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100% authentic and genuine database

At Seair Exim Solutions, we offer 100% authentic and genuine database so that you can bank upon without any perplexity. We understand that even a minor error in the database would mean a huge loss to your business. Thus, at every step, our team ensures that you get precise information. Our team of professionals gets with them years of expertise. Be assured that through our database you would know even the minutest intricacies of foreign market.

100% money back guarantee

Strong work ethics and corporate values have been our pillars of strength. Thus, we are confident of our services. You get nothing short of perfection. And if at any time you are not satisfied with the services, you can get in touch with us.

Help clients save their valuable time

Data collection is a very time consuming task. Raw data needs to be collected from various sources, the authenticity needs to be checked, and finally it has to be presented in an aesthetic manner.

Our team would assist you in all of this and beyond. The highly dedicated professionals of the team ensure that the client’s effort is reduced and in minimum time, you get most accurate data.

Ensures privacy of customer data and payments

Seair guarantees the privacy of payment details and personal data of the customers. Every user of the website has the right to protect the privacy of their personal and payment data. Seair stands for the goodwill of our customers by protecting the information shared by them. Protection of data is a major concern for every company/service that values their customers. Seair uses stringent rules and regulations to ensure payment and data security. Encrypted technologies used on our website helps to protect the sensitive data transferred through the network. This prevents unauthorized users to gain access to personal and financial records of the customers.

SSL certification promises high-level security

SSL is used for the encryption of the sensitive data exchanged across the internet. The encrypted data can be understood only by the recipient. Encryption of data is essential because the information sends through the internet is going to one computer after computer before reaching the destination server. Any device in between your computer can see the personal data, username, password, and credit card details if they are not encrypting using an SSL certificate. When your website is using SSL certificate, the information sending through the internet is not readable for others except the server. Thus, the information can be protected from the hackers.

SSL certificate also ensures authentication of the website, which means that the information is send to the right destination server and not to any other server. Authenticated SSL providers issue the SSL certificate only to the authenticated company after performing numerous identity checks.

Dependable and High-Speed Server

Seair is providing up-to-date information on import/export data to the importers and exporters. Since several importers or exporters will be checking our website periodically, we are using a high-speed server to host our website. The high-speed server enables the visitors to download data from the website easily and quickly. The lightning speed server permits a large amount of data exchange without hanging up. Our server is stable and reliable to handle any traffic. The real-time data exchange helps our visitors to keep updated with the information required.

Reliability of the server is very important as it helps you to update the data quickly for any number of times. Our website is always up and accessible at any time for any number of users. You can share your information and access information from our website without any delay. It enables interactivity among the users and enhances the user experience. Our server enables the users to upload/download content efficiently and quickly. The high bandwidth will help to increase transfer speed that results in customer satisfaction. We promise reduced downtime and smooth experience to our users.

High-volume of Loyal
and Trusted Customers!

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the most veriety of products from the best leading brands in the industry:

BCG Binani
Induslnd Bank
Indian Oil
ITC Limited
Jindal Steel Power
TATA Chemicals Limited
The Times of India
Dalmia Bharat Cement
Pernod Ricard