Lipl Marripalem, Guntur ICD Export Data - Indian Port Export Data

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 52051210 100% cotton yarn ne 21/1 carded grey unwaxed yarn for weaving (grey) 99792 KGS 2.44 243295.73 shanghai china
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 52051410 100% cotton yarn ne 32/1 unwaxed for weaving auto coned(grey) 19958.4 KGS 2.60 51916.42 taichung taiwan
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 52051210 ne16/1oe,100pctcottonopenendyarnforweaving(pkg:standardexportbags)weclaimbenefitsunderdbkscheme 19440 KGS 1.76 34274.68 shanghai china
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24012040 unmanufacturedindiantobaccoaircuredburleystripscrop2014,gr:bub(pkg:inc/bctns,k/p)weclaimbenefitsunderdbkscheme 79200 KGS 2.42 191361.00 grodno belarus
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 52051210 ne 21/1 100% cotton carded grey yarn forweaving 19958.4 KGS 2.58 51446.92 shanghai china
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 09042219 chilli cruhsed item code:s2500,(pkg:p pwoven sack bags)(crushed genus capsicum)we intend to claim rewards under meis. 13500 KGS 3.25 43875.00 felixstowe united kingdom
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24012010 unmanufacturedindianfcvtobaccostripsgr:tvm(pkg:c48ctnswithcp,t&b)weclaimbenefitsunderdbkscheme 35640 KGS 1.03 36752.75 antwerpen belgium
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 09042110 "wholechilli""dried genus capsicum""p/m ppbags weintendtoclmrewardsundermeis&dutydrawbackscheme@1%" 12000 KGS 2.50 29984.98 laem chabang thailand
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24013000 indianunmanufacturedtobaccosuncuredrusticastemscrop2016gr:inrveco(pkg:c48ictnswithc/bt&b)weintendtoclaimrewardsundermeis 1774 KGS 0.80 1419.21 helsingborg sweden
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24013000 indianunmanufacturedtobaccosuncuredrusticascrapcrop2016,gr:inrstaeco(pkg:c48ictnsk/p,t&b)weintendtoclaimrewardsundermeis 1147 KGS 1.50 1720.50 helsingborg sweden
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24012090 indianunmanufacturedtobaccosuncuredrusticalaminacrop2016,gr:inrbeco(pkg:c48ictnsk/p,t&b)weintendtoclaimrewardsundermeis 9050 KGS 11.98 108419.00 helsingborg sweden
22-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 52051210 oe16/1,100pctindiancottonopenendgreyyarncardedweaving,s/m:ne16/1oe(pkg:exportworthybags)weclaimbenefitsunderdbkscheme 19500 KGS 1.76 34287.84 shanghai china
21-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 52051210 100% cotton yarn ne 20/1 carded yarn rawwhite on cone unwaxed for weaving (grey) 19958.4 KGS 2.54 50693.47 taichung taiwan
21-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 09042110 indiandryredchilliestejastemless(pkg:injutebags)weintendtoclaimrewardsundermeis 14 MTS 2400.71 33610.00 haiphong vietnam, democratic rep. of
20-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 09042110 redpepperipm-wholeindians4stemless-etotreatedipms4chilies p/m:pplsrbgs weintdclmrewardsudrmeis&dutydrawback@1% 13000 KGS 3.18 41340.00 long beach united states
20-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 23061090 cottonseedhullorigin:india(pkg:in25kgppbags)weintendtoclaimrewardsundermeis 54.96 MTS 312.07 17151.20 incheon korea,republic of
20-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24012010 unmanufactured indian fcv tobacco crop 2016, grade:bs (pkg:c48 cartons)(f.d:slovakia)we claim benefits under dbk scheme. 9900 KGS 1.15 11385.00 bremerhaven germany
20-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24012060 indianunmanufacturedrusticatobaccocrop2016,redriedthreshedlaminagr:ru1t(pkg:c48ctnswithk/p)weclaimbenefitsunderdbkscheme 118800 KGS 3.42 406030.43 arhus norway
20-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24012010 unmanufacturedindiafcvtobaccostripsgr:v-0fx2rwsin2016(pkg:c48ictnswithk/pt&b)weintendtoclaimrewardsundermeis 1400 KGS 4.37 6118.58 pecs hungary
20-Nov-2016 lipl-icd/marripalem guntur 24012020 unmanufacturedindiasuncuredtobaccostripsgr:s-3c2msin2016(pkg:c48ictnswithk/pt&b)weintendtoclaimrewardsundermeis 2600 KGS 3.33 8656.37 pecs hungary

LIPL-ICD/Marripalem, Guntur Export data

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