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Sample of Indian Export Data of Product Under HS Code 29222914

Collect India Export Data of product under HS Code 29222914 at SEAIR Exim Solutions. This is a sample report that provides authentic export statistics of product under HS Code 29222914.

Few records have mentioned below, Simply make a call at 011-41325515 to collect a free sample report now!.

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country Duty
19-Oct-2016 sabarmati icd 29222914 organic dye intermediate di-ethyl meta amino phenol(meta di-ethyl amino phenol)as inv. 1000 KGS 14.65 14650.00 osaka japan
18-Oct-2016 ahmedabad 29222914 organic dye intermediate: di-ethyl metaamino phenol - meta di-ethyl amino phenol as inv. 180 KGS 17.05 3069.11 tokyo japan
14-Oct-2016 sabarmati icd 29222914 dye intermediates - di-ethyl meta amino phenol ((n,n-diethyl-m- aminophenol)(demap)) 1200 KGS 10.48 12573.70 tanjung priok indonesia
16-Sep-2016 nhava sheva sea 29222914 6 6 - iminobish (1-naphtol-3 sulfonic acid) (dye intermediate) 25 KGS 22.79 569.80 karachi pakistan
18-Aug-2016 sabarmati icd 29222914 dye intermeiates - di-ethyl meta amino phenol ((n,n-diethyl-m- aminophenol) (demap)) 500 KGS 10.47 5237.37 tanjung priok indonesia
11-Aug-2016 nhava sheva sea 29222914 meta amino phenol 400 KGS 9.78 3910.42 cat lai vietnam
31-May-2016 ahmedabad 29222914 organic dye intermediate: di-ethyl metaamino phenol - meta di-ethyl amino phenol 120 KGS 15.15 1818.53 tokyo japan
17-Feb-2016 nhava sheva sea 29222914 dye intermediates : di j acid 500 KGS 16.15 8076.25 gemlik turkey
13-Jan-2016 nhava sheva sea 29222914 meta amino phenol 500 KGS 9.85 4924.95 cat lai vietnam
19-Dec-2015 sabarmati icd 29222914 organic dyes intermediates - n-mythyl-j-acido 1002.75 KGS 16.23 16279.06 hamburg germany
18-Dec-2015 nhava sheva sea 29222914 di j acid 500 KGS 17.37 8685.30 gemlik turkey
02-Dec-2015 sabarmati icd 29222914 (organic dye intermediate) di-ethyl metaamino phenol (meta di-ethyl amino phenol) as per inv. 1000 KGS 14.20 14200.00 osaka japan

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