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India is one of the fastest developing countries in Asia. In the import-export trade business, India is one of the emerging economies in the globe. Seair Exim Solutions is providing the complete list trading partners of India with India exports to and India imports from the partners. Our export import trade database is the latest and 100% genuine. We have collected India’s foreign import export trade data from Indian customs that are based on shipment bills.

These findings are based on our authentic database of Indian global data.

S.No. Country Export Import Detailed Breakup of Country wise import and export in India 2013 2014 YOY(%) 2015 YOY(%) 2016 YOY(%)
161 KYRGYZSTAN Export India Export to Kyrgyzstan ₹144.61M ₹197.44M 0.3653 ₹452.57M 1.2922 ₹1,139.01M 1.5168
Import India Import from Kyrgyzstan ₹18.54M ₹28.45M 0.5350 ₹103.62M 2.6419 ₹105.41M 0.0173
162 NEW CALEDONIA Export India Export to New caledonia ₹426.63M ₹716.68M 0.6799 ₹352.92M -0.5076 ₹391.14M 0.1083
Import India Import from New caledonia ₹1,396.23M ₹1,272.71M -0.0885 ₹2,646.93M 1.0798 ₹2,299.16M -0.1314
163 MONGOLIA Export India Export to Mongolia ₹699.65M ₹237.83M -0.6601 ₹292.60M 0.2303 ₹421.96M 0.4421
Import India Import from Mongolia ₹447.08M ₹233.74M -0.4772 ₹287.83M 0.2314 ₹151.57M -0.4734
164 French Guiana Export India Export to French guiana ₹277.48M ₹429.52M 0.5479 ₹546.38M 0.2721 ₹385.41M -0.2946
Import India Import from French guiana ₹8.62M ₹74.23M 7.6083 ₹72.32M -0.0257 ₹119.20M 0.6481
165 MARTINIQUE Export India Export to Martinique ₹402.59M ₹499.11M 0.2397 ₹330.10M -0.3386 ₹374.88M 0.1357
Import India Import from Martinique ₹7.11M ₹0.58M -0.9185 ₹5.61M 8.6812 ₹0.00M -1.0000
166 EQUATORIAL GUINEA Export India Export to Equatorial guinea ₹409.64M ₹412.38M 0.0067 ₹369.36M -0.1043 ₹404.82M 0.0960
Import India Import from Equatorial guinea ₹16,834.55M ₹22,428.02M 0.3323 ₹36,781.56M 0.6400 ₹29,951.10M -0.1857
167 Lao People`s Democratic Republic Export India Export to Lao people`s democratic republic ₹199.09M ₹333.00M 0.6726 ₹353.79M 0.0624 ₹566.33M 0.6007
Import India Import from Lao people`s democratic republic ₹2,291.43M ₹3,628.43M 0.5835 ₹7,583.53M 1.0900 ₹8,022.85M 0.0579
168 LUXEMBOURG Export India Export to Luxembourg ₹240.08M ₹146.07M -0.3916 ₹474.50M 2.2484 ₹347.15M -0.2684
Import India Import from Luxembourg ₹1,909.01M ₹2,146.44M 0.1244 ₹4,159.83M 0.9380 ₹2,896.04M -0.3038
169 ARUBA Export India Export to Aruba ₹201.55M ₹218.61M 0.0846 ₹383.19M 0.7529 ₹366.67M -0.0431
Import India Import from Aruba ₹10.80M ₹0.00M -1.0000 ₹13.32M 0.0000 ₹286.24M 20.4894
170 ARMENIA Export India Export to Armenia ₹266.88M ₹586.44M 1.1974 ₹106.21M -0.8189 ₹196.61M 0.8512
Import India Import from Armenia ₹15.38M ₹122.82M 6.9859 ₹1,790.28M 13.5764 ₹53.30M -0.9702
171 BAHAMAS Export India Export to Bahamas ₹8.44M ₹10.69M 0.2669 ₹307.22M 27.7263 ₹651.83M 1.1217
Import India Import from Bahamas ₹7,193.60M ₹47,465.16M 5.5982 ₹24.59M -0.9995 ₹157.39M 5.4012
172 FRENCH POLYNESIA Export India Export to French polynesia ₹129.70M ₹209.04M 0.6117 ₹278.87M 0.3341 ₹340.30M 0.2203
Import India Import from French polynesia ₹1.80M ₹1.41M -0.2177 ₹1.91M 0.3568 ₹0.79M -0.5884
173 Korea, Democratic People`s Republic of Export India Export to Korea, democratic people`s republic of ₹433.00M ₹107.35M -0.7521 ₹269.65M 1.5119 ₹124.42M -0.5386
Import India Import from Korea, democratic people`s republic of ₹6,301.59M ₹7,980.68M 0.2665 ₹6,514.52M -0.1837 ₹2,737.06M -0.5799
174 SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE Export India Export to Sao tome and principe ₹206.31M ₹204.34M -0.0096 ₹208.20M 0.0189 ₹218.84M 0.0511
Import India Import from Sao tome and principe ₹0.00M ₹1.81M 0.0000 ₹0.62M -0.6582 ₹1.40M 1.2622
175 NORFOLK ISLAND Export India Export to Norfolk island ₹191.08M ₹272.10M 0.4240 ₹251.19M -0.0768 ₹107.30M -0.5728
Import India Import from Norfolk island ₹2.14M ₹5.61M 1.6246 ₹3.39M -0.3955 ₹3.56M 0.0491
176 Bolivia, Plurinational State Of Export India Export to Bolivia, plurinational state of ₹195.60M ₹149.91M -0.2336 ₹185.81M 0.2395 ₹268.85M 0.4469
Import India Import from Bolivia, plurinational state of ₹309.30M ₹108.03M -0.6507 ₹12,249.25M 112.3920 ₹7,048.76M -0.4246
177 Montenegro Export India Export to Montenegro ₹0.00M ₹0.00M 0.0000 ₹0.00M 0.0000 ₹736.26M 0.0000
Import India Import from Montenegro ₹0.15M ₹1.05M 6.0597 ₹72.54M 67.8876 ₹33.57M -0.5373
178 Serbia Export India Export to Serbia ₹0.00M ₹0.00M 0.0000 ₹0.00M 0.0000 ₹730.03M 0.0000
Import India Import from Serbia ₹64.97M ₹546.45M 7.4104 ₹955.19M 0.7480 ₹1,041.36M 0.0902
179 SAMOA Export India Export to Samoa ₹242.31M ₹211.60M -0.1267 ₹91.81M -0.5661 ₹150.87M 0.6433
Import India Import from Samoa ₹2.60M ₹71.74M 26.5536 ₹20.27M -0.7174 ₹97.77M 3.8230
180 VANUATU Export India Export to Vanuatu ₹176.11M ₹177.87M 0.0100 ₹157.62M -0.1138 ₹130.38M -0.1728
Import India Import from Vanuatu ₹0.00M ₹0.24M 0.0000 ₹1.76M 6.3739 ₹16.84M 8.5827

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