India Import Data and Price of code 3901 under HS Code 3901

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Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
23-Nov-2016 tuticorin sea 39011090 ld 0322 go sub prime (ldpe granules ) 33000 KGS 1.11 36709.38 saudi arabia
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39013000 eva (grade : 2319) (v a content 18%) 16 MTS 1379.41 22070.61 korea,republic of
23-Nov-2016 bangalore 39011090 elite* 5220g enhanced polyethylene resin (plasticgranules ) 24750 KGS 1.36 33746.63 canada
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39019090 talc cth-125h (raw material for manufacturing of automobileproducts) (for industrial use) 120 KGS 2.83 339.11 japan
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39011090 ldpe (grade : ld 0322 go s) 49500 KGS 1.14 56183.33 saudi arabia
23-Nov-2016 tuticorin sea 39011090 ld 0823 ha s (ldpe granules) 49500 KGS 1.11 55064.07 saudi arabia
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39013000 ethylene vinyl acetate (eva) 2518 co(va content 18%) 99 MTS 1317.56 130438.20 saudi arabia
23-Nov-2016 dadri-sttpl cfs 39011090 "low density polyethylene (ldpe) ""lotrene"" fb3003" 25.5 MTS 1199.90 30597.35 qatar
23-Nov-2016 pune-talegoan icd 39019090 polyolefin elastomer (poe) - solumer 875l (ethylenye- octene copolymer) (qty : 910 bags) (ref no : k001-16-0787556 dtd: 22750 KGS 1.75 39848.18 korea,republic of
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39011090 ldpe sumikathene l705 16 MTS 1414.00 22624.00 japan
23-Nov-2016 pune-talegoan icd 39019090 granules of low density polyethylene (ldpe) (r303500700) 16540 KGS 1.48 24430.72 belgium
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39019090 dowlex*2045g.11g polyethylene resin (plastic granules) [for captive consumption] 24.75 MTS 1272.60 31496.85 saudi arabia
23-Nov-2016 bangalore 39019090 "high density polyethylene (hdpe granules) ""lotrene"" q tr-571" 16000 KGS 1.23 19688.89 qatar
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39019090 metallocene ethylene-alpha-olefin copolymer evolue sp1510h (lldpe) 16 MTS 1389.34 22229.40 singapore
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39011090 low density polyethylene (ldpe) sabic hp2022j 24.75 MTS 1191.80 29497.05 saudi arabia
23-Nov-2016 pune-talegoan icd 39019090 granules of low density polyethylene (ldpe) (r303500700) 33320 KGS 1.48 49215.93 belgium
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39011090 chlorinated polyethylene cpe 135a 17500 KGS 1.14 19971.72 china
23-Nov-2016 tuticorin sea 39011010 ldpe sabic hp2023nn 24750 KGS 1.19 29497.05 saudi arabia
23-Nov-2016 tughlakabad 39019090 hi-wax nl800 (low molecular weight polyethylene) (raw material for mfg. of automobile products) (for industrial use) 120 KGS 6.57 788.92 japan
23-Nov-2016 dadri-sttpl cfs 39011010 exxonmobil ld251 ldpe 5073182 24.725 MTS 1373.60 33962.26 belgium
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