India Import Data and Price of code 85381010 under HS Code 85381010

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 1004190 kam/kap light fitting/universal fixing bracket (busbar systems with accessories) 450 SET 0.91 408.45 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 1004874 kam/kap/dl light fitting/trunking suspension bracket (busbar systems with accessories) 894 SET 0.76 678.23 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 3048647 kap 0404-std-40 a-standart length-6 window-4w (busbar systems with accessories) 84 MTR 9.78 821.62 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 1004260 tb 1,00*13*r cu (tb bar) (busbar systems with accessories) 75 MTR 0.01 1.08 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 3024741 mka 1654-std-160 a-standard length-4w (busbar systems with accessories) 18 MTR 27.41 493.39 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 3024735 mka 1654-b1-160 a-feeder box-4w (busbar systems with accessories) 3 PCS 75.02 225.07 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 3024665 mkp 4054-b-40 a-tap-off box-empty-suitable for mcb-4w (busbar systems with accessories) 28 PCS 42.44 1188.44 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 3025004 tb 034 trolley busbar (4p-35a) (busbar systems with accessories) 24 MTR 32.28 774.68 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 3025145 tb current collector (4p-35a) (busbar systems with accessories) 3 PCS 82.99 248.98 turkey
22-Nov-2016 bangalore 85381010 1004257 tb sliding hanger (busbar systems with accessories) 18 SET 1.84 33.08 turkey
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