Details of HS Code 560312 Export Data from Ukraine

Date Hs Code Item Description Destination COUNTRY Weight in KG Price USD
27-Dec-2016 5603129000 1.materialy non-woven, impregnated, made of polypropylene synthetic (100%) fibers with a surface density of 68 g / m2, not coated, supplied in rolls, roll width 515mm and a length of 11m, stencil cleaning paste residues from the manufacture of electronics: samples of used paper from under screen cleaner (asm) samples of paper used to clean stencils (asm) -2sht .. reference: samples of used paper from under screen cleaner (asm) trademark: asm. manufacturer: asm. country of origin: germany. origin: germany hungary 18 4.01
14-Dec-2016 5603129000 1. agrofibre, with a surface density of more than 25 g / m2 but not exceeding 70 g / m2: agrofibre white 30g / m2 1.6 * 10m-60sht.krayina production - uatorhovelna mark - house garden city plyusvyrobnyk - llc "odesprompak" georgia 28.35 145.20
12-Dec-2016 5603129000 1-woven materials of synthetic and artificial fibers, uncoated, not duplicate, impregnated with surface density 41h / m2 for manufacturing parts of vehicles. hungary 6.44 55.87
06-Dec-2016 5603129000 1.ahrovolokno of nonwoven (span bond) made izsyntetychnyh (opilenovyh, made of 100% pp) fibers with a surface density ponad25h th / m2 but not exceeding 70 g / m2, neprosochene, uncoated, uv stabilized, vrulonah. agrofibre, white, -30h / m2 (1,6h100m) -35 rolls -30h / m2 (6,35h100m) -50 rolls -30h / m2 (8,5h100m) -20 rolls -30h / m2 (9 , 5h100m) -10 rolls -30h / m2 (10,5h100m) -25 rolls -30h / m2 (12,65h100m) -35 rolls -50h / m2 (1,6h100m) -15 rolls -50h / m2 (3,2h100m) -20 rolls. agrofibre, black, -50h / m2 (1,6h100m) -80 rolls -50h / m2 (3,2h100m) -100 rolls. agrofibre black and white: -50h / m2 (1,07h100m) -20 rolls -50h / m2 (1,6h100m) -15 rolls -50h / m2 (3,2h100m) -15 rolls. agrofibre black co-ru, sheets: -50h / m2 (1,07h100m) -5 rolls -50h / m2 (1,6h100m) -5 ruloniv.torhovelna mark - agreenvyrobnyk - llc "yunispan" country of origin - ua moldova, republic of 7845 17041.75

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