaving and spinning to producing and selling clothing. Arvind is well-established in both local and foreign markets. 

Vardhman Textiles Ltd.
The second-biggest textile company in India, Vardhman Textiles Ltd., has a market valuation of more than $400 billion. The company's main products are textiles and yarn. Vardhman exports its goods to more than 50 nations and enjoys a significant market share in the country.

Welspun India, Inc.
The third-biggest textile firm in India, Welspun India Ltd., with a market valuation of more than $300 billion. The company makes clothing, textiles, and yarn. Welspun exports its goods to more than 60 countries and enjoys a significant market share in the home country. 


How to find textile importers? 

Find and identify global textile buyers, Visit Seair Exim Solutions' data-driven dashboard to obtain textile buyer and export data or the list of textile exports from India . You can get it through market research platforms; Seair is a leading data-driven solution for analyzing worldwide shipments. We provide a database of over 100 countries, allowing you to access global trade data conveniently.  

Final Words!

The Indian textile sector has a promising future, but it will need to increase exports to reach its full potential.

To summarize, the textile business in India is prospering, with the country emerging as a global leader in textile exports. Despite hurdles such as variable supply and severe competition, India has successfully used its assets to meet the world's growing need for textiles. 

Seair Exim Solutions will help you build your business in the global trade arena by providing you with the textile HS code, list of textile products exported from India, current industry trends, and insights, as well as information on textile exports from India statistics and exporters in India. Set up a free live demo right now! 


Q1. What is the future of textile industry in India?
India's textile sector appears to have a bright future ahead of it, with numerous prospects for expansion. By 2025, the industry is expected to have a $350 billion market value, having grown at a 14.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2021 and 2025.

Q2. Which country is the largest exporter of textiles?
Based on textile export data of India, the largest exporter of textiles is China with $176 billion export values. To know the updated list of textile exports from India, visit our platform. 

Q3. What is India's position in textile export?
Textile export data indicates that 13,893 purchasers received 191.7K textile textiles from 4,043 Indian exporters. However, India's biggest export markets for textile fabrics are the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. 

Q4. What is the most exported textile from India?
The list of textile products exported from India are silk waste, carpets, and natural silk yarn, then ready-made clothing and fabrics. To know the updated list of India textile exports or Textile HS codes, connect with Seair Exim Solutions. 

Q5. What are the major Textile exports from India to USA?
The top textile exports from India to USA are: silk, cotton and jute. Also, to find out the updated list of textile exports from India, you can obtain it from our dedicated data-driven platform. 

Q6. What are the top 10 Textile Industry in India?
The top 10 textile industry in India are: Arvind Limited, Vardhman Textiles Ltd, Welspun India, Trident, Bombay Dyeing, KPR Mills, Alok Industries Ltd, J C T Ltd, Lakshmi Mills, Fabindia and Grasim Industries.


Global Textile Exporters

Textile exports from India

Textile exports from Vietnam

Textile exports from Turkey

Textile exporting countries

Textile exporters in India

Textile exporters in Vietnam

Textile exporters in Turkey


Textile HS Code

Textile hs code: 5903

Textile hs code: 59039090

Textile hs code: 5906


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  • 13-May-2024

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