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India is one of the fastest developing countries in Asia. In the import-export trade business, India is one of the emerging economies in the globe. Seair Exim Solutions is providing the complete list trading partners of India with India exports to and India imports from the partners. Our export import trade database is the latest and 100% genuine. We have collected India’s foreign import export trade data from Indian customs that are based on shipment bills.

These findings are based on our authentic database of Indian global data.

S.No. Country Export Import Detailed Breakup of Country wise import and export in India 2013 2014 YOY(%) 2015 YOY(%) 2016 YOY(%)
141 LESOTHO Export India Export to Lesotho ₹1,321.31M ₹1,545.60M 0.1698 ₹1,255.74M -0.1875 ₹1,201.98M -0.0428
Import India Import from Lesotho ₹102.97M ₹64.29M -0.3756 ₹95.87M 0.4912 ₹12.00M -0.8748
142 AZERBAIJAN Export India Export to Azerbaijan ₹815.25M ₹1,275.45M 0.5645 ₹2,190.84M 0.7177 ₹378.95M -0.8270
Import India Import from Azerbaijan ₹53,328.21M ₹11,562.48M -0.7832 ₹9,312.06M -0.1946 ₹30,187.61M 2.2418
143 BELIZE Export India Export to Belize ₹1,330.39M ₹1,077.06M -0.1904 ₹1,054.47M -0.0210 ₹704.00M -0.3324
Import India Import from Belize ₹5.47M ₹93.95M 16.1800 ₹29.37M -0.6873 ₹24.48M -0.1666
144 YUGOSLAVIA Export India Export to Yugoslavia ₹1,149.16M ₹781.91M -0.3196 ₹1,348.31M 0.7244 ₹762.59M -0.4344
Import India Import from Yugoslavia ₹25.84M ₹18.82M -0.2717 ₹194.45M 9.3336 ₹0.71M -0.9964
145 NIGER Export India Export to Niger ₹759.59M ₹1,291.97M 0.7009 ₹960.50M -0.2566 ₹949.52M -0.0114
Import India Import from Niger ₹22.43M ₹23.69M 0.0565 ₹10.78M -0.5450 ₹8.41M -0.2195
146 Suriname Export India Export to Suriname ₹934.37M ₹1,468.97M 0.5722 ₹976.15M -0.3355 ₹544.13M -0.4426
Import India Import from Suriname ₹694.87M ₹1,290.56M 0.8573 ₹2,877.07M 1.2293 ₹2,874.54M -0.0009
147 GUINEA BISSAU Export India Export to Guinea bissau ₹832.35M ₹1,113.27M 0.3375 ₹800.22M -0.2812 ₹1,170.48M 0.4627
Import India Import from Guinea bissau ₹6,772.72M ₹8,630.05M 0.2742 ₹41,042.06M 3.7557 ₹14,677.79M -0.6424
148 ICELAND Export India Export to Iceland ₹862.72M ₹920.37M 0.0668 ₹811.26M -0.1186 ₹978.05M 0.2056
Import India Import from Iceland ₹55.19M ₹487.18M 7.8274 ₹108.56M -0.7772 ₹150.44M 0.3859
149 COMOROS Export India Export to Comoros ₹818.82M ₹857.49M 0.0472 ₹805.93M -0.0601 ₹1,036.61M 0.2862
Import India Import from Comoros ₹214.15M ₹710.12M 2.3159 ₹825.79M 0.1629 ₹1,258.08M 0.5235
150 BURUNDI Export India Export to Burundi ₹696.27M ₹723.49M 0.0391 ₹1,341.06M 0.8536 ₹599.84M -0.5527
Import India Import from Burundi ₹6.93M ₹14.09M 1.0340 ₹10.44M -0.2589 ₹93.20M 7.9238
151 CHAD Export India Export to Chad ₹545.34M ₹657.51M 0.2057 ₹1,133.01M 0.7232 ₹712.99M -0.3707
Import India Import from Chad ₹426.18M ₹748.70M 0.7568 ₹613.12M -0.1811 ₹2,167.72M 2.5356
152 COOK ISLANDS Export India Export to Cook islands ₹3.84M ₹4.36M 0.1373 ₹2,968.90M 679.6928 ₹7.25M -0.9976
Import India Import from Cook islands ₹0.00M ₹0.17M 0.0000 ₹0.00M -1.0000 ₹0.00M 0.0000
153 SWAZILAND Export India Export to Swaziland ₹516.93M ₹366.51M -0.2910 ₹1,269.39M 2.4634 ₹751.90M -0.4077
Import India Import from Swaziland ₹845.86M ₹6,728.43M 6.9545 ₹2,506.35M -0.6275 ₹1,207.90M -0.5181
154 TAJIKISTAN Export India Export to Tajikistan ₹714.42M ₹632.89M -0.1141 ₹906.15M 0.4318 ₹583.65M -0.3559
Import India Import from Tajikistan ₹21.55M ₹223.04M 9.3493 ₹603.77M 1.7070 ₹1,001.72M 0.6591
155 INDIA Export India Export to India ₹1,395.29M ₹281.47M -0.7983 ₹467.96M 0.6626 ₹645.98M 0.3804
Import India Import from India ₹16,661.17M ₹3,25,959.12M 18.5640 ₹38,824.92M -0.8809 ₹37,247.76M -0.0406
156 CAYMAN ISLANDS Export India Export to Cayman islands ₹15.25M ₹348.99M 21.8918 ₹1,072.08M 2.0719 ₹1,138.68M 0.0621
Import India Import from Cayman islands ₹0.00M ₹0.01M 0.0000 ₹0.00M -1.0000 ₹1.26M 0.0000
157 ERITREA Export India Export to Eritrea ₹1,006.34M ₹774.77M -0.2301 ₹425.10M -0.4513 ₹233.33M -0.4511
Import India Import from Eritrea ₹1.72M ₹10,360.12M 6024.4178 ₹12,297.70M 0.1870 ₹6,080.73M -0.5055
158 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Export India Export to Central african republic ₹440.08M ₹676.87M 0.5381 ₹954.72M 0.4105 ₹328.63M -0.6558
Import India Import from Central african republic ₹45.84M ₹36.30M -0.2083 ₹39.48M 0.0876 ₹63.24M 0.6020
159 ALBANIA Export India Export to Albania ₹47.70M ₹43.18M -0.0948 ₹904.69M 19.9526 ₹1,377.01M 0.5221
Import India Import from Albania ₹33.89M ₹83.08M 1.4512 ₹772.26M 8.2951 ₹496.06M -0.3577
160 MACEDONIA,THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF Export India Export to Macedonia,the former yugoslav republic of ₹515.50M ₹495.16M -0.0395 ₹524.51M 0.0593 ₹574.69M 0.0957
Import India Import from Macedonia,the former yugoslav republic of ₹990.06M ₹273.87M -0.7234 ₹0.00M -1.0000 ₹0.00M 0.0000

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