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Cartridge Heater Import Data Shipments Records

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
25-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 84229090 heater cartridge-12121174 (part of cig packing machine) 1 NOS 44.78 44.78 germany View Duty
23-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 85168000 cartridge heater hz560149-905-01 (parts for bead/bead fillerpreset machine)(machinery & equipment for tire manufacturin 2 PCS 146.31 292.62 japan View Duty
21-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 85162900 cartridge heater 8606978 2 UNT 4.31 8.62 united kingdom View Duty
21-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85168000 mv-w-700004332 cartridge heater, tqd sqd2 1 NOS 471.34 471.34 united states View Duty
18-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 84199090 kit heater cartridge replacement/product no.5027740 ( accessories for lc/ms/ms instruments ) 1 PCS 1217.52 1217.52 singapore View Duty
17-Nov-2016 ahmedabad 85168000 04025787 44.0671.1001 patrone d0012 l0145 w0400 va 48v 150mmkabel cartridge heater drawing no. 44.0671.1001 12 NOS 55.69 668.26 germany View Duty
17-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 85144000 re-import of indian origin goods - cartridge heaters 27 PCS 10.10 272.70 india View Duty
16-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 90279090 700004332 cartridge heater (spare parts for hplcsystem)(specifically used for hplc system) 2 NOS 184.62 369.23 singapore View Duty
15-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85168000 (heater cartridge) htr, crtg, 496 d,1.20 l,147 w,240 v - (industrial use) 4 NOS 8.81 35.23 united states View Duty
15-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85168000 (heater cartridge) htr ctg 25d 400w 208v 3.00l - 149992 (industrial use) 5 NOS 43.41 217.06 united states View Duty
15-Nov-2016 chennai air cargo 85169000 cartridge heater (item # pp-101715) ( 1200007039) 3 NOS 239.91 719.73 canada View Duty
10-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 85168000 "machinery spare parts cartridge heater, 1/4"" dia,3""long" 10 PCS 71.61 716.12 united states View Duty
10-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 85167990 144703 (025w00084-000) oil heater cartridge 220v 350w for captive consumption 1 UNT 37.36 37.36 china View Duty
10-Nov-2016 garhi harsaru - gurgaon icd 85176990 cartridge heater /l3a71(240v 750w)(equipment parts)for captive consumption 5 NOS 44.56 222.81 japan View Duty
10-Nov-2016 garhi harsaru - gurgaon icd 85167990 cartridge heater /l3a71 (240v 750w)(equipment parts)for captive consumption 3 NOS 44.56 133.68 japan View Duty
08-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85168000 pl0890-0480 evaporator heater assy (no cartridge) 1 NOS 257.99 257.99 united states View Duty
04-Nov-2016 chennai sea 84669390 cartridge heater d6,5x140 300w power supply 260v power supply 260v cable lenght(2122a0212)(p/o wood working m/c) 3 NOS 3.77 11.30 italy View Duty
03-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 84198990 cartridge heater article no. 125283, 630w, 230v with accessories [parts for plastic extrusion m/c] for industrial use 300 PCS 11.72 3517.49 germany View Duty
03-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 85167990 heater, cartridge 1/4 in x 4 in 400w 220, p/n 860-7179 2 NOS 17.52 35.03 singapore View Duty
03-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85168000 (heater cartridge)htr crtg 375d 2 75 l 210w 240v - 938128(indsutrial use) 2 NOS 16.20 32.41 united states View Duty

Cartridge Heater Import Data

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Seair helps in the anticipation of avoidance of custom duties and gains which altogether account for a noteworthy income for the legislature. It also conveys essential import archives allowing the import. It covers Cartridge Heater shipments in several ports in India, whose data is accessible with a backlog of around 3 days. The data is easily available online, by email and on MS-Excel.

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