Details of Plug Import Data to Mexico

Date Hs Code Item Description Origin Country Quantity MEASURE CIF Unit USD
31-Jan-2017 73079903 plug, connector, union japan 216 Piece 1.53
31-Jan-2017 73079903 plug, connector, union japan 224 Piece 1.21
31-Jan-2017 73079903 plug, connector, union japan 216 Piece 1.53
31-Jan-2017 85118003 heater plug, spark kettle germany 12700 Piece 3.46
31-Jan-2017 85444204 plug-in connector m12 with wire round i2000 cod.uxe-24030-011 (cable connector plug) germany 3 Piece 25.42
31-Jan-2017 85111099 spark plugs, code 5960f0 france 20 Piece 0.48
31-Jan-2017 39235001 filling plugs engine code 025869 france 5 Piece 1.76
31-Jan-2017 39235001 filling plugs engine code 025869 france 46 Piece 1.77
31-Jan-2017 87087006 plugs for wheels, code 5416t5 france 1 Piece 3.39
31-Jan-2017 84099199 plug for tube 851754 hungary 9600 Piece 0.91
31-Jan-2017 84814099 relief valve plugs radiator 2 bars, code 17117639022 austria 72 Piece 4.78
31-Jan-2017 39235001 oil filling plug, code 117851 italy 1 Piece 1.69
31-Jan-2017 40169999 bicycle parts (for saddle plug) united kingdom 10 Piece 1.90
31-Jan-2017 87087006 plugs rueda, code 96776556vt spain 1 Piece 3.30
30-Jan-2017 74122001 adapter (plug) for regulator italy 1 Piece 18.99
30-Jan-2017 73269099 plug birla (nut cap) italy 315 Piece 0.88
30-Jan-2017 83099001 threaded plugs base metal tipped magnetica, code 11137708604 italy 20 Piece 5.21
30-Jan-2017 85389099 terminals cables plugs, code 61138364832 germany 20 Piece 0.22
30-Jan-2017 84484999 screw plug germany 30 Piece 2.23
30-Jan-2017 84749099 dardo ( plug d250-300-350 lining dwg 855253-2 dart plug d250-300-350 dwg 855253-2 ) finland 2 Piece 1621.84

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