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Capacitor Polyester Export Data Shipments Records

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country
11-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85321000 plastic film capacitors, axial met polyester capacitors mftr part :mwof 5/10/200vdc 20 NOS 2.63 52.54 london metropolitan united kingdom
11-Nov-2016 banglore air cargo 85321000 plastic film capacitors, axial met polyester capacitors mftr part:mwof 1/10/200vdc 40 NOS 1.40 55.98 london metropolitan united kingdom
19-Aug-2016 delhi air cargo 85412900 electronic components -10nf/100v box capacitor - polyester 10 NOS 0.08 0.80 singapore singapore
22-Jul-2016 delhi air cargo 85329000 part no - 232-0105-z-01 (capacitor) capx2 metallized polyester/polypropylen 4000 NOS 0.26 1035.20 manila philippines
14-Jul-2016 bombay air cargo 85322500 000200 b32523q3225k 2,2uf 10% 250v polyester boxed met film capacitor 5 PCS 0.28 1.38 amsterdam, schiphol netherlands
22-Apr-2016 bombay air cargo 85149000 parts of articles in hdng 8514 parts forinduction furnace - hcap000061 polyester film capacitor 0.47mfd/50v 2 NOS 0.20 0.40 seoul - incheon int' south korea
17-Dec-2015 delhi air cargo 85329000 (capacitor) cap x2 metallized polyester/polyproylen,part no-232-0105-z-01 1000 NOS 0.26 260.00 manila philippines

Capacitor Polyester Export Data

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