Details of Chemical Import Data to Ukraine

Total Product 5050
Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Place Delivery Gross Weight KG USD Per KG
29-Jan-2016 4805932000 1.karton for liners made of paper, not kalandrovanyy not painted layer is not coated, not containing fibers obtained by mechanical means, fibers obtained chemically -100%, in rolls tu5443-009-00278882-2004: -marka c3 / 0 5/1050/370 (370h / m2, a thickness of 0.5 mm format 1050). russian federation ru surazh. 21134 0.31
29-Jan-2016 3402120090 1.orhanichni surface - active agents cationic not put up for retail sale in neaerozolniy package: antistatic (antistatic agent hs-16) - 5000kg. in an aqueous solution. used for post-processing spinning polyester staple fiber domestic production. manufacturer: fuyang heshi chemical fiber auxiliaries co., ltd .. trademark: hth. country of cn. china ua odessa 5225 1.16
29-Jan-2016 2931909090 1. organic - inorganic compounds. 1. silanovyy zvyazuyuchyy agent - 200kg. trymetoksi [3 oksiranilmetoksi) propyl] chemical formula - c9h20o5si, cas: 2530-83-8. used for the production of synthetic staple fibers of own production (promotes adhesion to zamaschuvacha and antistatic fibers). manufacturer: fuyang heshi chemical fiber auxiliaries co., ltd .. trademark: hth. country of cn. china ua odessa 210 1.84
29-Jan-2016 3910000010 1.sylikonovi oil, silicone grease - 10000kh. neaerozolniy in the package. used for lubricating synthetic filament after leaving the extruder for domestic production of synthetic staple fibers. manufacturer: fuyang heshi chemical fiber auxiliaries co., ltd .. trademark: hth. country of cn. china ua odessa 10450 1.84
29-Jan-2016 3824906500 1 - auxiliary products for foundry production: foundry exothermic powder brand "ferrux 707/5 6 / rt + pe", ingot profit for the area, which is filled at the end of the casting process and is the protective layer which does not transmit oxygen from the air. defaults: al -27,0%. "the powder brand stelotol p12s # 8pob800", is a synthetic flux, which is used for foundry casting with siphon ingots and slabs for high purity surface due to the absorption of non-metallic inclusions. after adding the powder quickly formed liquid slag, which directly contacts the steel surface. this liquid metal dissolves nonmetallic inclusions that rise to the surface, thus providing a protective layer between the steel and the mold. in addition, a layer of powder retained on the surface that protects the steel from exposure to the atmosphere. chemical composition: sio2 - 39,5-45,5%; cao - 21,0-25,0%; al2o3 - 6,8-10,8%; c - 12,0-16,0%; humidity - less than 1.5%. germany de meters. borken 7162 1.27
29-Jan-2016 2905310000 1.monoetylenhlikol (meg) as a clear colorless liquid, cas 107-21-1 vykorystouyetsya for producing coolant (antifreeze) in bulk road tankers (weight of 24 520 kg). not containing precursors of narcotic and psychotropic substances. unlisted which defines pkmu№ 770 of 06/05/2000 p .. not in aerosol packaging. do not feed additive, do not for medical purposes. not for military purposes. manufacturer: mwm sp. z oo brand: mwm chemicals. country of origin: eu. the european union (eu) pl stshyzhevytse 24520 0.94
29-Jan-2016 6903209000 1 - fire resistant burned, based hlynezemu that do not contain some kind of compositional elements and designed to siphon casting of steel in the steel industry: brand exakta 72: pivot tube tr3-u. the tube pivot tr3k-u. siphon tube span 360d50-1. siphon tube span d60-394-1. the chemical composition of the mark 72 exakta: sio2 - 10,7%; al2o3 - 84,3%; fe2o3 - 1,07%; tio2 - 2,80%; k2o - 0,19%. mark norma 72: siphon tube end 210 / 80-100k80l. siphon tube span hh 449/80 band. star first chassis koe 1-50-1u. 3 star chassis koe 3-50-1u. varunka tr3h-u band. siphon tube span ke 35-434. siphon tube end ke 35-2a-130. molds for glass kka170-70-300. a glass molds for kka 05/220 ua. the chemical composition of the mark 72 norma: sio2 - 16,9%, al2o3 - 78,4%, fe2o3 - 1,13%, tio2 - 2,36%, k2o - 0,30%. classification temperature (fire resistance) - 1600 degrees c. germany de meters. kruft 0 1.64
29-Jan-2016 3901209000 1.polimer ethylene low pressure, high density, in primary forms granules: mark hdpe liten vb-33 - 22,000 kg (880 p / e bags of 25 kg on pallets 16), with a density of 0.956 g / cm3 (at 23 deg c ). purpose: extrusion leaves and blowing capacity volume up to 5 l. art.32151. party: e2015- -1051. chemical composition: ethylene monomer unit, 99.7%. cas №9002-88-4. type polymerization of polymers: homopolymers (mfr 190 / 2.16) .bez content copolymers, additives, dyes. country of cz. manufacturer: unipetrol rpa sro.torhovelna mark: liten. czech republic ua krakovets 22512 1.54
29-Jan-2016 7202419000 1. ferroalloys, ferrochrome highly, brand fh850a gost 4757-91 (iso 5448-81). faction: 10-50 mm. chemical composition: cr - 71,94%; c - 8,42%; si - 0,28%; p - 0,018%; s - 0,04%; fe - 19,302%. purpose: metallurgy and foundry industry. russian federation ua m. kramatorsk 22040 1.53
29-Jan-2016 3209100000 1. the intermediate insulating varnish for wood water-based zowo-tec 320 (p320), colorless, chem. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 60-70% trisiloksan 0-0,5%, 2- (2-butoksietoksi) ethanol 2.5-5%, 1-3% propylene glycol, alcohol izotridetsilovyy 0, -0.5%, water 20 -30% -22 tin. buckets of 20l (455,136kh); - primer for wood lacquer water-based zowo-tec 245 (p245), colorless chemical. composition: alkyd copolymer 10-20%, 10-20% acrylic copolymer, propikanazol 0,4% yodpropinil butilkarbomat, 0.2%, 0.0005% permethrin, carbohydrate 0-0,5% alcohol izotridetsilovyy 0 -0 5% trisiloksan 0-0,5% butilhlikol 0.5-3%, water 75-85 -22% tin. buckets of 20l (443,96kh); - primer to seal the face of the water-based wood zowo-tec zobel himholzsiegel (5008), a colorless chemical. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 40-50% polyurethane dispersion 20-25% butilhlikol 0-1%, 0-1% propylene glycol, 1,2-benzizotiazol 3 (2h) -one 0-0,5%, 2-methyl -2n-izotiazol-3-one 0-0,5%, water 20-30% -4 tin. buckets of 5l (20,532kh); - protective impregnation for water-based wood zowo-tec 106 (p106), a colorless, chem. composition: alkyd copolymer 2.5-5% acrylic copolymer 10-20% propikanazol 0.4% yodopropinil-butilkarbamat 0.2%, 0.0005% permethrin, carbohydrate 0, -0,5% alcohol izotridetsilovyy 0 , -0.5% trisiloksan 0-0,5% butilhlikol 0.5-3%, water 75-85% -110 tin. 20l buckets on (2222,66kh); - primer for wood lacquer water-based zowo-tec 200 basis gl (p200gl), colorless chemical. composition: alkyd-acrylic copolymer 20-24%, 0-5% trisiloksan, butilhlikol 0-2,5% alcohol izotridetsilovyy 0-0,5%, 1.2 benzizotiazol-3 (2h) -one 0-0, 5% 2-methyl-2h-izotiazol-3-one 0-0,5%, water 70-80% -110 tin. in buckets 18l (1999,80kh); - decorative covering varnish for wood water-based zowo-tec 480 (p480s-9016), white ral 9016, chem. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 60-80%, 2- (2-butoksietoksi) ethanol 1-2.5% titanium dioxide 15-25% ammonia 0-0,5% 2,4,7,9-tetramethyl-5 -detsin-4,7-diol 15-25% water -66 tin. 20l buckets on (1574,10kh); - intermediate insulating varnish for wood water-based zowo-tec 384 (p384), white, chem. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 35-45%, 1-2.5% zinc oxide, titanium dioxide 25-30% talhalkilamin, etoksiliert 0-0,5% poly (oxy-1,2-etanedil) asulfo-in- (dodetsyloksi) -natriyeva salt 0.5-1% nonylphenol, etoksiliert 0-0,5% butilhlikol 2.5-5%, water 20-35% -88 tin. 20l buckets on (2305,424kh); - intermediate insulating varnish for wood water-based zowo-tec 325 (p325), colorless, chem. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 70-90% butilhlikol 1-2.5%, 1-2.5% propylene, ammonia 0-0,5% trysiloksan 0-0,5%, water 15-20% -88 tin. 20l buckets on (1841,136kh); - nail wood water-based zowo-tec 400 basis el-hv (p400 sel-hv), colorless, chem. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 70-90% butilhlikol 1-2.5% ammonia 0-0,5% trysiloksan 0-0,5%, water 15-20% -110 tin. 20l buckets on (2301,42kh); - nail wood water-based zowo-tec 421 (p421m), matt colorless, chem. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 70-90% ammonia 0-0,5% butilhlikol 1-2.5% trysiloksan 0-0,5% mixture sebatstsynata 0.5-1% alcohol, secondary s11-15, etoksiliert 0-0,5% silitsiumdioksyd 1-2%, water 15-20 -33% tin. buckets of 20l (686,334kh); - covering varnish for wood water-based zowo-tec 485 (p485s-9016), white ral 9016, chem. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 65-80% butilhlikol 0-1%, 2- (2-butoksietoksi) ethanol 1-2.5% titandioksid 15-25% ammonia 0-0,5% trisiloksan 0-0,5 % water 10-15% -66 tin. buckets of 20l (1551,924kh) germany de worms 17063356 3.07
29-Jan-2016 3906909000 1.zahuschuvach zowo-tec zobel verdicker 04116 (7070) to paint water-based chemical. ingredients: acrylic copolymer 25-30% water 65-75% -6 tin. in 5l cans (31,80kh) france de worms 0 7.20
29-Jan-2016 3208901998 1. penogasitel zowo-tec zobel entschaumer (04,511) to paint water-based chemical. structure: simple poliefir- modified polisiloksan 25-30%, 70-75% -20 butilhlikol tin. in 5l cans (91,00kh); germany de worms 0 0.00
29-Jan-2016 3214900090 1. protective coating zowo-tec zobel zowo-seal (500-0010) for a v-shaped seams, colorless chemical. ingredients: stirolakrylat dispersion 45-60% pyrogens silicic acid 3-5%, 2-amino-2-metylpropanol 1.2%, 1.2 benzizotiazol-3-one 0-0,5%, a mixture of 5-chloro -2-methyl -4-izotiazolin-3-one and 2-methyl-4-izotiazolin-3-one 0-0,5%, water 20-30% -120 layer. tubes in 0,310ml (39,12kh) germany de worms 0 8.14
29-Jan-2016 3920621910 1. film of polyethylene terephthalate, not hatosharova bars, non-porous, reinforced, not bovana headlights, unlined, no picture, no connection with other materials, a series sarafil polyester film, metallized, mmt56ri type, thickness 0,012 +/- 0 0002 mm, width 690 mm - 2225.600 kg; mmt56ri type, thickness 0.012 +/- 0.0002 mm, width 1000 mm - 3225.600 kg; mmt56ri type, thickness 0.012 +/- 0.0002 mm, width 1080 mm - 6097.000 kg. mmtsri type, thickness 0.036 +/- 0.0007 mm, width 960 mm - 3483.600 kg. the film is coated metalizatom, received no vacuum deposition of metal from chemically treated surface. series sarafil polyester film, transparent, s42c type, thickness 0.048 +/- 0.001 mm, width 1195 mm - 3372.600 kg. the film has a chemical treatment on one side and corona discharge treatment on the other. the film used in the manufacture flexibl vein upakovky.markuvannya package: manufacturer name, product name, size, type. turkey tr corlu 0 2.30
29-Jan-2016 3402901000 1. products: antiscratch additive - 400kg, which are surface active agents that contain a mixture composed of chemicals containing nonionic surfactant used in the printing industry as an additive in paints and varnishes printing type surfactants - nonionic, auxiliary components - surfactant content abrasive powders - 0% packaged into metal buckets of 20kg (not aerosol packaging) on ​​a wooden pallet. trademark: "sun chemical". producer: "sun chemical group spa". country of origin - it (italy). italiya it caleppio di settala 451 3.38
29-Jan-2016 3209100000 1. nail-based acrylic polymer dispersed in an aqueous medium: aquapak vfd converter - 5200kh type polymer, acrylic resin - 10-35%, packed in barrels to 200kg (not aerosol packaging) on ​​wooden pallets. used in the printing industry for flexographic printing. trademark: "sun chemical". producer: "sun chemical group spa". country of origin - it (italy). italiya it caleppio di settala 0 1.74
29-Jan-2016 3215190000 1. paint printing printing inks: monocomponent gold (golden) 2170 - 600kh, not containing precursors, packed in buckets of 20kg (not aerosol packaging) on ​​wooden pallets. trademark: "sun chemical". producer: "sun chemical group spa". country of origin - de (germany). germany it caleppio di settala 680 0.00
29-Jan-2016 2939300000 1. organic chemicals, vegetable alkoloyidy: caffeine crystalline powder (substance) -500kh series №15111694, expiration date 05.11.2019r. cas 58-08-2. him.nazva: 1,3,7-trymetil-3,7dihydro-1h-purine-2,6-dion. intended for the production of sterile and non-sterile medical is narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursors. packaging: in plastic bags double. manufacturer: shandong xinhua pharmaceutical co., ltd. , country of origin: china (cn). china ua odessa 560 0.00
29-Jan-2016 2827200000 1. granular calcium chloride (cacl2) chemical product containing the basic substance of 94-98% and a minimum content of impurities. marks ab-3. it is used in the production of concrete, polisterolbetonu, concrete, wall stone, paving slabs - 10000kh (in bags of 25kg) trademark: unipell manufacturer: company "zirax" country of origin: ru russian federation ru rostov-on-don 10290 0.32
29-Jan-2016 3302909000 1.sumishi aromatic substances (substances chemically synthesized) used in the manufacture of household chemistry: - 98,690,812 esmeralda c60 - 1000,00 kg. physical and chemical properties: * active ingredient - 58.5% * content of free oil - 0.9%, * moisture content - 1.1%. - 99761470 sweet laurel c60 - 500,00 kg. physical and chemical properties: * active ingredient - 58.2% * content of free oil - 0.3%, * moisture content - 1.1%. the united kingdom ua m.ordzhonikidze 1581 0.00

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