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Last updated on 31-Aug-2018

Details of Indian Export Data of Product under HS Code 25239020

Seair Exim solutions provide a free access to the most updated & relevant Indian export data of product under HS Code 25239020. It is a one page stop solution to get a customized report of product of your choice. This list of HS Code 25239020 export data can be utilized to know the pricing, tariff, unit, quantity, duty optimization and current market scenario.

Some sample records of 25239020 export data of India are listed below. Simply dial +91-11-41325515 to get free sample and detailed pricing report.

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country Duty
25-Oct-2016 chennai air cargo 25239020 refractory cement - super refractory products - ca-25 cement 1500 KGS 1.45 2175.00 johannesburg - johan south africa
01-Aug-2016 chennai sea 25239020 supply of calcium alumina cement(hydraulic refractory cement/ high alumina cement] dalcem super [2400 bags each 25 kgs] 60 MTS 765.00 45900.00 el iskandariya (= al iraq
11-Jun-2016 delhi air cargo 25239020 binder dalcem normal 100 KGS 0.32 32.00 dubai united arab emirates
10-Jun-2016 ludhiana 25239020 refractory cement/monolthics firebricks for reheating furnace insulation 500 KGS 0.26 130.59 colombo sri lanka
01-Jun-2016 ahmedabad 25239020 1.2 mt high alumina refractory cement50 harc-50 (0-5 mm) 1.2 MTS 100.00 120.00 duesseldorf germany
20-May-2016 mundra 25239020 high alumina refractory cement(50 % alumina cement) other details as per invoice& packing list. 10 MTS 358.64 3586.44 colombo sri lanka
30-Apr-2016 bangalore 25239020 high alumina refractory cement heat castk 1 MTS 295.39 295.39 luanda angola
27-Apr-2016 nagpur 25239020 refractory castable prepared additives for binders 3 MTS 537.60 1612.79 karachi pakistan
25-Apr-2016 hyderabad 25239020 high alumina cement (fondu cement) (25kgs bags) 1060 BAG 15.45 16377.80 jebel ali united arab emirates
22-Apr-2016 hyderabad air cargo 25239020 fondu cement (portland cement) (2-pallets, 48 bags of 25kg each) 96 BAG 15.45 1483.20 dubai united arab emirates
11-Apr-2016 bangalore 25239020 high alumina refactory cementlc 90 5 MTS 726.38 3631.90 luanda angola
11-Apr-2016 bangalore 25239020 high alumina refactory cementheat set -50 1 MTS 116.22 116.22 luanda angola
11-Apr-2016 bangalore 25239020 high alumina refactory cement heat castk 6 MTS 319.61 1917.64 luanda angola
25-Feb-2016 petrapole road 25239020 ca-14 m commodity code:25239020 calciumaluminate cement 5000 KGS 0.88 4375.00 benapole bangladesh
03-Feb-2016 nagpur 25239020 cumicem-75(super refractory products) cumicem-75-alumina cement high-specification no: 3ba-t001-08-item alch 20000 KGS 0.69 13859.00 kwangyang korea republic of
19-Jan-2016 bangalore 25239020 high alumina refractory cement lc 90 (100 bags) 5 MTS 733.38 3666.90 luanda angola
19-Jan-2016 bangalore 25239020 high alumina refractory cement heatset -50 (100 bags) 5 MTS 113.15 565.75 luanda angola
19-Jan-2016 bangalore 25239020 high alumina refractory cement heat castk (250 bags) 12.5 MTS 314.31 3928.82 luanda angola
18-Dec-2015 sabarmati icd 25239020 calundum high alumina refractory(refractory cement) 7.5 MTS 482.97 3622.30 mombasa kenya
16-Dec-2015 delhi air cargo 25239020 whytheat k, 25kg/bag 8 KGS 13.87 110.97 addis ababa ethiopia

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