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Uruguay has exported $7.6 billion worth of products in the year 2018 and $7.7 billion in 2017. It has the 93rd position as a global rank in exports.

Uruguay Export Data holds the actual shipping records to keep an eye on exporting activities of the country. From finding the authentic suppliers and choosing the right product in Uruguay, it will help you with everything. This data is 100% accurate, updated, and error-free. Uruguay Export Shipment Data is based on export bills, shipping bills, invoices, and bill of lading.

These operational documents are needed in the import-export business. It contains a wide range of information of exported products including description, HS code, date of shipment, net weight, quantity, Uruguay exporter name, global buyer name, etc. Uruguay Customs Export Data is an important source to analyze the current market trends, upcoming scenarios, Ups & downs, etc.

With the help of this data report, you will get in-depth information about the country's export operations. Uruguay Trade Data is really very helpful to any sized company for developing business. Our company collects country’s export statistics from valid and trusted sources, so we offer a 100% guarantee of its accuracy.

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What does Uruguay Export Data include?

  • Exporter’s name
  • Importer’s name
  • Item’s description
  • HS Code
  • Date of consignment

Top Export Partners of Uruguay

  • China
  • Brazil
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Netherlands

What are the advantages of Uruguay Export data?

  • For International Buyers and Uruguay’s Exporters: Our export data of Uruguay help both parties Uruguay exporters and international buyers to find out their right business partners.
  • Track Uruguay’s ExportShipments: This business intelligence source is one of the best ways to track business activities of your competitors in order to defeat them and export shipments of the country.
  • Financial Organizations: This data helps these organizations especially banks to create a list of Uruguay companies so that banks can approach them for financial products and services.
  • Logistic Companies: Uruguay Exporters Data has the list of different ports so that logistic companies can find out the trusted clients in order to offer them transport services.
  • Uruguay’s Main Exported Items: You can find out products which are exported by this country very often.
  • Beneficial Market Analysis Report: Yes, it is! This report helps you to keep informed regarding the current market trends and fluctuations.
  • 100% Verified and Validated by Experts: Our data experts completely verify and validate each single shipping detail included in Uruguay Suppliers Data. Once it’s verified and validated, we provide it to the clients.
  • Updated and Error-free: Export Data report is completely up-to-date and free from all the errors.

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